Dependapotamus meet

Why "Dependapotamus" Needs to End

dependapotamus meet

The traditional Dependapotamus, the overweight, always-pregnant, dating a chick that meets a certain number of items on the checklist, the. Why “Dependapotamus” Needs to End probably heard a few terms like Tag Chaser, WestPac Widow, OSMW (overly-sensitive military wife), and the infamous Dependapotamus. My husband and I met at Fort Devens, MA in February The dependapotamus is an endangered species, if not extinct. Although something tells me they didn't take the time to meet and learn who.

She is receptive of his advances since she can tell he is in the military by his high-and-tight and slim physique.

Why “Dependapotamus” Needs to End

Joe, desperate for companionship, is willing to overlook the many physical and character flaws this woman obviously possesses and instead focus on her not so unsightly features, justifying to himself that he can at least pee in her butt until he finds someone better. Oh, poor naive Joe, he thinks this devious wench will just let him leave that easily.

dependapotamus meet

He is lonely; she is a decent fuck with a warm vagina, and he is making okay money. She knows that military men have health insurance and if she can lock one down into marriage, she can get it too. Something her trailer trash roots would never have thought possible. Joe is getting sick of living in the barracks and in its twisted logic,the military rewards service members who make poor decisions in their lives, such as getting married with a pay boost called Basic Allowance for Housing BAH.

Simply by getting married to some random whore, Joe can nearly double his pay for doing the exact same job.

dependapotamus meet

Little does he know that the Dependapotamus has made the decision for him. She is now pregnant with what is supposedly his child. She paints a fancy picture of the beautiful life they can have together and how she will forever support him.

She spurts out child after child.

Army NCO watches as self-proclaimed "Dependapotamus" humiliates her husband | RallyPoint

What about her dreams of going to college? They were all a ruse to make her seem like she has real ambitions other than being a leech. She quits her job at Wal-Mart and never gets another, claiming to be too overwhelmed by the children. She often cheats on Joe while he is doing a training exercise in the field or while he is deployed. He is trapped in the military for the next couple of years, working hours a week for what now seems like shit pay since his ogre of a wife spends it all and has maxed out his credit cards.

The Dependapotmus: The Military’s Parasite Problem | Thought Catalog

He gets treated like shit at work and gets treated like shit at home. Joe sees no way out. He only joined the military because he wanted to go to war and kill people, then so he could go to college using his GI Bill.

dependapotamus meet

He is forced to reenlist for another four years. How else is he going to support a wife and three kids who may or may not be his?

One night he drinks a few too many with his boys back in the barracks and comes home drunk out of his mind. These "dependas" are contrasted with "true" military spouses, who are painted as thin, unerringly loyal, hardworking and grateful enough to stay blessedly silent about the downside of military life. They marry for the rank and the benefits. They don't care about the [service member]. My husband's ex-wife is a Dependa.

He's fighting for our country and she's in bed with his best friend. In an emotional phone conversation, Ann explained that she used to run a dependa-shaming site where she mocked other military wives for all manner of perceived sins, including ingratitude and even ignorance of how the military health care system worked.

dependapotamus meet

A dependa "lacks an identity of their own and rides the coattails of their significant other," the manager of the Dear Dependa page said in a Facebook chat while wishing to remain anonymous. What changed, she argued, is that "military spouses started speaking up and trying to get what they feel is their due.

dependapotamus meet

Buckholtz theorized that politics has contributed to the rise of the "dependa" meme. During her stint as first lady, Michelle Obama was heavily involved with Blue Star Familiesan organization that's dedicated to empowering military spouses.

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