Die hard with a vengeance bomb scene on meet

Top 10 Wire-Cutting Bomb Diffusing Scenes in Movies

die hard with a vengeance bomb scene on meet

Die Hard with a Vengeance is a American action thriller film and the third in the Die Hard Though McClane locates the bomb and throws it off the train, it still detonates, derailing the train and sending it As McClane and Carver regroup with the police, they are met by FBI agents, who reveal Simon is Peter Krieg. Die Hard with a Vengeance () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Behind the scenes Die Hard with a Vengeance. Portrayer When the 1st bomb went off at the Bonwit-Teller department store, Walter Cobb and the rest of the.

The Rock introduced Goodspeed in his element, however, and showed just what the guy could do when chemical agents, explosives, and a shortage of time were involved.

Agent Goodspeed was called in to advise and examine a package that had been intercepted on its way to a Bosnian refugee camp.

Although the bio-med suits they were wearing protected Goodspeed and Marvin from the gas, the corrosive nature of the stuff ate away at their suits, and threatened to kill them before the plastic explosives got a chance to.

With just a few seconds to spare, and with water raining down upon him, Goodspeed cut the right wire and deactivated the device, an action that saved the lives of everyone within a one block radius, if not more Christ knows what that Sarin gas might have done if the bomb exploded.

Factual proof that Saturday Night Live characters transition poorly to the big screen as if more was neededMacGruber snuck in a few laughs, but ultimately failed to buoy its premise out of the shallow one-note pool from whence it sprung. The film followed his efforts to track down a terrorist, Dieter Von Cunth Val Kilmerwho stole an X-5 missile with a nuclear warhead and planned to use it to bomb the U.

State of the Union address. Although the film stretched the basic components of its plot and main character to a thin, almost translucent point, as stated earlier, it did have a few funny moments. To his horror, the missile was a jumble of wires and circuit boards whose complicated design mystified MacGruber. As he looked at the mess, and tried to figure out what to cut, MacGruber explained that he was more of a two wire guy, and that the complex nature of the device was a bit much for him.

In the movie, Simon called up the N.

Die Hard 3: Train (Bomb) Scene

A retail shop and a subway train were targeted early on, presumably as preludes to the main threat: Arthur Elementary, and sent in their best bomb disposal man, Charlie Kevin Chamberlinto tackle the big bastard head-on.

The bomb was hidden inside a big-ass fridge, and Charlie bore the weight of his own potential demise along with a couple hundred innocent children on his shoulders. Charlie was a cool customer, however, and almost seemed to thrive on the moment. Earlier in the film, he giggled with excitement as he handled and played with highly explosive substances, something that set the guy up as a man who thoroughly enjoyed his work.

The device he squared off against in the school was massive, however, and the chalk he used to keep his hands dry was a testament to the tense environment he found himself in. Still, it was a tense moment that involved an alleged bomb and some tense-as-fuck wire cutting even if the bomb was fake.

For that, Die Hard 3 and Charlie got a nod. After he received training to cloud the minds of others, and manipulate their perceptions of him, he returned to New York to take on the villainous Shiwan Khan John Lonewho trained under the same master as The Shadow, yet held on to his atavistic qualities. Khan had developed a rudimentary nuclear bomb with the help of a scientist, Dr.

The tense bomb scene came near the end of the film, when Dr. Reinhardt and his daughter tried frantically to access and disarm a cylindrical bomb. This was no easy task, and the round bomb had a tendency to roll when cut loose, which is precisely what happened when they tried to defuse the thing.


The bomb, about the size of a small desk, finally got into the hands of Dr. Reinhardt, who had to remember which wire to cut so as to deactivate the thing. With only a handful of seconds remaining, he cut the green wire, not realizing that he had intended to cut the other red one.

The thing of it was, even though he built the thing, Dr. Reinhardt was colorblind, thus his memory of which wire to cut was flawed to begin with! When Simon gets a riddle wrong, McClane forces him at gunpoint to fire the launcher, which fires the rocket through Simon, killing him.

