Did dr rey hayley meet

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did dr rey hayley meet

Jessica, who is married to Dr. David Amron, takes full advantage of While David seems happy to perform his wife's procedures, Dr. Robert Rey adopted a more reluctant tone Hayley went down the laundry list of body parts that she's had made over. "I have to say it did not go smoothly," Jessica said. In Season 1, plastic surgeon Robert Rey's bustling business keeps him away from home, while dental surgeon Kevin Meet the Doctors. 21m. Dr. Rey gives a tae kwon do classmate a butt lift. Hayley opens up to the other doctors' wives. Dr. When she returned home to tell Dr. Rey that she really wants to develop a chance to do, and a few years down the road, you just might meet a guy . - hayley rey talking about how robert didn't have any kind of rules.

How did you and Robert first meet? I was fed up with the winters in Canada and also wanted to take one year to see if my dream of becoming an actress could be a reality. So, I packed up and moved to LA. I was filling out paperwork with the landlord of an apartment building when he told me that he needed to make a copy of my passport to complete the rental process.

He said he had a surgeon in the building who had a fax machine that could make copies. Of course that surgeon was Robert!

He showed up in the rental office to meet me but, to his horror, I was there with my mother and brother who were helping me with the process.

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He gave his business cards to each of us, but on mine he had written down all of his personal numbers. I had been in Los Angeles for all of two days and had already met my future husband! How did he propose?

did dr rey hayley meet

Robert took me to Brazil and proposed under Christ the Redeemer in Rio. It was such a wonderful surprise. What is your passion in life? My dogs have become the loves of my life.

They do so much for humans — aside from just being wonderful companions, they also assist in police work and rescue missions.

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I have always been attracted to dark-haired, rebellious, gorgeous, quirky types MC: Your husband is seen by many as a rebel. How would you describe him? I also see him as a rebel, but in a good way. In medical school he almost got into trouble for showing emotion for a hospitalized old woman who was sad because she was dying alone and no one from her family ever came to see her.

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When the end was near, Robert brought her flowers and stayed with her for a while and she was so happy and grateful. But he was told to never do anything like that again. Rey, 43, who stars in the E!

While a good woman supposedly stands behind every successful man, three unforgettable females stand behind Dr.

did dr rey hayley meet

Rey who admits to being extremely fond of the fairer gender. His mother did what few matriarchal things she could to hold a poor, dysfunctional family together despite an abusive father. But she instilled a serious work ethic and love of religion into Robert and his siblings and, later, came to the U.

did dr rey hayley meet

Hayley did course work for a degree in finance from McGill University in Canada. The third female influence is his three-year-old daughter Sydney who, he says, taught him unconditional love. For, it seems like the right things have always happened to Robert Rey at just the right time. With that education and training -- and absolutely nothing to lose -- the newly minted Dr.

Rey tossed all his worldly possessions into the back of a beat up Mustang, headed west and rented a tiny office in Beverly Hills. Despite his top training, plastic surgery patients did not immediately flood into his office. And while his tiny Beverly Hills office was only outdone by his even smaller Beverly Hills apartment, fortune still smiled on Robert Rey.

One day, Hayley, a gorgeous Canadian, moved into the apartment next door. She was looking for actress work in Hollywood.