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The MileSplit Guide To Day 3 Of The Penn Relays

Feb 10, The track and field season gets into high gear on Saturday with three Red-hot Calabar High School star De'Jour Russell to open his which is scheduled to start two hours earlier at am as a result of the Dancing Jamaicans star at Winter Olympics opening ceremony September 27, Nov 28, Is it too much to hope that hi the year the JAAA will wake up and successfully provide action and worth- while results in track and field. Live results and notes from Day 3 of The Penn Relays Carnival. Apr 30, Keenan Lawrence , Leon Clarke ) post-race interview and Champion dance As JC's anchor Phillip Lemonios ate up the track ( final split), Calabar's Christopher Taylor, the Titans' Josephus Lyles and . Tagged Meets.

I had a vision as to how I pictured the final product and they helped me to achieve this goal. Above all, to the Great Almighty, the author of knowledge and wisdom, for his countless love. I thank you all. Jamaica has the prestigious honour of having the most success per capita of any country world in track and field. Jamaica's Olympic history started in the Olympics when Jamaica's first track gold medallist, Dr. Arthur Wint, won the m.

Track and field is a part of the curriculum in most of the high schools in Jamaica. Since then, the sport of track and field has been on the rise for Jamaica regionally and internationally and has now translated into an even more lucrative success locally at the high school level. At a track meet, you see a lady marshalling athletes from the warm-up area to the competition arena. You see someone rake the sand in the jumping pit after each jump to smooth the pit surface for the next jumper.

Those two persons cited above are part of a multitude of volunteer track and field officials without whom there would be no track meets. They have totally retransformed and rebranded what a track meet should be like, what it should look like, who should benefit and how the athletes or the high schools should benefit.

My CLTR Field Report will be geared towards a review of four 4 athletics meets from the Jamaican high school track and field season. The two primary themes for my field report are the Commercialization of Sports and in some aspects, Sports and the Media. The theories that will be applied in certain cases within this field report will be the Functionalist Theory, Critical Theory and the Feminist Theory.

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The start and end time for this track meet was between 8: Arthur Wint, two Calabar stalwarts, who went on to become track and field icons globally. The main sponsors of the meet were: Upon driving into the school, the first parking lot was full so the guardsmen had to direct me to a next parking section. I came in as a Grace Foods Representative so I never needed to pay for a ticket to get in; however, one ticket booth was provided. A huge crowd awaited me on the front field where the sponsors of the meet set up their tents and booths to entertain and feed the general public.

Even though Calabar had quite a few food and drink sponsors, that did not stop the body from providing space for vendors to sell snacks, sweets, nuts, hot dogs and popcorn. I thought that was considerate of them considering some of these vendors are the same ones located outside of Calabar High in the weekdays.

These vendors are considered a part of their culture and experience at Calabar High. Every event went on smoothly except for Class 2 m Male that had 22 heats. To some, like Demoy Henry, a past Calabar Old Boy Champs Javelin Thrower, he thought there were simply too many heats which eventually drew out the day and delayed the schedule for the latter races.

Overall, he thought the accommodation was good and the atmosphere with the interaction of all the sponsors was good See Appendix 2. I agree with his views but one thing that troubled me and many females was the dust on both the front and back fields. Both fields have more dirt than grass and if most of us females had known, we would have worn proper shoes like creps or sneakers instead of slippers and sandals. The weather was also very windy and made it uncomfortable with the dust transforming into a dust storm every minutes.

The MileSplit Guide To Day 3 Of The Penn Relays

Besides that, it was a friendly outing between Calabar and its rivals. The back field was used for the schools to set up their tents which became their resting zone, warmup and marshalling area as well. Because the track at Calabar is the first of its kind in any school in Jamaica, there is a sense of euphoria that comes with the venue which attracts persons, especially, those old boys who are excited about the track. The committee is consisted of persons who have been involved in track and field for many years as well as organising large events.

This expertise results in the effective and efficient hosting of a successful event. The fact that Calabar has done well in track and field for many years both locally and internationally, producing quite a few Olympians, make it easy to attract sponsors and patrons to the event.

The strong support of the old boys hosting help secure sponsors, sell tickets and to mobilize other old boys and their families to attend the event.

