Dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

A page for describing Characters: Dragon Age: Inquisition – Mages. Main Character Index | Leaders | Warriors | Mages open/close all folders. Dorian Pavus. Dragon Age: Origins During an argument between Dorian and Mother Giselle, she When meeting with Bull's Chargers, talking to Stitches will have Iron Bull comment .. Chateau Crane Du Gris is French for "Castle Skull of Gray" or Castle . Aug 5, Fanart of Dragon Age Inquisiton male protagonist and his "lovers" with OC Inquisitor and Dorian Pavus Dragon Age: Inquisition - Commission 2 .. totally makes sense bc I can't stand Blackwall for impersonating a gray warden and then . “Warm hug” after the meeting with the Dread Wolf and a furious battle .

Dorian's conflict with his family is aggravated by the lack of siblings who could carry on the Pavus legacy in his stead. Justified by the fact that Dorian's parents hate each other and would have only wanted to spend as much time together as necessary to produce an heir.

By the time they realized that putting all of their eggs in one basket had backfired, it was probably too late. The normally flippant and sarcastic Dorian completely flips his shit at his dad for what the man tried to do to him. Open Mouth, Insert Foot: There's more than a few moments where his tendency to snark at everything results in him not shutting up when he really should. You can refuse to recruit him at Haven if you pick the mages or Skyhold if you pick the Templars. If you do not romance him or The Iron Bull, and take them together often enough, they get together.

Ridiculously talented and of an esteemed bloodline, he uses the admiration he is afforded to make himself an example as he rebels against the Imperium.

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The Paragon Always Rebels: From the Tevinters' point of view. He occasionally makes a Tevene Tevinter language cuss of Vishante kaffas - it means "You shit on my tongue. With Blackwall; though they spend the first half of the game sniping at each other, that changes after the truth about Thom Rainier is revealed.

He and Dorian have party banter in which he urges Blackwall to "let yourself off the hook. I know bad men, and you aren't one. If you gain "Friend" status and don't romance him, he swears his loyalty to you and says he will fight for you against anything, so long as you'll have him. This leads to a sweet moment during the celebration after the final battle, if you did not have Dorian and Iron Bull in the party together often enough to begin a relationship, or romanced Bull yourself.

The Inquisitor with whom he is friends can ask if he still plans to return to Tevinter, to which he replies that he intends to remain in Skyhold for the time being since Tevinter "lacks the presence of my best and only friend.

He denies he ever had any romantic involvement with Felix since that would have meant taking advantage of his mentor's hospitality. He starts out with a fire staff, and it's mentioned in various bits of banter. When confronting his father. You wanted the best for you! For your fucking legacy! The pretty ones are always the worst. Dorian's awfully pretty, isn't he? He's of high rank in the Imperium, yet throws it all away for his ideals.

Specifically, he wants to redeem his country. Near the end of the game, he may discuss plans to return home and improve things as opposed to leaving because you just don't get along - see below. He may decide to postpone this if you're in a romance or on good terms.

Dorian doesn't mention religion often, but if questioned he'll admit that he believes in Andraste and the Maker. He simply views the Chantry as an outdated relic, in both Orlais and Tevinter.

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Screw This, I'm Outta Here! If you lose enough approval with him and make enough decisions of which he disapproves, you will find out he has booked a ship back to go back to Tevinter after stopping Corypheus. He takes misfiled library books very personally - there are punishments for that in some places!

In a few instances. He finds the female Inquisitor's romance with Cullen to be "adorable," and seems to be fond of Cullen as well.

He also approves of the Inquisitor and Josephine, or at least how flustered it makes the latter. He finds the romance between a male Inquisitor and Cassandra very amusing, and commends him for being able to make her blush.

Promotional materials show him using lightning to match Solas' fire and Vivienne's ice. Despite this, all the comments he or others make about his magical abilities are about fire spells rather than lightning ones. His starting staff is also a fire one. Has many of these going on with Varric, including one about the Inquisitor's chances of success - and he's betting against them, which seems to actually scandalize the dwarf a bit.

