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Bluegrass Music Video - "Don't Try To Be Anyone Else" written by Lisa Shaffer and Dan Murph - from the CD "Looking Forward". Bankesters Capture Best Bluegrass Album Award . Frazier and the reissue of Looking Forward from rising bluegrassers The Bankesters. Tags. NASHVILLE — Emily Bankester has been named the recipient of a The band's new album “Looking Forward” includes the song “Don't Try to.

Melissa is now a Triplett, and her husband Kyle also joined the band.

The family tours regularly now, and with the departure of Lindsey, Alysha has had to pick up the mandolin in her place. Melissa teaches piano, Emily gives fiddle lessons, Alysha is a home-schooled high school junior, and Kyle is a full-time student at SIU.

Also, Melissa and Kyle have two sons, Jude and Joel, 2-and-a-half years and 6 months old, respectively. Needless to say, the Bankester home is a busy one. Finding time to rehearse can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes, though it helps their practice space is the living room.

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They make it work though, and Emily said although she sometimes gets tired from playing music, she never gets tired of music. Stephen Mougin came up from Nashville to work with them, and they set up the control room right in the living room, Phil said. Everyone spread out in separate rooms throughout the house to record their parts, he said. And whereas their last album took six months to record, this one took six days, he said.

Melissa said it was nice having Mougin take over, as he was able to push them a lot further than they would themselves.

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We just did another short tour. We were up in Wisconsin and then Boston for two days. Probably more than I wanted to be. My boys have been out on the road, and letting them kind of get a feel for this thing on their own, just in case one of these days I have to stop. Last weekend, I went out on the road with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band while my boys and those guys were somewhere else.

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What keeps you interested and excited about music and touring these days? Well, I think probably if my health started failing, I would be unenthused. But my health is still good. And the audiences entertain me as much as I entertain them.

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I like being with the audiences. I like getting out there and talking to them. I like to talk to them from the stage and asking them what they want to hear. For the most part, we do an all-request show.

I just ask the audience what they want to hear. Bluegrass is a classic genre of music, but in the twenty-first century, how do you continue finding ways of bringing such a time-honored sound into a new musical era?