Dying to meet you genre

Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road, #1) by Kate Klise

dying to meet you genre

I've had my eye on Kate and Sarah Klise's 43 Cemetery Road series for years now. In fact, I started writing this review almost three years ago. Plenty of fun lurks in this ghost-story comedy when a dried-up, unsociable writer, I.B. Grumply, rents an old house already occupied by Seymour. Genre. Fiction. An Illustrated Mystery Filled with Letters, E-mails, Floor Plans, and Much More!A famous kids' mystery writer, Ignatius B. Grumply, has.

Kate writes and Sarah illustrates and together they tell their stories through letters, newspaper articles, advertisements and illustrations by Seymour, who is quite the artist.

dying to meet you genre

The set up for the first book that gets the series rolling involves Seymour Hope, the eleven year old son of Les and Diane Hope prominent professors who study paranormal activity. The professors purchased the Spence Mansion, built in by Olive C.

Spence, a woman who died without fulfilling her dream of becoming a published author fulfilled. In fact, Olive earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who received the most rejection slips. The Hopes hoped to interact with the ghost of Olive, who promised to haunt her house and the town of Ghastly for eternity or until one of her novels was published - whichever comes first.

However, they find no success and instead go on a lecture tour around the world debunking the paranormal.

Dying to Meet You

Unfortunately, or, for readers, fortunately, Seymour Hope can see the ghost of Olive and they become fast friends. This makes him an embarrassment to his parents and they leave him behind, alone in the house with his cat Shadow, with a stipulation in the rental agreement for the mansion that the renter of the mansion care for Seymour and his cat and return them to the Hopes "if they so request.

dying to meet you genre

Grumply, author of the popular "Ghost Tamer" series of books for kids has some serious writer's block and a bad case of denial when he moves to Ghastly to live in the Spence Mansion and force himself to get his next book written. The deadline to hand it over to Paige Turner is fast approaching and Iggy has already spent his advance, making him even grumpier than usual. When he moves into Spence Mansion he is extremely annoyed to find Seymour and his cat Shadow living in the attic, just below Olive's room in the cupola.

Ignatius, Seymour and Olive get off to a very bad start, with Ignatius refusing to believe that Olive is truly a ghost. However, things change, the fate of the Spence Mansion seems bleak and Olive's vow to haunt the mansion seems about to be broken.

When he gets to Ghastly, he finds his house inhabited by a little boy, his cat Turns out the contract he signed to rent the house included care of little Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow.

You see, his parents think he is And, they are big-wig scientists going on a tour of Europe to present proof that ghosts don't exist. What could be more embarrassing to them than a son who says he is friends with a ghost? Needless to say, Grumply is grumpy that he has to share his house with a boy.

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And the boy and ghost are grumpy that they have to share with Grumply. This book is filled with letters written between all the characters over that magical summer.

Can Grumply make friends with his housemates, and write his book?? I think this is one of the most charming and fun children's stories I've ever read!

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The concept is creative and cute. The illustrations are just as much a part of the story as the text itself. This was fun to read!! There are seven books in this series and I will definitely be reading them all. I think the cutest thing about the story is that all the names are puns: Beans private Investigator and I.