The Inquisitor can choose to be insulted, tell them to stop, or ask to get in on the action. Smart People Play Chess: Subverted; he's a learned man and plays chess with Cullen, but he cheats.

Cullen still beats him. His wit is driven by his jaded attitude towards his country.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

One of his reasons for being against the Venatori. The Tevinters have a reputation for being megalomaniacal magic abusers that Dorian laments The two hate each other mutually. On Dorian's part, he thinks Blackwall is Dumb Muscle and correctly guesses that, like many Wardens, Blackwall was a criminal or some other kind of social undesirable before being conscripted. He also finds Blackwall's rhetoric about honor, sacrifice and heroics to be self-righteous.

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He mellows considerably after Blackwall's true identity is revealed see Pet the Dogabove. Eventually, they call a truce and try to find some common ground. After your trip into the Fade, Dorian suggests keeping quiet about it. He believes that people aren't ready to know that it is possible to physically enter the Fade, given all of the problems that happened the last time someone tried it.

If taken to the Temple of Mythal, Dorian reacts this way when Abelas reveals that Tevinter didn't conquer Arlathan; the Imperium merely scavenged the scraps that were left after the ancient elven empire destroyed itself in a bloody civil war. Afterwards, Dorian reflects that it wouldn't go down well in Tevinter if it were revealed that their ancestors who established the Imperium acquired their power as little more than vultures picking a corpse clean.

Too Clever by Half: He's a genius and he knows it. Sometimes this causes problems. Regardless of his sexuality, Dorian implies that he and Livia dislike each other for this reason.

After his personal quest, should the Inquisitor encourage him to make peace with his father, he notes that his father made this exact observation about himself and Dorian.

Especially ones that have been hand-peeled and fed to him. Try Not to Die: One of his possible parting remarks to a friendly Inquisitor after finishing a conversation thread in Skyhold. Try not to die; I would notice you were gone. He has shades of this during his party banter with the Iron Bull, who gets a major kick out of teasing him. If neither of them are romanced and they hook up, it becomes even more apparent. This is somewhat lampshaded in the Trespasser DLC where the Inquisitor will comment on how Dorian makes a fuss about the Iron Bull's affectionate gestures when he quite enjoys the attention.

He'll overhear, and then where will I be? He and Vivienne enjoy tearing into one another, but it's all good fun to them. She even defends his relationship with a male Inquisitor to an outsider, according to party banter. He also develops this relationship with Blackwall once each of them come to understand and respect the other's past and motivations.

According to what Cole picks up from Dorian's memories and some dialogue from Dorian himselfhe used to revere his father.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

What Does She See in Him? His initial reaction to the female Inquisitor romancing Blackwall, since he has a less than positive opinion of the Warden - especially his hygiene. Varric calls him a black sheep in party banter; however, given his Defector from Decadence status and the fact that he truly is a Nice Guyhe's really more this trope.

Gareth David-Lloyd "I have seen things in my journeys that most can only dream of. He sees the Breach as an opportunity to finally put his unique knowledge to good use, hoping to challenge a few preconceptions along the way.

He is a romance option for a female elven Inquisitor.

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Written by Patrick Weekes. Above Good and Evil: He refuses to believe in bad and good, thinking that such oversimplifications are precisely what led to the current crisis. Solas is usually incredibly polite and respectful in most situations, so the reveal that his plan to restore the elves involves destroying the world and killing millions is genuinely shocking.

However, unlike Corypheus, he says that he doesn't relish it, feels that he doesn't have any other choice, and deliberately exposed the Qunari invasion plot in Trespasser because he doesn't want the few remaining years the world's population has left to be subjugated under the Qun.

Also depending on the player's actions, he can consider the Inquisitor a dear friend or someone he genuinely loves. He'll refer to a female elf Inquisitor as Vhenan which literally translates to "heart" if he is romanced. For example, where one might see a Pride demon, he simply sees a Wisdom spirit.

