Downshift meet november horoscope

Your November Horoscope – The New Potato

downshift meet november horoscope

Pisces Horoscopes. Pisces Daily Horoscope Pisces Monthly Horoscope While everyone else is downshifting and getting ready for a holiday break, you're all desired meetings, power lunches and casual meet-and-greets on the books. Your weekly horoscope is here, courtesy of the AstroTwins. With Venus in Cancer, talks could turn to cohabitation, meeting the parents, or making babies. Mars is in to meet. Downshift. October 23 to November You could meet like-minded or inspirational folks at every turn; the "trick" is to Allowing yourself to downshift isn't a "cop-out": By limiting your.

Expect plenty of opportunities to connect with brokers and create passive income; or join with a savvy partner. Someone might be checking out more than your portfolio. A former flame might turn into a trick birthday candle that never blows out. Guard against identity theft. A bonus or remuneration is coming in soon.

downshift meet november horoscope

When all signs point to yes -pull the trigger. Merge your superpowers with connected people as a formula for success. November marks the beginning of a fabulous love year.

Instead do something special that has a sentimental meaning. You can meet someone who really gets you. Polish your skills, and earn a living making a difference. Hire assistants and inject healthy rituals into your routine.

In love, cross-cultural chemistry could ignite. Get on with your life. Change is in the air. So, find a healthy outlet for anxiety. Be focused on finances, which may be impacted by a large expense or change in investments. Sexual chemistry heats up -and progresses, quickly. Jealousy and obsession emerge too. Ride this one out. Your sweetie could initiate a dialogue that shifts the relationship. The point of joining was to grow and expand, not feel held back.

Put off hot-button issues, as one of you may be too subjective right now. Pursue your career fearlessly.

downshift meet november horoscope

If presented with a opportunity. Do you need to balance your give-and-take with people? Have this reality check before you go all in -or pull out.

You may become a sought-after influencer. Think about what message you put out. Be careful about slips of the lip they could make your beloved jealousy.

This is your most prosperous financial year in a decade -but expect faux pas with colleagues. Enjoy a happy holiday season. If perfectionism flares up -counter with self-love.

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Surrender, allow things to unfold organically. Remain proactive and all your romantic needs will get met; pregnancy is possible. If your relationship is just gaining momentum, give it a little nudge to see how open your partner is to some of your suggestions.

How happy are you in your current digs? Monday brings a rare conjunction of the ego-driven Sun and peripatetic Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius and your foundational fourth house. This meetup happens but once every 12 years, so decisions and events that take place now can have far-reaching ripple effects. Ever since Jupiter marched into your domestic fourth house on November 8, you may have been entertaining fantasies of spreading your wings, relocating or having more personal space.

Your November Horoscope

This could relate to your primary residence, a second home or a way to build more travel into your lifestyle. This transit is in effect for a year, and while it can give you itchy feet, you still want to be practical and far-sighted.

Some Virgos will be content to expand your crew or branch out more culturally. Consider hosting a monthly salon or craft night or starting a serious wine group. Even given your eclectic social circle, you might enjoy making some new friends from more varied backgrounds.

And if they cook or are musicians, all the better! Surprisingly strong emotions may throw you through a major loop on Friday, so do your best to stay grounded. A rare, once-a-year confrontation between gentle Venus in your security sector and unruly Uranus in your intense eighth house could lead you to lose your cool or do something regrettable.

downshift meet november horoscope

Are there some codependent bonds that needs to be severed? Some unrealistic expectations on a partner or love interest? This is an opportunity to take a self-guided tour of your own emotional landscape. Single Virgos can give themselves an advantage by setting the intention to ease up on their critical tendencies.

Give people a fair chance before you blow them off. On the flip side, realize that very few interactions will lead to a lifelong commitment.

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Messenger Mercury will retrograde back in Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, so make sure you mean what you say, or your words could come back to haunt you. That marks the super-rare conjunction of the luminous Sun and expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your third house of kindred spirits.

downshift meet november horoscope

After cursory meetings, follow up with deeper conversations or emails. With adventurous Jupiter lighting the way, you might stumble on a local group or an activity that fits into, or enhances, your lifestyle. This is a great week to get out more, take chances and definitely talk to strangers—which of course is a status that could change on a dime! Sunday turns a new page in your book of love as Venus leaves your sign and sails into lusty Scorpio and your second house of luxe delights until January 7.

This is your annual invitation to slow the pace of everyday life and revel in your earthly senses. By limiting your involvement with outer-world projects, you create more bandwidth to work on your own initiatives.

Schedule a hot-stone or an aromatherapy massage, facials and other indulgent spa treatments. Couples can strengthen your bond by making sexytime a priority. With messenger Mercury retrograding back in Scorpio on December 1 before turning direct five days later, you might discover some new sides to your beloved!

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