Because of the bitter rivalry between the top track and field schools in Jamaica and Calabar, it makes it difficult to attract these said schools to the event. To secure 80 teams to participate at the meet. To achieve 2, patrons attending the meet. The number of patrons totalled 2, See Appendix 3. Therefore, this track meet accomplished their marketing goals.

The committee members of this track meet are mostly made up of males, not only because the track meet is created from an all-boys school but it is a sport simultaneously, so not much females would be on board. Through the popularity of the track and field athletes that have represented Calabar internationally, Old Boys of Calabar High and the Brand Calabar within itself, has made the reality of their own personalized track meet come true Functionalist Theory.

Furthermore, these same sponsors have already agreed to come on board for the 3rd staging in January Youngster Goldsmith is named after Mr. He started a gym in and trained to hold the Featherweight Championship for 13 years straight. In AugustMr.

G returned to KC to occupy the post of physical instructor. KC then became the first high school in Jamaica to use weights as part of sports training. This innovation paid off immediately as KC became the most dominant high school in almost all sporting competitions, more specifically, winning ISSA Boys Champs in a year streak and then returned in — creating another winning streak — to date no other boys school has beaten.

The edge gained at KC through the weights training conducted by Mr. G was eventually recognized by the other high school coaches and weights now forms the base of most sports training programmes throughout Jamaica Shaw, The meet is also used as a forum to honour persons who have contributed significantly to the development of track and field in Jamaica.

Over the twenty years in existence, the meet grew and developed beyond the capacity of Kingston College campus grounds and for the last decade has been held at the National Stadium instead. YG Classics attracted entries from over 80 high schools, clubs and institutions. This meet started at 8: Heats and finals ran for all sprint hurdles events. In the m, m and m Steeplechase — only two athletes per class per team to compete. Stadium East was used for the team villages, warmup and marshalling. However, other companies were invited to take photos and record videos with athletes from The Lab, Track and Field Nerdz and Brawta Sports.

The Kingston College Track and Field Management Committee Board are responsible for the provision of the venue, equipment, and all officials deemed necessary for the hosting of a successful meet. As in the case of paying for the services of Sure Time Emergency Ambulance System to ensure the health security of our dehydrated performing athletes on the track or field. Another first experience at a different track meet, but I ensured this time, I could walk in the footsteps of a Volunteer and see what it feels to work in the National Stadium.

I was appointed by Ms. However, it became difficult when some athletes were not able to collect their medals because they either were resting after their event or getting ready to compete in another event and then at times, athletes, teammates or representatives of the school would not come until hours after.

So, confusion occurred because of this situation. However, we created a cut-off point where if they do not come to collect their medals then we put them in their individual school batches and mail them off to each school. Yvette Batchelor See Appendix 8. As for the drink sponsors, their tents were located around the corner of the finish line so it was more convenient for the athlete to get their drinks. Fan banners were located right across the stadium to show all the brands that supported this meet.

Security guards were patrolling inside and outside the stadium so that people purchased their tickets and not be given any favours. I even saw police officers attired in regular clothes to blend with the crowd. I thought that was a smart initiative from KC to put their students at work than to spend over-budget to hire additional people.

It takes a supportive unit to make ends meet and everything works Functionalist Theory. Television commercials, radio sports advertisements and guest interview programmes.

Distribution and posting of advertising fliers and charts including over social media. Selected members of the YG Classics Organizing Committee was assigned to work with the Marketing and Public Relations team of any sponsor Critical Theory to ensure maximum corporate visibility and mileage is garnered in return for sponsorship funding Shaw, The main sponsors of this track meet can be seen in Appendix 9 but Anthrick also provided vending spots for the vendors that sold popcorn, festivals, cotton candy and other snacks.

I went into this meet as just a regular patron as opposed to the past trips. I needed to get the feel from a spectator perspective.

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Anthony Cooke and Mr. The Anthrick Sports Management that is now currently owned by Ricky Martin is more popularly known to keep the largest preparatory prep school meet, literally a dress rehearsal to Prep School Champs every year since at the UWI Usain Bolt Stadium all meets were moved around that year as the National Stadium was being renovated at the time to accommodate for a blue track.

By Januarythe prep school track meet returned to the National Stadium. First, the Annang people and society. The Annang land is bounded in the north and west by the Igbos and the Ibibios make up their southern and eastern neighbours.

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