Detective conan meet heiji

detective conan meet heiji

[edit] Background. Heizo Hattori is the highest ranking officer. Title: Diplomat Murder Case. Japanese title: 外交官殺人事件. Kazuha Toyama (遠山 和葉,Tōyama Kazuha), also known as.

Let's go back a few days ago. Ya see, Kudo had a date with Nee-chan at this theme park called, 'Tropical Land'. Ya don't know who's 'Nee-chan'? Kudo's gonna punch if I say the word. Kudo witnessed a weird deal goin' on but he didn't realize that there's someone behind 'im.

How should I say this? Let's say, 'smacked' Kudo's head and Kudo fell on the ground. He was forced to drink a strange drug that would thought to kill 'im. But it had a strange side-effect: Kudo shrank and turned into a 7 year-old boy, well, specifically, into his 7 year-old body. Now, he goes by the name 'Conan Edogawa' and lives with Nee-chan and her father, Kogoro Mouri-occhan!

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Now, I'm gonna tell ya some things that happened during my free days. Well, since I had nothin' to do, I decided to visit 'im. Also, I was able to leave without Kazuha knowin' my plan.

So, I went to the train station and off I went to Tokyo. After reaching Tokyo, I took a taxi ride from the station to Beika Street. When I reached that place, I decided to look for Kudo's place.

detective conan meet heiji

After a few walks, I found the place. Mouri Detective Agency Yeah, that detective agency is the very home of little Kudo. I went upstairs and knocked on the door.

detective conan meet heiji

Then, the person who opened the door was Nee-chan. She was wearin' an orange apron over her red T-shirt. She was also wearin' a blue skirt that reaches her knees. Then, I noticed that someone's on the couch readin' a book.

If it isn't Kudo. He glared at me for some reason.

detective conan meet heiji

I smiled at him and he turned away. Then, I heard Nee-chan chuckled.

Heiji Hattori

You wanted to talk to Conan-kun, don't you? I grinned secretly then, I looked at Nee-chan and raised my hands. Visit to mermaids Edit Heiji along with Conan, Ran, and Kogoro visit the Isle of Mermaids looking for Saori, who had sent a letter to Heiji and Kogoro asking them to save her from being killed by a mermaid, but when they try to look for her she has been reported missing.

detective conan meet heiji

Conan and Heiji investigate the area and history of Mermaids Grave, a forest on mermaid island. They learn that an elder who is over years old is a holder of the arrow and the head of the festival. While investigating three murders occur.

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Conan reveals to Heiji he knows who the murderer is and to meet him later, but later he and Kazuha fall off a cliff but later it seem that Heiji had saved both him and Kazuha.

Heiji's parents got invited but they both got colds and can't go.

Heiji decides to invite Conan, Ran, and Kogoro to come to the party. Three famous athletes from America are going to be there also. Once Heiji told Conan who the three athletes are, Conan accepts the invitation.

Suddenly, the news reporter named Ed McCay who was invited to the K3 Restaurant asks that isn't Japan the home of many scandals, and mentions that K stands for "kitanai" meaning filth.

detective conan meet heiji

He's a reporter that specializes in exposing famous athletes' scandals. He exposes the athletes taking illegal drugs, playing fixed games, and having affairs. Ed McCay later gets murdered, but Heiji and Conan solves the case. Heiji's jealousy Edit Heiji invites Conan to his kendo tournament but a drunk man named Atsushi Tarumi is found dead in the storage room.

Heiji comes to investigate only to find that the body had somehow been moved to the shower room without anyone noticing. While Heiji was investigating, Kazuha suddenly appears asking Heiji to come back and take part in tournament and told him that Shinichi Actually Conan, with whom Heiji was talking using the name "Kudo" would solve this case before him, which made Heiji jealous and he told Kazuha to not to tell anything about this case to Kudo.

Heiji and Conan pair up to solve the murder. Heiji is shot in the belly apprehending the murderer, but refuses to let the murder kill himself.

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When Kazuha worries, he suggests that they may have to sleep outside, curled up together for warmth. They run into an American photographer, also lost.

The Spider Mansion has a history of people dying in the storage room, a former Temple to a slain Spider Demon, defeated by a Puppet Master. The Detective of the West was invited to come, and given a stack of bills. He came to return the bills. Heiji gets hit over the head and was tossed overboard. During the school play which Ran was the lead princess, Heiji disguises himself as Kudo to throw Ran off track, making it appear that Conan and Kudo are in the same place at the same time.

When a murder happens in the audience, Kazuha ruins this, seeing through the disguise easily. Heiji then helps Kudo with the deductions, acting as his assistant because they are in Tokyo. After Kudo collapses, Heiji gets on the microphone and asks the audience to keep the days events secret because a murder at the school would start up rumours. She faces the murderer, who is wielding a katana.