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an american tail tiger meet

Tiger will meet Ash Ketchum, his friends, The Jungle Book Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Zazu, and Kronk in Pooh's Adventures of An American Tail: The Treasure of. Tiger is the deuteragonist of the American Tail franchise. Although he is a cat, Dislikes, Meat, killing mice, spiders, being afraid, dogs, danger. Powers and. These are the main characters of the four An American Tail movies and the series Fievel's American Tails. Fievel Mousekewitz Fievel is the main character of .

He is voiced in every appearance by the late Dom DeLuise. Contents [ show ] Personality Tiger is shown to be less than brilliant i. He is also a tad goofy, which is shown when he tries to catch Fievel after he has been spotted. He very kind, as shown when he later sympathizes with Fievel about how he was separated from his family and relates that he also lost his family. He likes mice, yet as friends rather than food.

He is also a vegetarian, as he doesn't eat meat of any kind except for "a little fish now and then"and his favorite food is apparently broccoli.

He tends to be something of a scaredy-cat throughout the series. He has arachnophobia and a deep fear of dogs as is revealed in An American Tail: Fievel Goes Westbut he is able to conquer his fear, becoming brave by the end of the aforementioned film. Ironically the direct-to-video sequels borrow much from his characterization in Fievel Goes West despite either taking place before said movie or retconning it altogether, probably due to him making only a brief appearance in the first film and being under-developed by the end.

And he is also known as thoughtful, imaginative, good-hearted, empathetic, respectful, truthful, intuitive, generous, even-tempered and realistic. Appearance Tiger is a large, obese cat with long orange fur, pale off-white fur on his belly and his cheeks, and dark brown fur around his eyes and on his paws. His whiskers act as a large mustache. He wears a tight purple t-shirt, which when he was a member of the Mott Street Maulers sported a dark purple M on it this is removed in the sequels for obvious reasons.

an american tail tiger meet

In Fievel Goes West he's given a slight redesign; his cheek fur is orange like the fur on most of his body, and his paws become more human-like than cat-like, with pink pads on the bottom. The later sequels follow this redesign for the most part. An American Tail Tiger is first seen in a late point of An American Tail, where he is playing cards some of which are facing the wrong way with other members of the Mott Street Maulers. When Fievel is spotted by Warren T.

RatTiger helps in trying to capture the little mouse. When Fievel is captured, he is placed on guard duty, where he learns that, like him, Fievel has lost his family. After sharing more information about himself, among it, his love of vegetables he and Fievel quickly craft a friendship and sing A Duo.

However, an alarm goes off, warning the Maulers that there's been a prison break. Fievel escapes, while Tiger is fired by Warren T which Tiger finds to be a good thing, because he never liked Warren T. He is next seen somewhat briefly when the Mousekewitz family teams up with Tony ToponiBridget and Gussie Mausheimer join together to find Fievel. Presumably, he teams up with them as well albiet, off-screen.

He serves as transportation for the other searchers. When Fievel is found, Tiger claims he's never been more happy in his life as Gussie hugs him on his big toe.

Tiger is last seen in the movie being carried by four of the pigeons that are friends to Henri. His girlfriend quickly leaves, which causes Tiger to begin crying despite his promise to be tough in Miss Kitty's abscence.

Soon afterwards, the Cactus Cat Gang attacks the mouse homes. Tiger goes to try and help. Sadly, his attempt is hindered by his phobia of spiders, which is activated when he sees Chula. He falls from his perch and lands in a trash can, passed out. The next morning, Tiger rushes to see if the Mousekewitz family is alright.

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

Unfortunately, Tiger finds their home deserted. A note left by Fievel tells Tiger where the Mousekewitzes are: Tiger goes to the station immediately; unfortunately for himhe is chased by dogs every step of the way including a run-in with a dog-fish.

He is next seen on a fisherman's boat he had been caught with a bunch of cat-fish. He tries to pretend to be a cat-fish, but is thrown out of the boat. He lands safely on a stagecoach, where he remarks that his mother "always wanted him to be on the stage".

He tries to ask a cowboy on the stagecoach if he's going to Green River, but realizes too late that the cowboy was a dog. He jumps off and gets tangled in a net hanging off of the stagecoach, where he is yanked along the road like a rag doll. His journey goes on like this until he crashes in a pile of bones at the border between the Badlands and Worselands. Realizing he was left behind, he states that he is "lost, all alone Dithering, and Scuttlebutt meet up again after going through the booby traps] Tiger: Can we go home now?