Upon seeing a dragon, he mentions admiring the purity of such raw power. All of his efforts to reclaim the Orb from Corypheus fail in the end when it is destroyed in the final battle. Is attracted to a female Lavellan's fighting abilities, which shows in his class specific flirts. Warrior You strengthen your body to deliver and withstand punishment. The muscles are an enjoyable side benefit Solas: Mage You train your will to control magic and withstand possession.

Your indomitable focus is an enjoyable side benefit Solas: Rogue you train to flick a dagger or an arrow to its target. The grace with which you move is a pleasing side benefit. Resolved as of Trespasser: The closest equivalent are the Tevinter magisters - and, ironically, Solas's plan is basically the same as Corypheus's, even with similar reasoning.

Powerful is severely understating it though; from what little we see of Solas at almost full power the myths around them could very well be otherwise true. Am I Just a Toy to You? A potential response to his breaking off a relationship with the Inquisitor. She can scream at him to tell her she was just some casual dalliance, but he can't bring himself to do it.

During banter with Sera, he proposes various ways for the Friends of Red Jenny to be more effective at what they do. Hearing Solas talking about overthrowing political order, establishing a new authority and then "disposing" of the agents that have now become obstacles to the reformation leaves Sera freaked out. Solas seems to have an affinity for wolves, as seen by his jawbone necklace, wall murals, and tarot cards.

Cole asks him what he thinks of wolves, and he says they're smart, practical, misunderstood animals. In The Stingerhe tearfully tells Flemeth that he should be the one to pay the price for giving Corypheus the Orb - but the People need him. Surprisingly, he does not apologize if you choose to attack the spirit while it's corrupted into a Pride demon instead of freeing it from the binding circle. At the end of Trespasser he'll go more into his plans.

These involve destroying the world by tearing down the Veil and letting the magic come back. If you have high approval he'll admit this is a terrible thing, and you have shown him that he has been wrong before. But he feels it must be done. If you state that you will try to show him the world is worth saving, he will all but beg you to prove him wrong. Solas actually is his real name.

Fen'Harel was an insult from his enemies, one that he eventually took as a badge of pride.

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He's the reason Corypheus has the orb that allowed him to open the Breach, but believes himself too important to the fate of the elves to accept death as punishment, so he must make amends by stopping the Elder One instead. Trespasser reveals that Solas was also the one who created the Veil which separates the physical world from the spirit world, the latter of which is the source of all magic. Since elves were intrinsically tied to the Fade, being cut off from it caused them to age and their society to crumble, which left them easy pickings for the human Imperium.

He deeply regrets his hand in the elves' downfall, and seeks to remove the Veil to restore what he took from the elves. He's open to alternatives I would treasure the chance to be wrong once more, my friend. Solas absolutely hates teaespecially caffeinated tea - it keeps him awake and thus unable to enter the Fade in dreams.

Incidentally, Patrick Weekes doesn't like it either. He's a powerful mage, and upon moving into Skyhold, you'll find a note on his desk stating that he's requested at least a dozen books on the Fade, plus more to be delivered from libraries across Orlais and Ferelden. He's suggested to have been Felassan's superior from The Masked Empire and killed him. Cole also makes a comment that suggests this in-game.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

His friend had to die, because he thought they were people. A slow arrow breaks in the sad wolf's jaws. Been There, Shaped History: Solas created the Veil. This, arguably, lead to the downfall of the elves, which lead to the rise of the Tevinters, which lead to the Magisters' invasion of the Fade, the creation of the darkspawn, the weakening of the Tevinters, the rise of the Chantry That one act, all by its lonesome, had more impact on the history of Thedas than any other act performed by any other character revealed in the series thus far, and he's done a lot more than "just" create the Veil.

There's only one thing that will always consistently make Solas lose his cool: Whether these are spirits, people living under the Qun, mages, slaves, or anything else, he will always get heated, and sometimes even outwardly angry about this topic. Beware the Nice Ones: Normally calm and civil, but if something pushes a Berserk Button too hard, he's more than willing to Kill It with Fire.

