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At e meeting of the citizens of Gosport, on the 26th ult. Thank you; you are more generous than a good many of our cotemporaries, who not only ateal from us, but oft times give credit for our articles to another paper in this city. Gurney A Pomroy are the proprietors— Mr. Gurney being the editor. They already have a Republican paper at Valparaiso, but Colonel Cameron is not blaeJIc euough to suit the radicals of Porter county, hence the issuing of this sheet.

By its own acknowledgement, it has been lying about a physician of that county, and has the meanness to make a contemptible apology to the gentleman slandered, under the heading noted above. Holman presiding and A. Th meeting was very enthusiastic. As soon as the proceedings arc furnished us we will publish them, which will likely bo during the coming week.

A company has been formed, with Dr. Ellis as President, for the purpose of constructing a road from Goshen to Peru.

Subecriptions are being taken, payable when the road is completed. The distance is sixtytwo miles. Our former defeats are but the presages of future victory. Let every man fed the importance of the occasion and act ao? The Sullivan Democrat, of Thursday, gives the following account of a burglary at Carlisle on Wednesday night: Last night the railroad depot at this plaee was entered by seine bold robbers, one trunk 1 broken open, sad the safe belong!

Unfortunately for the thieves there was no money in the safe. We hear that a party of females and grown boys made a raid upon a whisky institution in Tetereburg. Swaar, of Owen county, will be a candidate for Secretary of State, before State Convention of the 15th of Flolsten, and others.

They profess to have id no personal malice toward these gentleen, but were acting under orders from highauthority. Their misfortune is, then, that they should have put themselves under the authority of such unprincipled principals.

Williamson will be a candidate for re-election torney General, numerons Patrick Haney, of Putnam r of his selection as the op- fd to the office of Attorne: It is a notorious fact that the prominent movers in, and sympathizers with, the organization spoken of are the blackest of Black Re- publicans. The Hoosier State, after expressing a preference In favor of the preeent site, says: This site is unquestionably a beautiful one for a town, and had the county seat been located there In the first place, there is no doubt in our mind but that a town would have sprung up long since, far more worthy of the name than Newport now is.

Franklin, in Sharpsville, Tipton county, was entered by robbers, on Monday night last, and the safe blown open, from which a small amount of money was taken. The villians being discovered, several citizens started in pursuit. The Democratic State Convention.

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The day is appropriate. Then, as now, certain corporations claimed exemption from taxation. Then a monstrous bank preyed upon the energies of the people, as now thousands of National Banks spread all over the country do. Then aristocracy founded on banking institutions and moneyed corporations sought to bo established. The Democratic State Central Committee have not been in session since the Eighth of January, and they have no idea of meeting, os far aa our knowledgs extends, before the State Convention assembles.

The fellow's lying reference to the Herat. This State hireling made an unprindpled and slanderous attack upon tiie chief editor of the HxRald, when the paper yeas first started, and he has been venting hit envenomed spleen upon him and the paper ever since. Seven thonsand ladies of Richmond and vicinity have appended their naioaa to the petition following, In behalf of Mr. We can not conceal from ourselves, Mr.

President, the fact that Mr. Davis Is now Im- prisoned and held auhfoct to trial for hie life in consequence off being the head and exponent of the late movement la opposition to the authority of the United States: In view ot this, we can not refrain from raising our voices in his behalf, or fail to do all in our power to shield him from consequences caused in a great part, by us and oars.

Woman has ever been the privileged pleader, even for those who have no special claim upon her regard. Te the women of Vlndnis Mr. Davis can never be an object of indifference. Side by side with their loved has, for four long yean, endured the vidsaltudes of a war such as never before was seen.

For us he, without hesitation, aacriilcod all his earthly possessions, and did not fear to subject his life to the grave perils which failure would bring. Apart from the universal claim of humanity which prompts us to plead for all the suffering unfortunate, our prayer for mercy la offered in this Instance with the additional terror ot devoted attachment to the person of our late Chief Magistrate, and of admiration for hla rare Individual worth.

This affection and admiration are the result of hie four yean reel dence In our midst. She is typified in the gentle form of woman. Our hearts teach us that this deed of mercy, performed by you, her chosen servant, would not fail to win her favor and secure her everlasting smiles. As you receive our prayer, may the Ruler of the Universe reoeive yours. Esignals Views of tfce Radical Party la Cc agrees. The radicals base their policy on the assumed interests of the Union and the alleged claims of the negro; but, fortunately for their credit, while even their arguments on this point can not be sustained, it is roundly dodared that theirtrue motives are of a very different kind.

They profess to bdieve that representatives of States lately In rebellion can not be admitted to Congress without danger. They maintain that the people South, though vanquished, are neither reformed nor reconciled; that they are still enemies to the Union at heart, and that the combination of so large a body of the Representatives, with kindred parties in the House, would result in measures destructive of the principles which the war was fought to preserve.

They further assert that the question of slavery hM not yet been so completely settled as to decide the position of the emancipated slaves, and that it is indispensable to obtain sufficient guarantees for bis future welfare before hts late masters are invested with power once more.

