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News · Nightly News · Meet the Press · Dateline · MSNBC · TODAY Lorena Bobbitt leaves Prince William Circuit Court in Manassas, Virginia In the early morning hours before the attack, she alleged, he came home This was a woman who was determined never to be raped again,” Barkhurst said. Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt made tabloid headlines 25 years ago as a marital Lorena met Lance Corporal John Wayne Bobbitt, of Niagara Falls, New York. agreed to separate again when, in the early-morning hours of June 23, let the others know that you're alright and then we'll go back to my cabin, have some families and friends hugged goodbye and promised to meet again soon.

You drove me insane. No woman should go through what I went through. I want to hear the real reason why she did it.

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A lot of people wonder, does everything still work? The severed organ was found and reattached. He talks very candidly about that. When you put a woman in a room and a man in a room and she's cut off his manhood, you can bet that there are sparks.

It was her -- Lorena is so angry at him. She says that he drove her crazy, literally. And they both really were thankful that we had done it. Lorena cut off more than half of John Wayne Bobbitt's penis as he slept on June 23,after he had returned drunk from a night of partying and allegedly raped her. He was tried and acquitted of the spousal rape charge in After assaulting her husband, Lorena left the apartment, with the severed penis.

After driving a short while, she rolled down the car window and threw it into a field. Realizing the severity of the incident, she stopped and called After an exhaustive search, the penis was located, packed in ice, and brought to the hospital where John was.

After a while, she threw it into a field.

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She eventually stopped and called John's penis was found after an exhaustive search, and it was reattached in the hospital where he was treated.

The operation took nine and a half hours. Lorena stated that John sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her during their marriage. She said that he flaunted his infidelities and had forced her to have an abortion.

Her defense attorneys, who included the defense lawyer Blair D. Howard, maintained that his constant abuse caused her to eventually "snap", because she was suffering from clinical depression and a possible bout of post traumatic stress disorder due to the abuse.

25 years later, looking back at the infamous Lorena Bobbitt case that captivated America

Both the prosecution and defense sides conceded that he had demonstrated a history of abuse toward her and that this abuse created a context for the assault. Expert witnesses "for both the prosecution and the defense testified that he had mentally and physically battered her; that the abuse was escalating; and that, byshe lived in constant fear of him".

One expert witness testified that "Lorena believed and was immobilized by John's threat 'I will find you, whether we're divorced or separated. And wherever I find you, I'll have sex with you whenever I want to. As a result, she could not be held liable for her actions. Inafter six years of marriage, John and Lorena divorced.

John[ edit ] After the incident, John attempted to generate money from his renown by forming a band, The Severed Parts, to pay his mounting medical and legal bills, although the band was unsuccessful and failed to generate enough money.