Also note that his specialization, Rift Mage, is the most destructive of the three. His plan to merge Thedas with the Fade makes him this post-Inquisition. He can be considered this for an Inquisitor who befriended or romanced himas he'll still deeply care about the Inquisitor and act respectful towards them, but that doesn't stop him from plotting to destroy the world to restore the elves.

With a romanced female Lavellan near the end of Trespasser, which he uses to remove the Anchor and save her life. He occasionally speaks in full Elvish unlike most elves, who just pepper a few words here and thereand rarely bothers to translate this.

You can learn a bit more about him if you take the time to translate it yourself. You can also catch him altering the translation of some phrases.

A mild example, as he's not terribly fond of other elves. He particularly disapproves of the Dalish, though he's not one himself. The reason for this ends up being that he feels current elves are mere shadows of what they once were.

Born in the Wrong Century: Listening to Solas talk about the ancient elves gives one the distinct impression that he feels everything was better then, and he frequently mentions seeing it would be spectacular. It turns out he wasn't born in the wrong century; he's an ancient elf from the days of Arlathan.

No wonder he prefers the past; he was there. He is perfectly happy to break down a comfortable lie regardless of being seen as rude, and prefers people who are genuine and honest. He respects Cassandra for this reason, in spite of their disagreements. Can't Spit It Out: Word of God says that at the culmination of his romance, he was planning on admitting everything, including his true identitybut backed out, and decided to tell you the truth about your vallaslin instead.

Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: During his second romance scene, he very nearly leaves when he decides it would better in the long run not to pursue the Inquisitor, only to be stopped this way and give in. As with Josephine, the Inquisitor's romance with Solas is never confirmed to be sexual, leaving it to the player to determine what they prefer to imagine.

In Trespasser, it is confirmed that Solas would not "lay with [the Inquisitor] under false pretenses," though his phrasing is still pretty ambiguous.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian gray

Is he saying he never slept with the Inquisitor, or that he slept with her as himself Solas rather than Fen'Harel, or denying that he manipulated her through sex and romance? He's the one who originally knows about Skyhold's location, but sets it up such that the Inquisitor appears to "find" it for the growing masses following them, ensuring they look like an inspiring leader rather than someone who just won a heavy Pyrrhic Victory by destroying Haven.

At the Winter Palace, he has himself introduced as "the Inquisitor's elven serving man" and no more, despite the fact that his role in the Inquisition is as an expert in the Fade. For Cole, a little bit. Cole can converse much more readily and more on the same level with Solas than most other people, and Solas sometimes offers translation when Cole gets a bit too metaphorical to understand.

Initially seems to be a Foil to Dorian: But Dorian is not a magister; he is, in fact, a Defector from Decadencesomething Solas greatly appreciates. They bond over magic and artifacts. Played with in several of his conversations with Dorian too; while he approves of Dorian's Defector from Decadence status, Solas also criticizes him for running away from it rather than really trying to change it.

Little does Dorian know, Solas also blames himself for the downfall of the elves, and is working to change it. If you wish to make amends for past transgressions, free the slaves of all races who live in Tevinter today. Then how sorry are you? Ties into his intellectual nature, sometimes even offending people. He also likes it when others are curious. One of the most consistent ways to gain approval with him is to ask questions about everything.

Solas is in his forties. He and Blackwall occasionally have "kids these days" talks. Actually, he's a couple thousand years older, but it still applies. Upon learning that he created the Veil to imprison the Evanuris, and plans to destroy it to restore the elves, the Inquisitor can state that destroying Veil will release the Evanuris from their imprisonment, which would be a very bad thing. Solas merely replies he has plans for when that happens, but does not elaborate. Dark Is Not Evil: He doesn't practice Blood Magic himself, but nor does he see it as inherently worse than any other school.