Dithering, Tiger, and Scuttlebutt running from spinning booby traps and then they sliding on a slide and they fall into a Native American net] Tiger: Uh, where are we?

Hey, now, those are sharp! You talk with the English tongue. And you have a cat with you. I'm thinking of converting. If only we had some sort of a peace offering. Mama's matzo ball soup. We have heard legend of this matzo ball soup. Dithering, and Scuttlebutt fall on the ground] Tiger: Oy, that must be some soup! I am Wulisso, sakima of this clan. There haven't been Indians in New York for years. You speak of the Lenape. Lenape is what the Delaware Indians called themselves. I feel so ashamed!

And we watched as the Europeans mistreated the Lenape. Our ancestors did not wait for the European mice to do the same to them. Instead the found refuge here in the ground, safe, hidden from the world. And that is how we have stayed!

They're gonna scalp us?! Dithering and Tiger shout in shock] Fievel: Until then, you will need someone to show you around the cavern. This is my daughter, Cholena. She will serve as your guide. Terrif-- [Fievel angrily stares at him] If you got nothing better to do.

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It will be my pleasure. She has volunteered to be your guide. Then again, that bit about scalpin' don't sound so bad. He's calling upon the spirits of the Earth to embrace you. When do we start?

Well, I like those.

an american tail tiger meet

Ooh, and this is mine too. What are all the drawings on his stick? Why is he pouring--? You are like a chirping cricket. It is good to ask. That is how we learn. So, it's okay to be a cricket? In fact, from now on, I will call you Zelozelos.

Chulu-Chulus] In our language, that means "Cricket. What are you gonna call me? I will call you It is our word for "Turkey. And what are you going to do about it?! Scene switches to Tankho sobbing] Dr. What could possibly possess you to do such a thing?

Nah, you got it all wrong. Uh, Everyone was off dancing, so I thought I'd tidy up a bit. This is a serious matter. We open our home to you, but how do you respond? With thievery, and deceit! Chief, you gotta believe me. We had nothing to do with this. The guy's a rat, you know.

What's the matter, Zelozelos? Oh, I just was thinking. We're no better than Scuttlebutt. We found this map, and it told us about your That's why we came; to grab it for ourselves You did not know we were here. You are not thieves. Come with me, Zelozelos. Scene switches to her showing Fievel their treasure. But, it's just a string of beads. It is the history of our tribe told in symbols. W-We risked our lives for that?

Zelozelos, treasures comes in many forms. For us, it is our heritage. The wampum reminds us of our life with the Lenape, of our journey here and being separated from everything we once knew. The settlers just stomped in and took over. If that's "The American Dream," I want nothing to do with it! Do not be hasty, Zelozelos. You're gonna get Cholena killed! Cholena, Why don't you come back with us? You've shown us all of your world.

We could show you ours. Oh-- [topples over] Tankho: May the spirits protect you during your journey, Daughter. Make no contact with the upper-worlders. You task is to see if they have changed their deceitful ways.

However unlikely that may be. As your wish, Father. She'll have a great time. Besides, what could happen? Today, I am pleased to announce that my associates and I now control all cheese manufacturing in the tri-state area.

an american tail tiger meet

This is great news. Course, all of you will have to triple your output. What's in it for us?! Your jobs, that's what. We work too many hours as it is! We're workin' ourselves to the bone, while you're all gettin' fat! How 'bout cutting us in?!

an american tail tiger meet

Actually, we're cutting you OUT! This is like Russia all over again! You feeling homesick old mouse? There's a Mousekewitz again, stirring up trouble. They're all ungrateful louts, and it's just the beginning. Dissent is like a disease. So we must cure them of it, before the infection spreads. Just a sign to let us know you're listening. Oh, it's about time you got home.

I want to hear everything, but first, oh, you wouldn't believe what happened at the factory. So, as I was say Papa, this is Cholena. It is an honor to meet the father of my friend, Fievel. She's from this really old tribe that lives in a big cave right under New York City. This is your idea of a sign?

an american tail tiger meet

First you let Mousekewitz tell you what to do. Now his son is giving that little princess a guided tour! We have to find her fast! What about the rest of them? A tribe of savages under our feet? What if they invade us? Ah, they wouldn't stand a chance against my boys. And what makes you so sure? That does make a difference. You're all missing a point. These Indians are the answer to our problems with the workers.

The best way to keep those malingerers in line is to provide them and us with a common enemy. We set ourselves up as the workers' champions and protectors. And turn them against the Indians.