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Stoic Tavares helps guide Maple Leafs to win in understated debut -

chris norman ill meet you at midnight chomikuj

In a minute, I'll get to the kinds of complexities that would be good to You could also say that 97% of climate scientists agree that you will . and other variables to see which variables drive changes forest fire severity and frequency. nimbyism, Nine Mile Canyon, nobel peace prize, norman Borlaug. DJ Dubrovskyi - MC Black - Fuck You Now (DJ Nektar HouseTrap Remix)DJ . Ed Sheeran I See Fire Chris Norman - I'll meet you at midnight ' African Rundown: by David Arnold and Chris Cornell: performed by James Bond After Midnight: by Danny Elfman; Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music A Fateful Meeting / Central Park: from King Kong: by James Newton Howard .. I Will Always Love You: Primo: by Dolly Parton; Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music.

The NBA Draft is less than a month away, so let's start talking about it. Draft Decision Day E Wednesday was the day college players had to decide if they wanted to remain in the draft. How did that affect the Bucks?

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The Eric jr Discussio We tried to talk about the Bucks and then the most insane story started to unfold. Frank and Eric reunite to get Frank's opinion on the NBA honors announced last week and also discuss the playoff philosophies of the league's best teams. Where did Antetokounmpo deserve to be ranked? Mike Budenholzer held his introductory press conference on Monday, but there were a couple questions left unanswered. On Monday, Mike Budenholzer was introduced as the 16th head coach in Bucks history with an official press conference.

Do they have enough of it in Milwaukee? Budenholzer is a Buck Mike Budenholzer has officially been named the Bucks head coach, so let's learn some more about him.

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Bucks to name Mike Bu It took a couple weeks, but the Bucks got their guy, Mike Budenholzer. Bucks and Raptors key It appears as though Mike Budenholzer has become the leading candidate for the head coaching positions in both Milwaukee and Toronto.

The Bucks continued to interview coaches and people continued to question Becky Hammon's resume. Mike Budenholzer has been a topic of discussion in Milwaukee for the last few weeks, so we got an expert to help us break down his coaching. With the success of the Sixers and Celtics, how should Bucks fans view the future in Milwaukee? How does a coach affec It is obvious how a coach affects the product on the floor, but how does it affect everything else?

What kind of coach do As we all discuss the Bucks coaching search, Frank and Eric attempt to zoom out a little bit and see if it'd be helpful for the next Bucks coach to lean towards a preferred side of the ball. More coaches added to More coaches officially entered the conversation, so Frank and Eric discussed how they may fit with the Bucks. Coaches Pod, Part 3 E Before wrapping up the Coaches Pod with Eric Buenning, Frank comes through to discuss the initial coaches list reported by Woj and other Bucks reports from across the media landscape.

Coaches Pod, Part 2 E As our three-part Coaches Pod continues, we actually start breaking down coaches. Coaches Pod, Part 1 E As the Bucks prepare their search for a new head coach, Frank and Eric do the same thing. Bucks Exit Interview T After a disappointing season, a number of Bucks players talked with the media about how things could have gone better and what lies ahead this summer. With their season on the line, the Bucks decided to go with what they knew best.

Bucks force a Game 7, No one has won on the road yet, so that means this Bucks-Celtics series is going to a Game 7, baby. Game 6 Preview Ep The Bucks' backs are against the wall. They need a win Thursday night.

Bucks can't match Cel The Bucks had plenty of chances against Celtics, but can't score well enough to beat Boston in Game 5.

chris norman ill meet you at midnight chomikuj

Bucks even series wit With a Game Four win, the Bucks have evened their first round playoff series against the Celtics. After struggling Games 1 and 2, the Bucks jump on the Celtics in Game 3 and defend their home court. You asked a million questions, so we gave you a million answers. Celtics crush Bucks i Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton were awesome. Game 2 is on Tuesday night, so we previewed that game, but also talked a little bit about the 17th pick in the NBA Draft, which the Bucks actually get to use.

