Did michael jackson meet president nixon

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did michael jackson meet president nixon

Michael Jackson (left) meets President Reagan, Elvis (right) meets President Nixon. D.C. to meet with President Nixon unofficially on December 21, and Dangerous Drugs badge, which he did get from the President. Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, – April 22, ) was the 37th president of the United . He did not enjoy the role, and four months later applied to join the United States Navy. . and party officials met in a "smoke-filled room" and recommended Nixon to the general, who agreed to the senator's selection. Nixon's. Reagan's handlers did not want him to meet with Michael Jackson, leader White House photo ops since President Richard Nixon met Elvis.

Other times, the collisions of these two high-profile worlds—one defined by youth and coolness, the other by decorum and authority—have been a little uncomfortable. Here are five encounters between presidents and music stars that were somewhat awkward.

Richard Nixon

So, inwhen Elvis, listless and sullen in his Los Angeles mansion, announced he wanted to go to Washington, D. Elvis was a collector of honorary police badgesgifts from law enforcement agencies with whom he was friendly.

did michael jackson meet president nixon

Schilling soon discovered the reason for the trip was to get a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs the precursor to the DEA. Elvis appealed to the president directly, presenting a handwritten note at the White House gate on the morning of December 21, He pledged his help fighting anti-establishment sects from the inside. The note included his hotel and room number. Two years later, the Nixon administration tried to deport John Lennon.

An aide presented it to him after Presley and his associates ate lunch in the White House cafeteria. After a night of excited talk between the Nixons, the naval officer responded to Perry with enthusiasm.

Nixon flew to California and was selected by the committee.

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When he left the Navy at the start ofNixon and his wife returned to Whittier, where Nixon began a year of intensive campaigning. He was part of the Herter Committee, which went to Europe to report on the need for U. Nixon was the youngest member of the committee and the only Westerner. Also by early Februaryfellow U. Sullivan who by would head domestic intelligence under J. It provided for registration of all Communist Party members and required a statement of the source of all printed and broadcast material issued by organizations that were found to be Communist fronts.

On May 19,the bill passed the House by to 58 but failed to pass the Senate. While many doubted Whittaker Chambers ' allegations that Hiss, a former State Department official, had been a Soviet spy, Nixon believed them to be true and pressed for the committee to continue its investigation.

Under suit for defamation filed by Hiss, Chambers produced documents corroborating his allegations.

did michael jackson meet president nixon

These included paper and microfilm copies that Chambers turned over to House investigators after having hidden them overnight in a field; they became known as the " Pumpkin Papers ". As part of that effort, a " Pink Sheet " was distributed by the Nixon campaign suggesting that, as Douglas' voting record was similar to that of New York Congressman Vito Marcantonio believed by some to be a communisttheir political views must be nearly identical.

If Michael Jackson Was ALIVE to See The 2016 Presidential Election

Truman 's handling of the Korean War. Eisenhower —Richard Nixon's running mate—to their daughters Tricia standing and Julie carried by her fatherWashington National AirportSeptember 10, Eisenhower was nominated for president by the Republicans in My first concert was the Jackson Five. I'm so worried about Michael's mother, she has to be beyond consolable at this time. I'm praying for her and the entire Jackson Family.

Earth has no sorry that Heaven can not and will not heal. Michael will meet up with the Gipper again. This time in the afterlife. Not much coverage about Farrah Fawcett's sucombing to cancer which is a bigger "killer" than cardiac arrest. Only God can judge him Peace June 26, His death saddens me in a way that I am struggling to comprehend. I did not know this man, but he his music profoundly impacted my life.

My preayers are with his family and all the fans mourning his death. WOW, what a rush just living in the era of Michael Jackson. I had a blast listening to his music.

I fell in love with Deborah in the summer of listening to Michael's music. We all will die one day. I just hope that we do it with dignity. I hope and pray that Michael died with dignity. I hope that society treats his memory with dignity. I cried yesterday and will probably cry today because of what he meant to me.