These are the the abru; the policy of Fresident Johnson, but they can not be sustained either by the evidence of facts or by fair reason. There ia no fear that the blacks in the South will relapse into bondage; but there is great fear that if the preeent disorganization of the old slave States should be prolonged the negro may be tempted to outrage or extravagance by demoralization and want.

These blacks are four millions in number. They have ceased to be slaves, but they have not yet learned to become working men. At the present they are led by a natural reaction to suppose that freedom means relief from work altogether, and unless the population of the Booth can settle down to regular industry, thia delusion on the part of the freedmen is but too likely to increase. Yet all this while there is no suspicion that the South really contemplates the restoration of slavery In any form, and it is certain that at this moment the hi sex population of the conquered States is in a better position than the white.

The political argument of the Radicals is even leee tenable than that derived from the condition of the negro. The differences between the North and South are manifold, and especially between the South and New England; but the Union always contained these different States, and Congress always included representatives of the conflicting opinions.

That was the grand object by which the carnage and sacrifice of four dreadful years were justified; but it Is now repudiated by she proceedings of those who were foremost in the strife.

If the proposals of Mr. Stevens and his friends are adopted, the Union will never be restored vt all. For an indefinite time to come, one-hatf of its organized territories, and one-fourth of its citizens will be outside Its pale, and even when they are once more inclnded, It will not be upon he original terms. In short, the result of the war will not be the renewed integrity of the Union by the recovery of the seceding States, but simply the rednetion of these States to the condition of conquered provinces.

How ike Western Indians Flgfct. A correspondent describing a recent attack on a Government train, on the Western plains, has the following as to the Indian method of fighting: When a weapon Is pointed at one of them, he shelters himself almost entirely by hanging over the tide of. Dashing suddenly upon a train in this manner, they can discharge a great number of shots before the teamsters, taken by surprise, and encumbered by the care of their teams, can make any organized or effective resistence, and if unsuccessful in their attempts to shoot the drivers or stampede the anialals, they are often able to make good their retreat without loss.

The principal defence against the attack of a formidable nature.

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U to form a corral,which furnishes considerable protection, and cases have occurred where corrals have been besieged for several days. What he said at the Charleston Convention: Break for Breckinridge, chapter n. What he thought when Lincoln was elected: Lincoln, after the South seceded: What he said when he got to New Orleans: What he made New Orleans do: His sad thought on leaving New Orleans: What he got them to do at the North on his return: Although the grass was very wet, the wheel brakes had held during an earlier engine check.

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The pilot was distracted by the apparent brake failure and when he realised he could not prevent the gyroplane sliding forwards he elected to take off. Thinking that he had already moved the control stick aft, he released the brake and let the gyroplane accelerate.

After travelling approximately 70 m, the pilot pulled the control stick back and the gyroplane rolled quickly left, the rotors struck the ground, followed by the propeller; causing the engine to stop.

The gyroplane came to a halt on its left side and, with some difficulty, the pilot managed to force open the canopy and climb out.

The pilot sustained a wrist injury. The gyrocopter was part of the PRA Mentone convention and fly-in. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The personal flight was being conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 without a flight plan.

The pilot sustained minor injuries. The local flight originated about According to the pilot's accident report, when he touched down on the main landing gear, he applied "moderate" right rudder to maintain runway alignment and to avoid slipping. He stated he should have raised the nose to reduce airspeed, but instead he lowered the nose and struck the runway.

The pilot explained that on this particular gyroplane, the nose wheel and rudder are interconnected; that is, the nose wheel does not pivot on a caster. When the gyroplane touched down, it 'jerked" abruptly to the right and tipped over.

The pilot concluded, "This accident was the result of pilot error. There was no malfunction [of the gyroplane, flight controls, or engine]. The pilot was taken to hospital. Having flown for about one hour he returned to land on Runway 27 at Turweston. The wind was from the west-south-west. As the pilot flared the aircraft for touchdown, he realised that he had initiated the manoeuvre too early and that the aircraft was still several feet above the runway and at a low airspeed. He applied corrective rudder and control stick inputs, but the aircraft touched down on the right main wheel before rolling onto its right side where it came to a stop.

His first two solo flights had been made 15 days previously, following a flight with his instructor. On the day of the accident, the student completed one solo flight, had a break, and had then begun flying a further series of circuits, watched from the ground by his instructor. The nose of the gyroplane pitched up and it rolled right until the rotor blades struck the ground before hitting the propeller.

After watching the accident, the instructor commented that a normal landing involves touching down on the mainwheels and then moving the control stick back gradually, to initially keep the nosewheel off the ground as the gyroplane slows. On this occasion the student rapidly moved the control stick fully back and he then lost control. Airframe distorted and propeller blades destroyed" This gyro was cancelled from the UK register on The pilot escaped with minor injuries.

A photo appears to show the gyrocopter with a broken tail and rotor mast. The pilot sustained serious injuries and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

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A rescue helicopter arrived at the scene, currently stabilizing the status of an Austrian national pilot. According to our information, he is in a life-threatening condition. He added that, while in level flight, he noticed that "the trees on the ground under [him were] rapidly getting closer.