Cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

CIF State Cross Country Championships - California Interscholastic Federation

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

Isabel E/S Bataan School of Fisheries TAEKWONDO (Boys) 1. Fredmelson Apolo P. Gaspar Bataan Christian School TAEKWONDO (Girls) 1. .. Batangas a State University Citizens Charter Revised 1 . 1 GOODMAN was born January 14, in Poland, and died April 02, in Los Angeles County, California. CIF State Cross Country Championships HS. Saturday, November 28, Woodward Park · Official Results Meet Info Show All Results. AthleticTV. Wherefore your memorialist, the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of use can result in significant amounts of water not being depleted regionwide, . and provide California and the rest of the country with the resources needed across to Douglas and Bisbee in Cochise County and the military.

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

Florendo Sunny HillSide School 3. Gutierrez Jesus Saves Integrated School 4. Peter of Verona Academy 2. Gaspar Bataan Christian School 4.

CIF State Cross Country Championships

Flora Bataan Christian School 5. Ramos JC Payumo Jr. Catherine of Siena Academy 2. Severo Lamao NHS 3. Guanzon Limay NHS 2. Escubido Lamao NHS 3. Vivar Orani NHS 9. Roque JRI Orani 2. Sarmiento JRI Orani 3. Gonzales Morong NHS Head of Delegation Vice-Governor 3. Garcia - Honorary Asst. Head of Delegation 4. Herminia Roman - Honorary Asst.

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

Head of Delegation 5. Javier - Head of Delegation 6. Garcia - Co-Head of Delegation 7. Head of Delegation 8.

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Perez - Athletic Manager 9. Quirino Barlis - Asst. Diomedes Agrado - Chairman of General Services Arvin De Dios Eric Simbol General Services Renato Dimalanta - Chairman Screening Crisanto Santos - Co-Chairman Screening Noel Reyes - Medical Officer Nerissa Palomo Nurses De Padua - Sports Analyst Cruz - Dean of Discipline Rosemarie Cuevas - Dean of Discipline Buenaventura Cortes - Training Consultant Apolinario Aldama - Traininig Consultant Charito de Guzman Estioco - Accountant Oliveria - Cashier Bautista - Supply Officer Ella Martinez - Asst.

Charlene Magsino - Asst.

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

Medina De Jesus - Administrative Officer Gregorio Jaring - Game Schedule Officer Basa II - Technical Records Richard Alboro - Technical Records Liezelle Tolentino - Accommodation Evelyn Mendoza - Chairman Evelyn Canare - Co-Chairman Jose De Guzman Cesar Almario Members Ronnie Mendoza - Transportation Committee Chairman Rowin Sanchez - Member, Transportation Committee Naguit - Planning Records Committee Perillo - Bagac Bongco - Orion Alba - Mariveles Larry Balagasay - Pilar Benjamin Lazarte - Samal Francis Venegas - Orani Ilaya - Abucay Gilbert Nodalo - Limay Analene Ramos - Saysain HS 5.

Joselito Samaniego - Dinalupihan 9. Gina David - Dinalupihan Gregorio Castro - B. Meldy Roa - B. Marlon Flojo - Morong District Marcelo Estrada - Samal District Jason Pantaleon - B. Ralph Manlangit - Sta.

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

Stimson Torres - Mariveles Enriquez - Abucay Robert Rana - Mariveles ES Lorenzo Pascua - Liyang ES Eufrocina Perea - Bagac Carlito Mariano - Bataan School of Fisheries Aque - Orion NHS Expedito Amit - Bataan School of Fisheries Mario Victoria - Orani Manuel Felipe - Orion Leonila Alcid - Mariveles Lingad - Dinalupihan East Ten days later, the order was given to burn Subic Bay Naval Station and withdraw.

Olongapo was set aflame by the local Filipinos in anticipation of Japanese troop arrival. InOlongapo was again bombed, shelled and burned. Joint American and Philippine Commonwealth ground troops aided the recognized guerrilla fighters in liberating Olongapo from the Japanese forces.

With the exceptions of the Station Chapel it was the Olongapo Parish Church before the war and the Spanish Gate, none of its former landmarks withstood the sweep of the war's fury.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation[ edit ] Shortly after the war was over, the Philippines was granted independence. Olongapo was one of the principal navy bases retained by the US. The Navy started to rebuild the town after the hostilities ceased. Olongapo was built on a new undeveloped site a couple of miles north of its former location. The prewar town site became a part of the Naval Station. The first few years after the war were difficult for the new town, as everything in the new Olongapo was in a deplorable state.

cif state cross country meet 2015 results bataan

There was no electric power and no drainage system. The water supply and sanitation facilities were inadequate, and streets were unpaved. Naval authorities relocated the residence from the area of the former Public Works Center area to what is now the hub of Olongapo — along what is now known as Rizal Avenue and Ramon Magsaysay Drive, and in the Barangays New Asinan and New Kalalake areas.

Zoning of Olongapo was patterned after American practice where streets are constructed along straight lines.

2017 CIF D2 Cross Country State Championships

The magnitude of facilities construction in the Olongapo and Subic Bay area brought growth and prosperity to Olongapo. Bymigrants from nearby towns and provinces had swelled the population to 39, The Subic Bay Naval Base commanding officer was chairman of the Olongapo town council, school board, and hospital board. Olongapo's 60, Filipino residents paid taxes to the United States Navy and those accused of crimes involving American servicemen were tried in US Navy courts.

On October 23,Olongapo was placed under martial law when Robert Grant, the American owner of an Olongapo auto parts store was killed and the US Navy declined to identify or try the Naval Supply Depot sentry who shot him.


Six years later under Mayor James Leonard T. GordonOlongapo was reconverted to a chartered city on June 1, The base was visited by ships per month as Vietnam War activity peaked in The wild nightclubs along Ramon Magsaysay Drive between the naval base main gate and Rizal Avenue were notoriously popular among the 4, servicemen visiting the base that year.

June 15, was a memorable date in Olongapo. Volcanic clouds blocked out the sun.


Volcanic earthquakes and heavy muddy rain, as well as thunderstorms from a typhoon passing over Central Luzon made Black Saturday a hour nightmare.

Present-day Olongapo[ edit ] The U. Like his father before him, Mayor Richard Gordonwho was against the departure of the US military forces, lobbied for the turnover of the facility and its conversion into a freeport in To date, the renowned volunteerism strategy and overturning an ailing economy to prosperity after double disasters — Mt. Pinatubo's eruption and withdrawal of US Bases — is an unparalleled achievement.

Mayor Richard "Dick" Gordon boldly led a strong corps of 8, City volunteers who protected and preserved the abandoned US Naval Base facilities from poachers. He complemented this with an aggressive advocacy to convert the area into a protected area and industrial zone. Later, he launched an aggressive international investment promotion which resulted in the acceleration of the development of a prime industrial and tourism zone in the country, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone SBFZ.

Furthermore, the Asian Development Bank and World Bank have also recognized its successful urban redevelopment and city development strategy after the U. The land area of Olongapo City is The city proper is located on a 6.

Because of this peculiar geographic location, development of city land is limited. Also, the territorial borders from nearby towns are not properly marked. The months of December to April are extremely dry but the wet season persists for the remaining period in a year.

In August, the monthly rainfall total even reaches The city receives an average of 3, millimetres