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According to the census, it has a population of 56, people. Surigao del Sur Provincial Capitol, Tandag City Tandag has a national secondary airport and a seaport. .. Complex) is a multi-sports complex located near at the provincial capitol in Tandag and hosted the Caraga Regional Athletic Meet several times. 17 (PIA) - The provincial government of Agusan del Norte is into Program .. Silver Medal in women's 53kg weightlifting category in Rio Olympics Tandag City, where she was accommodated to grace the opening of the 20th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet (CRAM), she expressed that all she ever. TANDAG CITY, June 23 (PIA) – The Bureau of Jail Management and educational and vocational training, recreation and sports, and religious/spiritual activities, .. “Dapat po pagdating sa airport ay nagdedeklara hinggil dito para .. He will be taking Meat Processing Training so that he will learn to make.

According to Bishop Pueblo, CCPD has a program of helping the less fortunate people and the donated chairs can help the students who are mostly indigenous people in their studies. Ocampo, among other officials. The armchairs were made of premium wood materials from the confiscated illegal forest products.

Meanwhile, on the opening day, a lot of activities lie in store for the public to see starting at 5: Activities are going to continue the morning after, which will begin at 7: One of the mechanisms to pursue the Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty from StartingBUB has been a strategy of converging programs of the national government agencies, including the DILG, aimed at addressing the needs of the communities and the delivery of services by the local government units.

These 25 were among the first batch of municipalities to receive their checks. Of those already released, a total of P10, worth of checks were received by six municipalities of Agusan del Norte for the implementation of eight projects three DRR-related totaling P4.

The municipalities that received checks were Carmen P1. A total of P13, worth of checks were received by four municipalities of Agusan del Sur for the implementation of four projects one DRR-related amounting P2. These were Loreto P2. A total of P10, worth of checks were received by eight municipalities of Surigao del Norte for the implementation of 11 projects seven DRR-related totaling P7.

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These were Bacuag P1. A total of P 8, worth of checks were received by seven municipalities of Surigao de Sur for the implementation of nine projects eight DRR-related totaling P7. The municipalities were Barobo P1. Mode of fund releases were single tranches for projects costing P1M or less, and the rest were first of two tranches 80 percent for projects amounting to more than P1M. Inthe fund amounted to P67, These are all for projects identified at the community level through the Bottom-Up Budgeting process.

In May this year, the center reported applications with a combined capacity of 2, The additional RE project applications will have a combined capacity of The bulk of the pending RE power project applications however are hydropower with a total of projects and a combined potential capacity of 2, Geothermal energy projects accounts for eight with a potential capacity of Some of the projects include the Etymology[ edit ] Many versions have been given regarding the name of Tandag.

One such version said that Father Calan, Father Encarnacion and another priest were on their way to visit chieftain Suba to baptize his people. When one of the missionaries asked a native rowing their boat what name of the place was with fingers pointing downward, the native who naught the priest meant the school of fish, answered "tamda", meaning look down.

This name later became Tandag. Father Encarnacion, the member of the group was later killed by the natives. The other version says that when De la Vega landed in Tandag to subdue the ferocious Caragas as the rebellios natives were called then, he did not know the name of the place so he inquired from the native who was gathering the leaves of herbs locally known as tangad.

The native who did not understand Spanish answered hesitantly "tangad". Later, the name was changed to Tandag. Another story tells a group of Spanish soldiers and missionaries who lost their way.


When they asked for correct direction, the natives who could not understand a word they said only laughed at them all while saying the word "tank", meaning lost. Thus the name Tandag aptly means lost.

History[ edit ] Long before Tandag became what it is today—the bustling capital town of Surigao del Sur was inhabited by the Manobos and the Mamanwas who lived along the river banks under the leadership of Suba, their Chieftain.

One of these missionaries was Father Juan de la Vega who was assigned in Tandag. In an effort to establish a symbol of authority, Fr. Out of this settlement rose the town of Tandag, which later on became a center of faith. About this period, Tandag became a port of call to the Spanish Galleon that sailed along the southern part of Mindanao.

InTandag became the capital town of Surigao or Caraga, then a district that covered the present provinces of Agusan, the two Surigaos and a part of Davao. As center of faith and capital town, Tandag was fortified with cottas which were erected sometime in the 18th century, within the northern part of the town and near the old cemetery at the western side.

These fortifications served to protect the town from moro raids.

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In several separate attacks between andthe moro pirates wrought havoc and destruction to Tandag. Father Jose Ducos, a Jesuit from Iligan, came to rescue and rebuild Tandag from the ruins wrought by these moro raids. He established the Tandag Garrison and restored the Tandag priory. Although the Tandag fort somehow survived, part of it was demolished during the Second World War.