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May 8, Discover what makes Anawangin Cove in Zambales surreal. Clara and Our Lady of Salambao during the Obando Fertility Dance in Obando, Bulacan. Fort Santiago to meet his fate at the Luneta, now known as Rizal Park. Sand, surf, and art in Zambales .. The meat is mouthwatering and perfectly cooked—sisig at its finest. Anawangin Cove is just a minute boat ride away, while the nearby Capones 6 in E Major Violin: Clara-Jumi Kang ( Decca). Crystal Beach Resort is conveniently located in Zambales ( hours drive from Manila) and offers different accommodation types and necessities, from.

This was a challenge for my kid during our stay. But other than that everything is good. Danica Azur overall rate 5 over 5 Everything! Adventure time in crystal beach! The staff are accomodating and friendly. Everything that we need is available inside the resort.

We like that the owner mingles with the guests. The place is quite and cozy, perfect for those who just want to bum out on a weekend. I also appreciate that the staff are honest, i left my shades in the beach and someone returned it to the reception area.

For foreigners, please do not take the timothy tree house because of the low ceiling. Elena Jaurigue Our first surf weekend in zambales overall rate 5 over 5 I like the setup of the room, we stayed at Naomi 1. The bathroom is clean and has a complete set of toiletries ready for us to use. The staff is courteous.

Great customer service overall. We also took a straight 3-hour surfing lessons with their partner Quiksilver Surf School, the instructors are indeed knowledgable and really knows what they're doing and teaching.

I took lessons from Phil. The first crucial thing is the number of presently available destinations. There are claims that the roll has quadrupled, even quintupled. How times have changed, for I recall during my early school days when the only option, the lone honest-to-goodness holiday haven, was Baguio.

A single region today renders you speechless with an exciting list of what to see and do — the options of where to eat and shop, loosen up and be pampered, or attempt the extreme — points that are appreciated due to the variety of choices available.

Without question, there is better connectivity in journeys these days. More airlines, both legacy and low-cost, are battling for our selection, offering seats at affordable — sometimes downright giveaway — rates to destinations unbeknown to most Filipinos. Bridging the entire archipelago is becoming more of a reality each day, with better vessels, faster craft and outrigger boats interconnecting more than a thousand islands, with a few thousands more to spare.

Then, there are also bus lines which offer deluxe seating and inter-island routes in ro-ro fashion. Homestay lodging has likewise become a unique tourist story of its own, where locals generously offer their homes and open their hearts as they happily share their stories over home-cooked dinners. As beach paradises start to sprawl, we have begun to ask for the best site for surfing or diving; for physical adventure in the mountains, where to pump up the most amount of adrenaline in a bungee jump or zip line; to the metropolis for the craziest nightlife, the wildest food, the bargains over which everyone goes gaga.

Wherever we may end up in these islands, we have the greatest of history, of tradition, of heritage, of arts, of culture, of fiestas, of cuisines, of LIFE. Explore one of the islands of Batanes, from the traditional stone houses in Sabtang to the rolling hills of Marlboro Country in Batan.

As you drive along the Cagayan and Ilocos Norte border, make a layover by the winding Patapat Viaduct, the northernmost road in the country, protruding from a mountain base which many have mistaken for a bridge, as it reveals the scenic beauty of Pasaleng Bay.

Loosen up at the transplanted village of ancestral houses of Sitio Remedios in Currimao, Ilocos Norte. Plunge into a palaisdaan at Dagupan City, harvest their bangus and grill one for dinner by the beach.

The bonus for me - it is a safe, huge place for biking! There are challenging trails nearby for those who love mountain biking.

I also appreciate the flexibility he allowed for the check out time, had a chance to take a rest after biking in the morning and before heading out for a long drive. Will definitely recommend this place.

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It is located in the mountains, with very little cellular phone signal great for internet detox. The place has great views of the mountains, all the amenities you need to keep yourself entertained, and really, really, friendly staff. We did not have internet as advertised due to a connectivity problem which was not fixed for the duration of our stay.

Without cellular phone and internet, we were forced to put down our phones and keep our noses in our books. The rooms are clean and adequately furnished with a dining table, three beds and a sofa. There is also a television with local channels. There are a lot of places to visit in the area. There's a river nearby about 5 minutes awaythat is easily accessible.

Crystal Beach Resort | San Narciso, Zambales

Look for ate Gloria if you want to stay in a picnic cottage while you relax by the river. There's a beach 10 minutes away, but the water is not ideal for swimming. You can go to the town proper of Morong through the other gate to visit other beaches. Overall, I would recommend this place for a quick weekend getaway or a quiet retreat to nature. The place does not want for a cool breeze and mosquitoes.

Tony was very accommodating as well as his caretakers who attended to us very well. I went with a friend and expected to share one suite but was instead given one each! Toiletries and a towel was provided, sheets were clean, the place was very clean. We also requested for late check-out at 3 pm since we needed time to rest after the race we joined and we were gladly accommodated.

We deliberately missed our free breakfast since we had to go out for our race at 3am and did not want to disturb the caretaker but they saved our food for us until after the race. All good words for Tony and his suites! As indicated in the listing, the place was off the beaten path and ideal for rest and relaxation.