Ebsc swim meet ribbons

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ebsc swim meet ribbons

Find Older Medal Ribbon Pin - EBSC Elmbrook Swim Club Wiscon and more at dayline.info It will be at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, Greens East Road. . along with some nice kitchen upgrades and more. includes a 1 acre lot w/pool, spa, .. the Bernardo Bay staging area off West Bernardo Drive near the ribbon bridge. . there will be door prizes and free EBSC canvas bags with various goodies. ribbons 9 - 16th place relays 1 - 8th place are parents of former Express Swimmers Katie and HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER - PM 5/6/ Page 1 EBSC-WI. Sridhar, TJ. 2. TOSA-WI. Stolpe, Sam L. 3.

By the couple had five children and was living in the conservative Cincinnati suburbs. When First Church seeded a new congregation in the Cincinnati suburbs, she helped launch the Northern Hills Fellowship. With her mind continuing to stretch and yearn for knowledge, her UU activity led her toward deeper religious study. In the mids, with the death of her son Chris, a marriage strained to the point of divorce, and her youngest daughters still in high school, she began taking courses at United Theological Seminary in nearby Dayton.

She lamented to her daughter Sarah that if she did that, she would be 52 when she finished. She moved to parish ministry at the UU Fellowship of Kokomo, Indiana and then to her primary settlement at the Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church of Cincinnatiincluding a once-a month pulpit supply for the briefly existing UUs of Northern Kentucky The Heritage congregation named her Minister Emerita in She was known for her skills in conflict resolution and often facilitated groups in need of guidance.

She became a certified instructor in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and often used this tool with church boards and congregations. Elinor Artman lived out her professional commitment and service to the wider UU movement in manifold ways. In her 80s, Ms. Artman began working on a book about women in Unitarian Universalism. In the introduction she wrote: It has been a half century of great change.

Decades of active consciousness-raising has helped remedy that.

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Women ministers were but a handful inbut byover half of our ordained ministers were women. Completion of the book by friends and co-workers is planned.

Horace Bachelder, died Nov. They served the Atkinson Church, Oregon City, OR, fromwhere Evangeline directed a voice junior choir and often composed music. Under their leadership, the church went from Congregational to Unitarian in They moved to Plymouth, MA, inwhere Horace ministered until his death in Evangeline again directed the Jr.

He went on to earn a B. Neil Bakker was committed to both the larger UU movement and the local communities in which he ministered. Bakker, a sister, Henrietta Weiting, and numerous nieces and nephews. James Marshall Bank, 65, died July 23,after three years of living with cancer.

An active voice for social justice — especially for gay rights and AIDS ministry — he advocated strongly for local inter-denominational cooperation. Sarah Barber-Braun The Rev. A celebration of life was held on August 12 with Rev. Charles Otis Barber The Rev. He was named minister emeritus at both the Walpole and West Volusia churches.

He was survived by his wife Madelyn C.

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Barber and two children, Susan E. Murphy of Florida and John R. Barber of North Attleboro, MA. Madelyn Catherine Harnish Barber, 93, widow of the Rev. Charles Otis Barber died Jan. She was reared in Boston and educated in the public schools there. She married Charles Barber in They reared a son and a daughter. While at Syracuse, she was eligible for honors and was elected to the Pi Lambda Theta honor society for her scholastic accomplishments.

She taught social sciences, mathematics, English and general science for more than 20 years. From toshe was the executive director of the Doolittle Nursing Home in Foxboro. Both she and her husband studied the needs of the aging by attending institutes and seminars. She earned her achievement certificate for management, advanced administration and medical economics from the American Medical Association and the American Nursing Home Association.

While in the St. She was involved in all phases of church life wherever her husband and she served. The congregation recognized her service providing her own ministry to several small churches. And they acknowledged her contributions to religious and civic organizations during her long and fruitful career. She and her husband retired to Deland, FL. Then, after he died there in she returned to North Attleboro, MA and lived in long-term care from until her death.

In earlier years Madelyn enjoyed camping, then later she could be found gardening, reading, being outdoors and clipping articles from newspapers.

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She remained true to her longtime roots in farming and had a deep appreciation for that hard work and the role farmers play in society. She leaves a daughter, Susan E. Barber and daughter-in-law, Charlotte Barber of Plainville, MA; nine grandchildren, many great-grandchildren and several great-great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her parents and her brother, Larry Harnish.

A celebration of her life and faith was held Feb. Notes of remembrance may be sent to: John Barber, 10 Cliff Dr. He worked as an attorney, accountant, and auditor.

Is the God of Success in Your Favor?

