Eibach meet 2012 coverage map

Revved Modification Map: Power Thresholds For Tuning Toyota's 2JZ

eibach meet 2012 coverage map

The data recorded in and lead to the discovery of a Higgs-boson . It' ll be hard to cover so much parameter .. U. CHOWDHURY, Univerity of Manitoba, TRIUMF, M. EIBACH, .. Spectroscopic mapping reveals. I've got quite a bit to say about the Eibach event but since I have so much to do this week and still have a bulk of the photos to go through. Impp 01 o eibach honda meet honda civic si Impp 03 o eibach honda meet honda civic EJ Impp 06 o eibach.

Internally, it is sturdy, though the bottom end is near its limits at the horsepower mark. Again, proper tuning is all-important when modifying the 2JZ. So the threshold for upgrading rods and pistons has been reached, and it may make sense to get a beefier crankshaft if you have loftier expectations. Getting the most out of a 2JZ requires many hours on the dyno. To further widen the powerband at higher revs, an intake manifold is a suggested add-on at this stage as well.

Though not totally necessary, most will find that these two upgrades will avoid a drop off at higher revs. Plus, what better way to spruce up an engine bay than with a glossy, hand-crafted manifold?

It seems that, for a street-driven car, there is something of a sweet spot when it comes to power.

Eibach Honda Meet Photo & Image Gallery

One of these pertains to turbo lag. The tires need to be given some consideration at this point. Drag slicks become mandatory above this power level, and they can be hard to come by in the event of a puncture. Sticking to a more conservative setup allows for the use of off-the-shelf tires and pump gas, and offers the driver some peace of mind. Making the power is one challenge, but having a sufficiently-wide powerband is another.

To reach 1,plus horsepower, a seriously big turbo is needed. Here, the GT47 turbocharger dwarfs the engine itself. To improve low-end response, headwork can help the motor produce a little more power off-boost. Refining the head to improve flow is one way to make the 2JZ more responsive. If one intends to rev the car to 9, rpm, the internals need to be lightened to move that quickly.

Though some dedicated drag machines are capable of revving higher than that, most 2JZ engines never spin that high. True, Japan received an updated version of the engine with variable valve timing in latebut even still, the motor benefits from some retrofitting.

Lightweight wheels, and even titanium wheel studs make a noticeable difference. Some of the laggier turbos border on ludicrous.

eibach meet 2012 coverage map

With modern standalone systems, increasing the compression can help the motor make a little extra off-boost and significantly aids response. When it comes to improving upon the stout engine, there are parts which support massive power, and other parts which make that power accessible. This is one example of a piece which serves to support growing power levels.

eibach meet 2012 coverage map

Whether it be through modern ECU tuning or a clever retrofit of the head, there are plenty of ways to make horsepower feel, and perform, more like As an automotive enthusiast from a young age, he worked jobs revolving around cars throughout high school, and tried his hand on the race track on his 20th birthday. After winning his first outdoor kart race, Tommy began working as an apprentice mechanic to amateur racers in the Bay Area to sharpen his mechanical understanding.

He has worked as a track day instructor and automotive writer sinceand continues to race karts, formula cars, sedans, and rally cars in the San Francisco region.

Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Coverage…Part 1…

Things could have definitely been better, and it will get better next year, and the year after that if they plan to do another Eibach. People will complain all they want because people love to complain and talk shit these days. The changes that will be made in the future will be monumental and will improve things ten fold. Wayne, who is a fellow enthusiast such as yourself, had this to say in response to an overwhelming amount of complaints posted on the NWP4Life forums following the event.

First off I was at the event at 6: We blocked traffic, and blocked people from getting into the irwindale event on the other side of the track with the amount of people that showed up.

eibach meet 2012 coverage map

We could only do so much and the best you can come up with is I hope Eibach feels good for making 24k or some shit off of the people who did get in? The event got so big that the police felt that they had to do something to maintain control of the streets as well as the highways leading to and from Irwindale, CA. With all that negative shit put aside, I think the event was great. I got as many photos as I could with the time presented to me.

I was helping the rest of the friends and staff on hand to get everyone situated during roll-in, up to the point when the meet itself had already started. Everybody else worked their asses off the make things go as smoothly as possible and I congratulate and thank them for pulling it off. They worked their fucking asses off and should be commended for their time and effort.

We all wanted to enjoy the event as best we could too… Even though I only had a block of say, three hours to walk through the event and take photos, I was able to get a ton of good stuff.

Like the Wekfest LA coverage, you will be looking at photos from Eibach all week. If you see your car on here, that means I noticed your car.

Blunt, yes, but necessary. I got what I got. Just wait and see… The lamest thing I saw on the Eibach Meet Facebook page was people repeatedly asking if someone took a photo of their car and what people thought of their builds. How unbelievably desperate does that sound? Photos now… May and I arrived early in the morning around 7am to Irwindale Speedway. We were all busy helping out so I just snapped a photo whenever I could and let the camera in the car the rest of the time.

Spotted this red hatchback on Mugen NR10Rs and thought it was pretty clean. They were just spectators who showed up too early and caused traffic. Some guys even showed up early to try to buy a spot, knowing that they were told to show up after They too, parked, and took up space… The two rows of cars getting prepped to go inside to their designated spots… Recently re-released Enkei 92s were a popular choice for many that day at Eibach… I was happy to see a lot of diversity at the event.

Above is the left turn lane that we stared at all morning. There were random assholes who would try to turn into the venue from the other lane as well as people just outright running the red light to get ahead of people. Again, what was the rush?

AutoLife TV Episode 2 Eibach Meet Coverage (Part 5)

Is it really worth cutting your fellow Honda enthusiast just so you could get in a minute or two earlier than them? There was one guy who had to tell his two friends to get out of the car before he could get in though.

His friend had to hold his corner light for him while he drove in… Lee runs his own blog and took a moment to snap some photos while he was waiting in line…. I had no idea how packed it was already until I had a chance to walk inside.