Bucks let Game 1 slip Khris Middleton hit a miraculous shot to send Game 1 to overtime, but the Bucks couldn't find a way to pull off the victory. Bucks blown out by Si The Bucks no-showed on Wednesday night, but still end up with the Eastern Conference's best playoff matchup and the possibility of keeping their first round pick this year. The Wizards won on Tuesday night and thus we know exactly who the Bucks will play in the playoffs. We have no idea. Eric Bledsoe collected his first triple-double as a Buck in an ugly win over the Magic on Monday night.

Bucks hold on against It was an ugly game in the Garden, but Eric Bledsoe and the Bucks were able to close it out for a victory on Saturday. A disappointing loss t The Nets should a lot of threes. They shot 39 of them against the Bucks and beat the Bucks.

None of that feels particularly surprising. Commenting on Jabari P Jabari Parker made some interesting comments about his future in Milwaukee and we discussed them.

chris norman ill meet you at midnight chomikuj

The Bucks broke up the Celtics' six-game win streak on Tuesday night. A whole mess of Bucks There were a bunch of smaller Bucks topics to discuss before previewing the Bucks-Celtics game and Frank and Eric discussed them all!

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Bucks split weekend wi A West Coast road trip isn't bad. Splitting weekend games against the Lakers and Nuggets is not bad either. Doing it how the Bucks did it though? Bucks take it to Warr An run to end the first half gave the Bucks a nine-point lead over the Warriors at the half and they never looked back from there.

Which Warriors will c The Warriors have suffered a bunch of injuries, but are there enough to give the Bucks a chance? Bucks drop winnable g After fighting back to take a lead into the fourth quarter, the Bucks couldn't close out the Clippers.

They just follow the herd. Counting up opinions is not science.

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What people ought to be interested in is the reasons for their belief. Very few people — scientists or not — even understand how the greenhouse effect works! Hence the results of surveys like this are not relevant to the science — only to the politics. A good example is a paper that came out a while back on forest fires in the west. The central point of the research was to establish the pre-historic forest fire record and compare it to many climatic and other variables to see which variables drive changes forest fire severity and frequency.

The appropriate way for the researchers to handle the established land-surface temp record is to use a neutral reference to it and move on. There is only a limited amount of money available, it make sense to spend it on areas which are actually relevant.

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But it could also be true that climate change and conservation issues could actually be relevant to the habitat of blue-toed tree frogs and so in some cases there is a genuine cross-over.

No, climate change is a genuine concern. It is not the job of, say, environmental scientists to verify the findings of climate scientists from first principles, their job is to say if the climate changes in line with expectations then these are the likely consequences.

People can be interested in all sorts of different things. Those kind of questions can be interesting, but if you want to understand what the public believes about science it can help to know what the science actually says. It is well established that it does work — the exact mechanism might be interesting to some it is to me but it has no real relevance for the important questions about climate change.

I think most of us who actually follow the arguments around climate change are aware of the uncertainties. I doubt the general public knows about those issues in detail, but I expect a lot of them know that there are uncertainties. So yes, they rely on expert judgement.

chris norman ill meet you at midnight chomikuj

Sure — the scientific consensus exists independently of whether one counts papers or conducts surveys and whether to take action on climate change is essentially a political decision. Nullius in Verba Those are all fair points. I think I can agree with a lot of that. This statistic is also a good way for them to shut down debate over things were there genuinely is one, for example in this recent post http: The question, for the billionth time, is how much?

And how economically damaging are the solutions.

chris norman ill meet you at midnight chomikuj

Where, oh where, are all these deniers? Tom Fuller Von Storch did a pretty good survey of scientists who had published on climate related issues. I think it was in And there is far less agreement on extent, consequences and the little question of what to do about it all… http: I do agree that the sort of questions you raised are important and are not addressed by the survey but I think we are more likely to get meaningful discussion on the genuine areas of uncertaintly and engage more people to consider those issues if there is widespread agreement on the less uncertain questions.

The public is more interested in Looney Toons reruns and the latest episode of Survivor. And despite the anti-vaxxers, vaccines are still a pillar of government policy.