He was a member of the Memphis Community Relations Commission. Bartlett, died May 11, in Ft. Laile received her sociology Ph. C, and a lectureship with the League of Nations in Geneva. For the first half of her career she taught on college campuses and the second half was research and writing: This book, in which she explores psychics and psychic phenomena, resulted in more than 90 invitations to appear on TV and radio programs. Most distinctive was her long and extensive collaboration with her husband, who was president of Starr King for nearly 20 years.

The Bartletts created an interim ministry program for the UU denomination. They served in interim ministries in more than 25 churches throughout the US.

She is survived by four children: Wells Behee, died Dec. The crash also took the life of her husband of 62 years. She earned her teaching credentials from Miami University. She taught many years at Franklin Monroe Elementary School. She was a doll collector, an avid gardener and a supporter of the New Madison Friends of the Library. Mary was beloved by an extended family. She was known for her caring nature and her sunny disposition.

Their family says Wells and Mary were best friends who enjoyed traveling together. Behee, 86, died Dec. He was a native of Lynn, MA and a fifth generation Universalist. Wells earned his BA from St. Lawrence University and his M. He earned his M. He served as special education coordinator at Mansfield. He was a scoutmaster and coached his children in Olympic marathon canoeing. He enjoyed classical music, art, literature, genealogy and gardening. The Behees are survived by their five children: They were predeceased by their grandson, Aaron Dean Rawlings.

She is survived by her loving children, Peter M. Bell Mary ; Rebecca H. Kellard; and Alyssa M. Holly was pre-deceased by her son Marc A. Bell, as well as by her sister Cheryl Herman. She was the spouse of the late Hubert W. Bell and the late Gerald C. A memorial service will be held later this year. In lieu of flowers, you are invited to honor the life and service of Rev. Unitarian Universalist Association, Attention: Donations may be made online at: Her husband, Eldred Bemis, died in She was previously married to the Rev.

Wilton Cross and Norman Guertin. The family held a private graveside service in Petersham in the spring. A devoted follower of the renowned psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung, Mr.

Jung Institute in Switzerland. He was also a founding member of the C. Jung Society of Sarasota, Florida. He received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education from the University of Maine in andrespectively, and went on to attain a Master of Divinity from Bangor Theological Seminary in Benner was faithfully devoted to both the larger UU movement and to his local communities. With a strong commitment to preserving and promoting freedom of choice and dignity at the end of life, Mr.

Benner served as the President of the statewide Hemlock Society of Florida as well as of its first local chapter, Suncoast Hemlock. Richard Benner enjoyed foreign films, British and Scandinavian television series, and Civil War history.

A true dog lover, he would often fondly recall memories of his late, beloved golden retriever, Josh, named after Civil War hero and Maine native, Joshua Chamberlain. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota. Berjouhie Berjie Andreassian Bergler, 86 died July 10, She graduated as class valedictorian from Keuka College, later earning a BD in Ministry from Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, again graduating as valedictorian, and as the only woman in her class.

She was Assistant Professor of Religion at Mt. Inshe married Robert Bergler. She joined the faculty of Douglass College of Rutgers University as Assistant Professor of Religion and continued teaching there until her retirement in Even though her work was primarily academic, she often conducted weddings, dedications, and memorial services. In a letter of reference for Rev. Her philosophy of life is wholehearted and all-encompassing; and she is forthwright [sic] in expressions of her thoughts, as well as unusually capable intellectually in expressing them.

John Berquist John Berquist, the spouse of the Rev. Carol Hepokoski, died May 12, of pancreatic cancer, surrounded by his family, at home in Eveleth MN. John was widely known as a folklorist, musician, and storyteller. John had studied cultural geography, and wherever he lived he connected with the local immigrant communities, learning their stories and songs, and incorporating those into presentations.

He delivered historical and musical programs in libraries and community centers throughout Minnesota, State Parks, and celebrations. His passion was the Iron Range of northern Minnesota, where he was born, and to which he often returned. He studied the cultural heritage of the Range, especially the oral history and music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

John was a field worker for the Smithsonian, and the host of a traveling live radio program nominated for an award by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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His hand crafted maple syrup won blue ribbons at the St. Louis County Fair for several years. He and Carol were married in John had a lifelong interest in music, and was involved with bands wherever he was.

He also participated as an active layperson in Unitarian Universalist congregations, bringing music and stories to worship services, leading and participating in choirs, and joining in district activities. He is survived by his wife, the Rev. Notes of condolence may be sent to the Rev. Bicknell, 84, died May 31, in Medina, OH, from complications of a heart attack.

The church and its members were active leaders of social change. Bicknell is survived by his long-time friend Mary Anne Kehoe Ford, his sons, Richard Carmen and Brian, by his daughter, Deborah Leader, and by seven devoted nieces and nephews.

