Aoi cf 18 tiger meet

The Hornet - CF Hornet Tiger Meet of the Americas - by Allan Botting

aoi cf 18 tiger meet

In February , at Asia Fashion Collection NY, announce AW during NY Fashion Week. After graduation, amend AH, start full brand as "AOI WANAKA”. Issue April 18 J.K. Addo-Twum . Osenase 25/4/78 fantastic GHANA Entertainment Co-Op. Promoters Association invites its members to meet at. + - *.c - ~ - - I - I - # 3 || 3 || 3 | | # || 2 | # s = F = | 32 || 3 || = 3 # = | f | 3 ||3: 3 5 3 £3 of 3 - * | * 5:= | 3: |+ 99 l 50 18 29 T. – 0 (8 T. 0 || 0 || 23 7 || 1 || sw.

This project is to allow you to spend 30 minutes talking about whatever you want. Err… Aoi-san, if you please. Talk to me begging! Then this rule ends with Kazuki, right? Umm… So then, on to the discussion.


Er… I have a few questions. I thought so, too. Please wait a minute! As expected, this mission is impossible! If Aoi-san says so then I am a food.

aoi cf 18 tiger meet

Err… this one-question one-answer style is really difficult lol. Is it okay if I end it here? First of all, thank you for allowing me to have this chance to talk with you! Why did I ask about moving out. That is really awesome! I was just talking to the air around me lol.

A nervous Kazuki meets senior Aoi (funny!) – visual ioner

Ah, about that ring! What do you mean by being like this!

2003 Red Deer Airshow CF-18

I thought there was definitely no way I could approach him. The fans are going to read this conversation, right? Talk about more interesting stuff, will you. I wanted to talk about equipments, will that be alright? Display the things about Aoi-kun, things that no one else but Kazuki knows.

aoi cf 18 tiger meet

About the Ja-jag-are… … can I say it? That Jaguar, right, I was given the opportunity to drive it several times. I had never driven such a luxurious car before, so I had no idea about how to automatically shut the mirror and such. As we entered the highway, I noticed that I forgot to open the mirror!

I was so flustered back then. Where did you two go? It was during New Year lol.

Base Visit #12 - Tiger Meet of the Americas

We talked about it a while ago, but only just then got to do it. It was two years ago, I think. The direction is the same. Since it was New Year, the road was so crowded.

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  • A nervous Kazuki meets senior Aoi (funny!)

On top of that, the snow was horrible. We left Mie-prefecture at 10 a. We were unable to take the ridge pass. We left the car at some kind of a village roadside station.

We had to stop for like 3 days, right? There was nothing but mountains lol. It was a lot of fun. Originally, we had the intention to tour around to eat crab. So then we ate a lot of crabs.

aoi cf 18 tiger meet

To all of the fans, forgive me apologizing. It was a famous ramen shop chain store so we thought we definitely had to eat there, but the taste was really different from the one in Tokyo. Congratulations were given to the skills, efforts, and perseverance of those who made it happen. Special mention was also made of the Colorado Guards outstanding Tiger Spirit and contribution to the event.

They launched 12 out of 12 jets during the week. The th FS came in a close second by launching 23 out of 24 jets. A Superior Tiger Meet Buca and his team from TF OT S and 4Wing organized an outstanding week of flying and socializing that created many friendships and helped cement the Tiger camaraderie between units.

aoi cf 18 tiger meet

The hospitality of the Canucks cannot be faulted, with a welcome that was much warmer than the unseasonable weather! If the bottom line is to produce a superior Tiger Meet in a thoroughly professional manner, we have succeeded.

All the Red Force assets came from 4Wing for safety reasons, as they were already familiar with local operating procedures. A interesting addition to the Red Air assets were two civilian Hawker Hunters of the Northern Lights company who have a contract with the Canadian DoD to replace the recently withdrawn CTs in some support roles. Our squadron has always been the Tigers. We take a lot of pride in bringing the spirit of the Tiger to these things, since we have all the heritage.

Things that foster esprit de corps in your own unit and camaraderie with fellow Tigers. Tiger Tails — The th FS Cougars Tiger car had a perfect scale replica of an F tail, complete with working rudder and strobe light!

Taking a well earned rest, is Sharpshooters own Tiger mascot.