Top 10 Wire-Cutting Bomb Moments in Film

McClane had been wearing a flak jacket which was the answer to the final riddle: In the DVD audio commentary, screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh claims that this version was dropped because the studio thought it showed a more cruel and menacing side to McClane, a man who killed for revenge rather than in self-defense. The studio was also displeased with the lack of action in the scene, feeling that it did not fit as a "climax" and therefore chose to reshoot the finale as an action sequence at a significant monetary cost.

Hensleigh's intention was to show that the events in New York and the subsequent repercussions had tilted McClane psychologically. This alternative ending, set some time after the film's main events, would have marked a serious break from the Die Hard formula, in which the plot unfolds over a period of roughly 12 hours. According to the DVD audio commentary, a second alternative ending had McClane and Carver floating back to shore on a makeshift raft after the explosion at sea.

Carver says it is a shame the bad guys are going to get away; McClane tells him not to be so sure. The common way of saying it in North America is "cats and dogs". Then he also mentions that he finds himself always riding the "lift" which is the British and European word for elevator, which is used in North America.

When John enters the elevator with the four men, one of whom wore an NYPD badge, McClane clearly starts feeling uneasy and also saw that the one guard behind him on his left was staring at him and grinning.

McClane acknowledges him and asks him how he was doing but the man just kept grinning at him. Earlier in the film, John's friend Ricky mentioned that every time he plays the lottery he plays his badge number; Finally, John asks if any of them played the lottery.

Nobody did, which would seem strange in New York City that out of 4 men there wouldn't be at least one who played the lottery. McClane took all these little hints to mean that all of these men were imposters and not just one or two of them.

die hard with a vengeance bomb scene on meet

The lottery question is also a distraction of sorts: McClane uses it to get the drop on them all and start shooting. How could Zeus be driving by at the exact moment McClane is shot up by the water? It's a suspension-of-disbelief moment of course, but there was a brief bit of dialog between Zeus and John right before John went into the tunnel with Jerry the truckdriver that almost but not fully!

die hard with a vengeance bomb scene on meet

John charges Zeus with going to Yankee Stadium to follow up on a lead from Simon. Moments before that, John tells Zeus to meet him about 20 miles north where the aqueduct being constructed was going to join a larger one. McClane tells Zeus "Ok, I'm gonna meet you right there!

Dying Hard: Matt Revisits DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE

What's mostly unbelievable is that, a while being shot up by the water, John would come out at that precise spot when the tunnel is miles long, and b Zeus would have seen him or be driving by at that exact location. How does the movie end?

By picking the locks on their handcuffs with a splinter of cable, Zeus and John escape the tanker just before the bomb detonates. Later, as they have their wounds tended, the police call for dredges in order to start salvaging the gold from the ocean floor.

John tells them not to bother and informs them that there was no gold on the tanker, so Simon must have moved it elsewhere, and no one knows where he's gone. Admitting their defeat, Zeus tosses a quarter to John and tells him to phone Holly. John places the call while taking some aspirins from the bottle that Simon tossed him. Before Holly can even get on the line, John notices a name on the aspirin bottle that reads "Nord des Lignes", the name of a huge truck stop on the U. John and Zeus in helicopters lead a raid on a nearby warehouse where Simon, Katya Sam Phillipsand their platoon are celebrating their success and distributing their gold.

Simon sends all the trucks scurrying for Nova Scotia while he boards a helicopter and attempts to shoot down McClane. Zeus' helicopter gets hit, and he's forced to land, and John's helicopter follows suit.

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Zeus can't get his seatbelt unbuckled, so John tries to distract Simon, who comes bearing straight toward him. With only two bullets left in his gun, John is able to shoot down a power line. The line gets caught in Simon's copter blades, and the helicopter explodes. In the final scene, John and Zeus sit together on the curb waiting for the police to arrive, and John remembers his phone call to Holly that got interrupted.