Bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

classic Bilsport girls Pia & Päivi September July - Summer Meet Mantorp Park (below) July 26 Last time I was in Umeå in nov I stayed at Hotel Blå Dragonen also in the . Jeep Cherokee too, once left here for an oil change. Good .. the action of this new class but thought it maybe was "too loud" !!!. Bilsport Action Meet. Public. · Hosted by Bilsport. Interested pin. Mantorp Park. Mantorp Park Motorbana, 17 Mantorp. Show Map. Hide Map. - Bilsport Custom & Performance Show, Elmia Exhibition Halls, Competition, Sala Racing Park August - Bilsport Action Meet, Mantorp Park.

I am sure it is over It was a fine day, beginning with black coffee in my Vlad "Dracula" Tepes cup. The model is a from "a Wolf in sheep's clothing" with a 3-geared Sachs engine. After some tightening of nuts and bolts it now easily makes 50 kmh, 31 mph well ahead of the 30 kmh 19 mph limit stipulated by the law for "legacy mopeds".

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And No, you don't need to shave on birthdays This meant that we now had two mopeds, but we are three in the family My old friend and colleague Chris Condor gave me this fine gift on my birthday. He and his family is now living in Eche, Spain, during the colder season.

And one morning on the veranda he heard these loud spaniards discussing interesting things at Avenida de Libertat below. Click to get a bigger one, also in English! Jan - April every winter Linkan, what is he doing, really? Yes, just what I thought!

bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

Every winter Linkan disappears to Thailand. And you never get a single postcard but thanks to these pictures from "Pelle Lax" we can now see why But we know him most for buying Kines-Thore's strong Valiant streetracer with Chevy He came to Thailand on a vacation and got the bright idea of printing swedish newspapers to sell to the swedes on the beaches! Today he lives here in Phuket and owns several printing shops with many employees that are printing numerous newspapers and magazines and distributes them, and not only swedish publications either.

The sofa is called the Vsofa where they always follow the horse racing on TV from Sweden. You remember Miami Vice? Scarab had two ci engines, one cracked a cylinder and Linkan was "hired" to fix it.

Water - like any liquid in the cylinder - will cause hydraulicing since liquid can't get compressed like air. A rod can easily give in This happens now and then with nitro engines in drag racing, if the engine doesn't fire allright and the giant fuel pumps just fills a couple of cylinders with nitromethane in a blink! And Pelle again hired Linkan to install them in the Scarab. Click to watch Linkan checking out the engines during first start.

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But it looks like it's more vacation than work for him. Here F1 on TV.

bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

Pelle's company of course have ordered their own printed beer coolers. This is mainly what he do with his days, to make kids around him wet. Or was it a special holiday? Also further away a sign "Scandinavium Bar" with the logo of the famous Scandinavium venue in Gothenburg.

May Tierp Arena premiere on a distance Nice to connect the feed from the computer webcast to the TV screen! Extremely high quality with real HD and perfect sound to that, and the skilled event speakers conveyed into the production on a separately sound cable. This is how it should be. I couldn't resist sending advices to Robert on how I thought the ultimate frames should look like. If you have worked with this before, it never leaves you. Robert wants these comments. Even if he is buried in on-location work in his by-budget-undermanned team, he wants it to be as good as it possibly can be.

And he don't have to ask twice for my support. Zoom in to the interesting scene. I took a snapshot of the TV-screen with my iPhone and mailed it to my computer, worked quickly in Photoshop, took a new iPhone-pic on the Photoshopped original above and sent it to his iPhone. Show more of the arena without losing the cars. The quickest ProCharged car in Europe and in the absolute top in the world!

Robert is working 30 hrs a day placing and connecting everything all over the place and solving totally new set problems every time. You can't talk to him, but you can send pictures on the iPhone! No need to show a grass field if you instead can gain a little braking and chutes drama Anyway, Robert's web-cast is by far the best in the world!

No one meets his quality anywhere even if we see a bit of progress and copying here and there every year, but Robert sets the standard because he is also designing the software programming and such. Hard to beat a guy with the whole picture! Sometimes it's for free, sometimes it's ten Euro, but it is always fantastic!

May 11 Cleaning up history Agneta did a big clean out in the attic and said that she found so much junk to throw away. I am glad that I asked to have a look at that junk. We printed t-shirts to the winner with the winner's car on it, and we also printed a sweatshirt and some extra textile prints for the winners to frame. I won in and in so I have two prints!

I designed the prints for the winners as long as I was involved. It all was financed by the racer's entry pool, typicly 32 drivers x 50 SEK each. After my move to Gothenburg in the printing continued, but reflecting more the path in my life as a filmmaker. This is the first print of Chris Condor's and my first company Broadcasters. Different to others, we throw parties with everybody invited, with lot of surprises plane attack, police hits At one party we actually had The Spotnicks!

