Bubzbeauty meet my sister

Meet My Sister + Expression Game

bubzbeauty meet my sister

Say "Beauty YouTuber", and Lindy aka Bubzbeauty will definitely come to mind. We had a quick chat with Lindy when she was in town for her meet-and-greet, 'I 'm the sister you never had or the sister you never wanted'. This Pin was discovered by Amber R. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Bubzbeauty Blog Meet My Sister + Expression Game. Meet my little sister, April. You guys will love her style. She is my little Fashionista! !! Please give her lots of support. She's very shy.

As for my little brother and little sister, they actually tried to adopt me as their child and this kept going for a very, very, very long time and I was known as Megan. So because I was the middle child, I was probably the most desperate one, so I was always trying to cling on to my mum.

bubzbeauty meet my sister

The only memory I have playing with mum is when she would play hide and seek with me. So this always a sad memory for me but everybody tends to laugh at this. So I ended up finding it funny. So I think she appreciated our intentions. Because our parents had to work all the time, we were pretty much brought up by our grandparents. My granny was this hardcore little lady. So we would accidentally try to get rid of them by throwing it in the bin, but it was useless because she could pretty much turn anything into weapon and her favorite weapon is her slipper, no matter where you are it always gets to you and what do you get — slipper faced.

Then when I think back, I would do anything to have my granddad collect me in the rain again. And I had this cousin called Laura, and she was grade A student, she did ballet, she can play piano, she was [be-neat] ph inaudible and I was always compared to her.

And so I was so very little. I was obsessed with writing my own comic books as a kid. In fact, I was actually one of the main characters, because I was so shy and insecure in real life.

When I was 12 years old, my granddad was suddenly submitted into hospital. And he was only in hospital for two weeks before he passed away. I would go to his bedroom and crawl underneath his covers and just cry because I miss him so much.

And I would even get helium balloons and write messages on it and really sit from his bedroom window and I hope that he would receive my message and know just how much I love and miss him. I guess the school I went to was pretty rough, so I had these kids throwing their food at me — chips, carbonate drinks, crisp packets, you name it.

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But I felt humiliated and I felt really alone. So I was pretty much teased because of my skin color and also my height and I was scared wherever I went until I met these bunch of cooler kids and I actually felt protected with them — except they got in trouble quite a lot.

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And I was fine and I studied very hard and I only had one good friend and she was called Sarah and we were really happy. When I was 16 years old, I met a guy called Timmy. Timmy was different from all the guys I ever liked, he was small, nerdy, but he was really kind. Oi In fact, the first time we hung out, he was actually 15 minutes late. So he gave me this sorry card, I mean, who does that? Until today he is still never ever on time. We actually never really asked each other out, we just suddenly became more than friends.

I guess we just clicked. And I always had a little self-confidence, I wore glasses, I have braces, severe acne, but he really made me feel beautiful. He saw my heart and I saw his. When you have competitors even in China thats the competition you're up against Actually in China they have their own version of YouTube I believe.

I mean the market is totally different Is this your first FanFest that you've been a part of? Its going to be hundreds of screaming fans.

What will your feelings be up there on the stage? Its almost like a little mob before I left. How did they find your flight information? I have no idea! Talking about Australia, have you actually visited Australia or visited some of your Australian fans before?

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Did you have a fan meet over there? No I didn't have a chance, I was only going to visit with friends. It was really, really nice there. And what do you understand about the beauty scene in Australia? Any Australian products that you use or recommend or Australian trends? I really like the Lucas Papua Ointment, you guys use it a lot, you use it for rashes. I use it for my lips cause nothing hydrates the lips as well as that which is awesome.

Talking about beauty, whats your tips for this coming season, this coming northern hemisphere season? I swear by using rose hip oil on my skin.

bubzbeauty meet my sister

It just makes your skin glow from within. My face, I don't even use moisturiser anymore, rose hip oil just moisturises from within, like even the fine lines and wrinkles or dry patches in your arms.

Put it in your shampoo, put it on your nails, its like magic potion. And what about for guys, do you have beauty tips for guys as well? Now you've done a FanFest, obviously there's other opportunities opening itself hopefully.

Would you like to come to Australia and hopefully do a FanFest over there?

bubzbeauty meet my sister

I would love that, I would really really love that!