Virginia Bicknell Virginia Bicknell, 78, widow of the Rev. Her children spoke of her as a great cook, one who loved puzzles, and had a boundless love for her family.

I shall always remember her as a smart and kind person who lived with courage and grace throughout her 78 years. Carl Bierman, 79, died January 6, A native of Germany, he emigrated to the US in He taught religion at Missouri State U and was active in the civil rights movement and in the Torch Club in Trenton, NJ; he had a passion for history and also enjoyed astronomy and playing chess. He is survived by his wife Dolores Hart Bierman, three daughters, Natalie, Daphne and Sally, a son, Andrew, and their spouses and twelve grandchildren.

Upon her retirement, the congregation honored her as Minister Emerita. In addition to her large and loving family, the main passions in Rev. Binger is survived by her six children: Suzanne Black, parish minister, educator of the disadvantaged, lifelong musician, and devoted dog lover, died on 10 February at the age of 71 after a brief illness. As a college student, she was bedfast for many months due to a serious spinal injury suffered during a rock-climbing outing.

Despite several surgeries and physical therapy, she was dependent on leg braces and crutches for most of her working life. She was still an athlete at the age of She always had several dogs as pets, and considered the dogs to be family. Holyoke College from to before transferring to the University of Illinois, where she earned a B. Aroundafter several years of conventional life and work in the familiarity of the Midwest, Suzanne headed out to the open skies of Montana in a purple van with a companion, Sam Farmer, to live communally with another couple and their children.

ebsc swim meet ribbons

She earned a bit of income there sewing and embroidering peasant blouses and other clothing. With the ending of that communal life, she soon returned to the helping professions, working as a special education teacher and education department supervisor at the Boulder River School and Hospital in Boulder, Montana, where she met and married co-worker, Dean Dougherty. Her marriage to Dean ended in divorce. Returning to Montana, Ms. In retirement, she and her new husband Gary returned to the desert they loved in southwest Arizona.

Another informal memorial gathering was held in the Tyson RV Park clubhouse of her Quarzite, Arizona, housing community on February Blanchard, 75, died August 18, He was honored this year by the UUMA on the 50th anniversary of his ordination. He was an advocate for civil rights and social justice in his community. He is also survived by two sons, two grandchildren, a sister, and several nieces and nephews.

A native of Chicago, she was first married to the Rev. The Kuchs served the Ft. The Bletzers also served in Woodstock VT. Jeanne was an avid golfer and an active community volunteer in Woodstock. She had been in assisted living for several years following a stroke. She lived out her later years with dignity, despite the limitations of arthritis and macular degeneration.

Notes of condolence can be sent to First Parish in Concord address above. Michael Edward Boardman The Rev. Michael Edward Boardman, 68, died Dec. He had dreams of becoming a dairy farmer, but he soon realized one must have money to buy a farm.

Instead, he entered Starr King School for the Ministry. Despite declining health, he participated in various organizations, converted to Catholicism and regularly attended mass at St. John Nicholls Booth, 97, died Nov.

Will it magically change your situation? No of course not, change takes time. A little trickle of water can carve a canyon. It may not make a difference for you, but you are paving the way for School Counselors to come. I am thankful for the ones who came before me to create a more School Counselor friendly environment in my school. Isn't this what we tell our students? Time to take our own advice. If people aren't educated on the proper title, ratios, and job responsibilities how will they ever learn?

I love this quote from PBIS. If a child can't swim, we teach them to swim. If a child can't behave, we punish them. If parents and teachers don't have suicide awareness or any other awareness we teach them. If parents and teachers don't understand the role of the School Counselor we get discouraged. Ladies and gentlemen, most do not know, we have to teach them.

ebsc swim meet ribbons

Use this week to model for them what it means to be a School Counselor and how you would like our profession to be perceived. It's not self promotion, it is promotion of the profession. So, how will I celebrate? Donuts, coffee and juice for the faculty along with a School Counselor Trivia Game. My partner and I will each have a sheet with 10 "facts" about us, half are true, half are false.

The faculty will have to guess which is which. My partner and I are both new to our middle school so this will be a fun way for them to get to know us better.

We are a Title 1 school and struggle with the effects of poverty for many of our students. What a great way to advocate for the needs of students and show how School Counselors can support them. I ordered card stock at the beginning of the year and got pencils at Wal Mart after the new year for 97 cents for a box of This cute little cheesy candy reminder says School Counselors are the heart of the school.

Hershey's chocolate hearts, 30 to a bag, I had the card stock, used the school copy machine. Another cheesy candy reminder for teachers Reese's cups 34 in a bag, card stock, school copy machine.