He draws the line at trying to manipulate the Blight, however. While normally fairly polite, snark seems to be his default method of dealing with people he doesn't like.

Putting him in a party with Vivienne results in some epic Snark-to-Snark Combat. That is correct, Enchanter. I did not train in your Circle. Well, dear, I hope you can take care of yourself, should we encounter anything outside your experience. I will try, in my own fumbling way, to learn from how you helped seal the rifts at Haven. My memory misleads me.

You were not there. Implied in his backstory. It's not clear if Solas was actually one of the Evanuris at some point, but if the statuary and iconography found in Mythal and Dirthamen's temples are anything to go by, he used to be a pretty important guy. He later rebelled against the elven gods and fought to free their slaves, earning himself the name Fen'Harel, and a couple millennia of vilification for his efforts. He was responsible for creating the Veil long ago, sealing away the other cruel elven "gods" His current plan is to restore what was lost by removing the Veil Didn't See That Coming: When he let Corypheus find the Orb, he expected Corypheus would blow himself up unlocking it, leaving Solas to take the Anchor.

He didn't count on his dupe being able to jump bodies. Thus, the explosion that destroyed the Conclave and the resulting Breach are his fault. His joining the Inquisition is his means of cleaning up the mess he's made as much as it is about reclaiming his Orb.

Did You Just Romance Cthulhu? His flustered reaction to Blackwall's inquiry on the subject suggests he may or may not have been intimate with a Fade Spiritwhich are extremely otherworldly by most standards. And then there's the fact that he's Fen'harel, which would seem to make him a Divine Date for the Inquisitor.

While Trespasser reveals that the elven pantheon weren't divine, exactly, their power and age was great enough that difference is troublesome from a mortal perspective. Distinction Without a Difference: Blackwall asks for tips on fighting demons, to which Solas tells him to "survive the first thirty heartbeats". The woman on the cover of "Swords and Shields", gifted to Cassandralooks exactly like Aveline. Lady Mantillon mentions that one of her late husbands died at Chateau Hainewhich is a reference to dialogue between Hawke and a guard during Duke Prosper 's party.

In the Western Approachnear the Giant's Staircasethere's a tower on which these three pirates can be found once again; this time in miniature form. See also further below, Gulliver's Travels. Jade Empire Edit In some dialogue, Cole will make many references to other media, most of which are spoilers. During banter between Cole and Solas, they may speak of a war in the fade fought in the mind of a child, a reference to the companion Wild Flower and the spirits vying for dominance within her mind.

The desciption also contains numerous refereces to the characters of Jade Empire. In the Still Ruinsthere are silver incense burners that have the same design as the focus and chi recovery shrines in Jade Empire. Knights of the Old Republic Edit Cole has dialogue in which he says, "He was their enemy the whole time, but she made him forget, so he could change.

Knights of the Old Republicwhen the player character, Darth Revan, had their memory erased by Bastila Shan so that Revan would aid the Jedi Order against Darth Malak, also because she believed Revan could be changed from their evil ways. In The Legend of Zeldacertain merchants' inventories consisted of the Magical Shield, extra Small Keys, and the Candle, which were displayed in the same order. Mass Effect Edit A krogan head mounted on a wall During Promise of Destruction in the Castle of Caer Oswinin the corridor where you meet Cassandra 's apprentice, go to the eastern end of the hall, and there is a krogan head mounted on a wall.

Orlesian Chateau there is a trophy room. Mounted above two animals on a wall is another krogan head. While in the War Room, Cullen may make a comment about leaving to "calibrate" the trebuchets. Leliana will say, "Again? Similarly, in the Mass Effect series, Garrus Vakarian often talks about how he needs to make calibrations, which characters will occasionally comment on.

Party banter between Varric and Sera includes a conversation in which Varric talks about "reach and flexibility". He may also be talking about Blackwall, whose old name Rainier is hidden inside the persona of Gordon Blackwall, and who is tormented by the memory of the children he and his men killed in the Callier assassination.