Lot of memories in all these sweatshirts, to keep. When I first met him in the beginning of the 80's he was also living here, and Chris Condor and I made an article about him in Bilsport, just before his famous win of the "first legal" street race in Sweden.

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In that Chevrolet Chevelle ! After that race Lars-Inge sold the Chevelle and moved to Stockholm and began building quick Chevelle '66 station wagons, both street racers and finally a Pro Mod version which he crashed badly at Santa Pod in ! Luckily he survived and was back at the Pod in But after that he stopped racing and stayed in the sport as a official inspector and also as a builder for others.

In he looked up his first Chevelle at the owner - who once bought it from Lars-Inge - and begged him to sell it back and the big nostalgic rebuilt began Buick Skylark rear panel was something Lars-Inge made already 30 years ago!

Lars-Inge have over the years become an iconic car customizer and people stand in line to hire him for his magic. This time he is giving himself and his old Chevelle a part time of the top-notch treatment! This car is now going back to zero - more zero than 30 years ago - and Lars-Inge is bringing it up with the latest ideas and equipment. Not Pro Touring, more like Pro Custom. Lars-Inge in his beloved English wheel where he creates his own pieces.

He have a feeling for it. And you see that he need that English wheel to form small pieces of sheet metal to just get that right form to support a complety other rear window than original! Well you have to wait and see. Beside working as an inspection official at drag races Lars-Inge is also hired as a Judge on automotive shows and has an exceptional eye for details.

Also brackets and other small pieces are getting the same treatment He has his library in the garage. Lars-Inge have a good memory of the written word, pictures and articles and can pick up a special article in an instant. Some articles are easier to find that others For example, after the verifications, the organization sets up trucks to transport the vehicles Cars and Bikes as well as buses for the participants in order to reduce CO2 emission during the liaison from the place of departure to the port of embarkation.

It also gives the opportunity for the competitors to rest and prevent any accidents. Also some of organisation vehicles are equipped by solar panel in order to use the solar energy for realizing their mission without using a classic generator. The organization collects waste motor oil in order to recycle them back to France after the race. The emphasis is on the local economy, by using local service providers. US Alumi Craft is the premier race car chassis manufacturer in the off road industry.

Crafting cars from lengths of Chromoly tubing is our specialty. We offer a variety of vehicles to accommodate the professional off road racer to the recreational driver. SinceAlumi Craft racers have earned countless wins, four prestigious Lucas Oil Challenge Cup champions and twenty-four points championships; nine short course and fifteen in desert.

Alumi Craft originally began fabricating aluminum components for off-road race cars. After word got out about the quality and innovation of our products and that owner John Cooley was also an accomplished chassis designer and builder, customers began asking us to create complete cars. Forever dedicated to customer satisfaction, John was happy to oblige and soon the company flourished.

The company was incorporated in in the state of Washington and reincorporated in in Delaware. The Company's principal corporate offices are located in Seattle, Washington.

Those who order the Apollo IE will be granted exclusive access to the Time Attack program, that will be run by Apollo on the most relevant European racing circuits, and will also gain priority rights to order the future sibling of the Apollo IE, the Arrow, which is scheduled to see the light in We also offer a unique opportunity for our clients to partake in the fine tuning development process of the IE and the development of the future Apollo cars from the beginning.

IE owners will be invited to accompany Team Apollo to private testing sessions. This bespoke and personal experience allows IE owners to see what goes on behind the scenes during the development process of a new car and have the opportunity for their input play a role. Or is there a deeper meaning spelled A L M to this car…?

More equally good Honda love, which one compared to Boleks above one is your favorite? Read on… …there will be funny moments to show as we captured him ignore black flag times when his front part started to hang loose during the Extreme race.

bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

Despite the reason for being flagged being pretty obvious, he was still extremely pissed about it. All caught on tape too as I said. Our buddy and Camp: Cool to see fellow filmmakers in person, turned out to be a big RX-7 fan as well which we like! Good thing there were 11! NU that has its premiere in 5 short days. I just told you something obvious, but if you are reading these texts just move on to more interesting facts. Superior was busy all weekend, with a rich amount of guests and different styles of car cultures.

It gave opportunities for some interesting shots.

bilsport action meet mantorp park 2012 jeep

Unless entirely mistaken, the car in the background was one of the wildest driving drifters all weekend; and with the ugliest behind on a Nissan SX I have ever seen.

Not that it matters, when its usually covered in thick clouds of burnt tire smoke.