Apf powerlifting meet results online

SD State APF/AAPF Powerlifting Championships

apf powerlifting meet results online

The meet hosted over lifters, 2 days and 2 platforms. Final results can be found at dayline.info Following is the. Home of APA District 4 Regional Powerlifting. and APA Vice Ohio Records Please Sign Up ONLINE then PRINT the paper form for your information. 'Powerlifting Pops' hoping to break records at competition and women in the state at the Michigan APF State Meet in powerlifting, set for.

apf powerlifting meet results online

Lifting order was "rising bar", and the first lift was the bench press. There was no such thing as a bench shirt or squat suit, and various interpretations were held regarding the use and length of knee wraps and weightlifting belts. The IPF rules system did not exist yet, nor had world records been established.

Because of the lack of formalized rules, some disputes occurred. With 67 lifters in all, the other 47 were Americans. Lifts were still measured in pounds, the bench press was the first lift, and there were still no suits, power belts, or fancy wraps. Mike Shaw 'lost' his world title, won the previous year, to American Jack Keammerer. IPF and after[ edit ] The International Powerlifting Federation was formed immediately after the contest, and so none of the lifts could be yet registered as official world records.

The Worlds was also held in York. This time there were only 47 entrants: With 74 entrants, this was the largest Worlds so far. Inthe World Championships was held outside America for the first time, at the town hall in Birminghamhosted by Vic Mercer.

Unusually for a competition, the super-heavyweights lifted first. This was because the television company filming the event was only interested in filming the "big guys".

apf powerlifting meet results online

Hoffman sent over tons of equipment for this contest and did not take it back, and local legend says it is all still being used in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region. Since it was closely associated with bodybuilding and women had been competing as bodybuilders for years, the new sport was opened to them very quickly.

As a result, the AAU lost control of virtually every amateur sport. Soon, controversy over drug testing would cause powerlifting to splinter into multiple federations. Indrug testing was introduced to the IPF men's international championship, although the USPF championships that year did not have drug testing. Weight belts and knee wraps originally simple Ace bandages predated powerlifting, but in John Inzer invented the first piece of equipment distinct to powerlifters—the bench shirt.

Other inventions included specialized squat bars and deadlift bars, moving away from the IPF standard of using the same bar for all three lifts.

apf powerlifting meet results online

The rules of powerlifting have also evolved and differentiated. Many communities and federations do not class the sumo variation as a technical deadlift. Straps are also used, as help with deadlift in case of a weak grip but are not allowed by any federations in official competitions.

Belt is the only supportive equipment that is allowed by all federations in raw competition. The use of supportive equipment distinguishes 'equipped' and 'un-equipped' or 'raw' divisions in the sport, and 'equipped' and 'unequipped' records in the competition lifts. The wide differences between equipped and unequipped records in the squat and bench suggest that supportive equipment confers a substantial advantage to lifters in these disciplines.

Supportive equipment should not be confused with the equipment on which the lifts are performed, such as a bench press bench, conventional or monolift stand for squat or the barbell and discs; nor with personal accessories such as a weightlifting belt that may allow greater weight to be lifted, but by mechanisms other than storing elastic energy. Principles of operation[ edit ] Supportive equipment is used to increase the weight lifted in powerlifting exercises.

This garment deforms during the downward portion of a bench press or squator the descent to the bar in the deadliftstoring elastic potential energy. Squat suits may be made of varying types of polyesteror of canvas.

The latter fabric is less elastic, and therefore considered to provide greater 'stopping power' at the bottom of the movement but less assistance with the ascent. Knee wraps are made of varying combinations of cotton and elastic. A squat or deadlift suit may be constructed for a wide or a narrow stance; and a bench shirt may be constructed with 'straight' sleeves perpendicular to the trunk of the lifter or sleeves that are angled towards the abdomen.

The back of the bench shirt may be closed or open, and the back panel may or may not be of the same material as the front of the shirt.

Similarly, 'hybrid' squat suits can include panels made from canvas and polyester, in an effort to combine the strengths of each material. When two or more panels overlay one another in a piece of supportive equipment, that equipment is described as 'multi-ply', in contrast to 'single-ply' equipment made of one layer of material throughout.

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RAW during this time frame however was looked upon as a beginners stage by the elite lifters in powerlifting. This contest became the turning point in raw lifting. It was a crucial contest that gathered the best lifters under one roof regardless of gear worn to compete without equipment.

RUM spearheaded raw lifting into what it has become today. The IPF does not allow knee wraps in its unequipped competitions and would thus be considered 'modern raw' but the IPF does not recognize the word 'raw.


Some lifters purposely wear knee sleeves which are excessively tight and have been known to use plastic bags and have others to assist them get their knee sleeves on. This led to the IPF mandating that lifters put on their knee sleeves unassisted. Equipped lifters will wear a squat suit, knee wraps, a bench shirt, and a deadlift suit.

These four things are what separate equipped lifters and raw lifters. A squat suit is made of an elastic-like material, and a single-ply polyester layer. This allows a competitor to spring out of the bottom of a squat called "pop out of the hole" in Powerlifting circles by maintaining rigidity, keeping him or her upright and encouraging their hips to remain parallel with the floor.

We managed to go to sleep early on Friday, 10PM. But around 11PM, after I finally fell asleep, Icarus started flapping his ears frantically and couldn't sleep. All I kept thinking was, "Why? Why does this have to happen the night before my meet? I thought everything would be fine, but he was still agitated and had trouble falling asleep. Saturday morning I felt decent. I weighed myself with my clothes on to feel better about myself, but still wasn't back to my normal weight or where I wanted to be.

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My point from this is that meet conditions are never perfect, whether or not you plan for them to be. As always, I had a plan with a goal for this meet with all of my attempts written in advance. I knew Tony Conyers had dropped to with money on the line, but I was still up against the charismatic Tom Roselli and consistent Jason Patch, both of whom had solid raw totals at pounds.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a great raw lifter. Hell, I don't think I'm great at anything.