Dashing whippets track meet 2012

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dashing whippets track meet 2012

Meet Record: # Crystal Cox, North Carolina Elite Name .. m Meet Record: # m Zara Northover, Central Park Track . Club Northwest 2 26) Dashing Whippets Running 1 26) St Jane's Track. Meet Record: # Jerome Bascom, Central Park TC Club Northwest 2 26) Dashing Whippets Running 1 26) St Jane's Track. Dashing Whippets, NYC Running Clubs. Our workout with them was a doozy. As the sun set over the East River Park Track, the Whippets.

Best tool to have at any race: This is a big race and there will be a lot of spectators along the course and having them scream your name will make your race times better. If you are used to racing with headphones, bring them. I sometimes leave them on my ears with the music offand turn them on only when necessary.

dashing whippets track meet 2012

Once you are in the West Side Highway, and if it gets a little monotonous for you, go for it. If they are not the adventurous kind, they could see you anywhere in the park, always on your right, and then head over to the finish. Otherwise, there is an insane amount of combination of spots they can see you at. A cab would be messy as traffic will not be open in many streets so the trains are better!

Call ahead to see if they are open at 9 or 10 am so they can wait there and be warm! Send them with something big: Tell them to get comfy shoes, really warm clothes and bring food. It will be an early and long morning for them too!

dashing whippets track meet 2012

FORCE all your friends to come watch you. Then make a little-tiny list you can carry in your pocket Example: If you need a short run before the race, go to Central Park. I write them in my hand where I am sure I will see it.

You will have to enter the park through Sixth or Fifth Avenue. Yeah, I like it. Well, Tessa, thank you for being on The Zip today— Tessa: And then I really took a number of years off. And then, about six and a half years ago, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to train for a 10K, and I said sure, and so I did that, and I sort of just caught the running bug. And then I decided that I would train for a half-marathon, and I did that, and I was really, really hooked at that point.

And up until then, I had just been running on my own, but, you know, I realized it would be really nice to have some company for those longer runs. So I just did some research online and tried to find a local running group, and the Whippets at that time were primarily based out of Manhattan. They would do their workouts in Central Park and on the East River track, but they were just starting to do some workouts in Prospect Park.

So I met up with a few people—I remember my first practice was in the winter, and it was snowing, and we were doing hill sprints up this slippery hill [laughs]. It was very dramatic, and I was feeling really winded because I had never done hill sprints before, and I was trying to keep up with some guy. Yeah, and you feel so much better, too.

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I tried a few weeks ago when I was visiting, actually. Well, most days I run in Prospect Park. So when I go to practice at night with my team, with the Whippets, we run in Prospect Park. So a lot of the running that we do on the weekends is along the waterfront because I live in Brooklyn.

So you can sort of run along the waterfront and then cross some bridges into Manhattan, or into Queens. And that is usually a clear route. But, you know, like the Brooklyn Bridge: So you might want to avoid that bridge and maybe take another bridge instead.

And then the parks are really, really great: A good hill, but not a killer hill, either.

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How did running with a group change the experience for you, and maybe running with the Dashing Whippets in particular? I mean, I really enjoyed running for the six months, or so, that I was doing it on my own, but when I started running with the Whippets I just really felt a larger part of this community.

The team in itself is a community, but also the running community in New York City is really strong and powerful. So what is a Dashing Whippets story that you think encapsulates the spirit of the team? Like, what have, maybe, you and some of the other team members gone through together that kind of encapsulates what you guys are all about? Some of my most favorite times are— once or twice a year we get this huge snowstorm.

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So when are we going to run? So I really like that. Yeah, I love that. Well, at 4am on Saturday it was finally time to check out the hype. After a long ride on a 5am local train packed to the gills with runners I arrived at the Brooklyn Museum. I honestly could not believe the number of porta-potties not all the runners were there yet--soon I couldn't believe their numbers. It felt more like a big city marathon than an outer-borough half. Before I get to the meat of my race report let me say a big hats off to NYRR for putting together a really well-run event.

The start corrals on Eastern Parkway Somehow I found my teammates though I missed warming up with them because I had to wait in line for one last bathroom visit. After a brief warm-up on my own I made my way to the corrals.

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There may have been runners but since I was in the first corral with a bunch of my teammates it was easy enough to find folks. I even saw one of my running buddies, Bobby, who was there to cheer. Unfortunately I missed him on course later.

After a string of local politicians told us to "run smart," it was time for the start. Several of us had decided to go out at between a 1: This was pretty conservative given that most of us have PRs several minutes lower. The first mile of the course is a mix of gentle downhill and uphill. I felt okay but not great--it wasn't effortless like the way I felt the last time I PR'd in the half.