Essie meet me at sunset scrangie

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essie meet me at sunset scrangie

Left to Right: Roarrrrange, Sunday Funday, Cute As A Button, Sunshine State of Mind, Brazilliant & Meet Me At Sunset. Essie Meet Me at Sunset: rated out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 24 member reviews and photos. Meet Me At Sunset Deep Orange Nail Polish, Nail colour and Nail Lacquer by Essie. Create a stunning at-home manicure with the vibrant deep orange nail.

Berried Treasure is a bit more saturated and deeper in tone. Brides No Grooms has the same saturation of colour as Berried Treasure but it's a cooler pink while Berried Treasure is warmer. Watermelon is deeper in colour and Bachelorette Bash is deeper still with a touch of purple. I used 2 coats of all these polishes, but seeing it up close, I should have done a third coat for Peach Daiquiri and Berried Treasure.

essie meet me at sunset scrangie

Meet Me At Sunset vs. Sunset State of Mind Ugh. These reds are the hardest for me to photograph. My camera seems to only see one shade of red, which makes it super hard to show you the differences!

I'll tell you upfront that the only two that look similar in real life are Hiking Heels and Color Binge. I almost wanted to call them dupes, but they are ever so slightly different. Color Binge is slightly brighter than Hiking Heels and Hiking Heels may have just the teeniest bit more red in it, but the differences are so miniscule.

You definitely do not need both. It's much more orange and has a dusty quality. Sunshine State of Mind is a much brighter and lighter orange than all of them. There's 2 coats of all the polishes. Sunset Sneaks This pic is more accurate than the last one. BUT, Fifth Avenue is a dead on dupe!

Polished on the Weekend: 'Meet Me at Sunset' by Essie

All of these polishes have 2 coats. Frock 'n' Roll vs. Cashmere Bathrobe Left to Right: The shimmer in this polish is so densely packed and noticeable. I don't use bright artificial light to take my pictures which can really highlight the shimmer if it's in a polish. Instead I use the natural sunlight that comes in through the windows so that it shows the polish in it's most natural looking state.

In this photo, Tribal Text-Styles is the only one where the shimmer is obvious, whereas Haute TubFrock 'n' Roll and Cashmere Bathrobe you are left straining to see the shimmer since it's more sparse and subtle.

essie - Meet Me At Sunset - Deep Orange Nail Polish & Nail colour - Essie

They have quite different formulas though. Cashmere Bathrobe is a creme polish with silver glitter in it, while Over the Edge is made up of teeny tiny shimmer, kind of like car paint. Still nothing that looks quite like Tribal Text-Styles.

Garden Variety Nothing quite the same here either. Viva Antigua is quite bright and shimmery compared to the others. Garden Variety is totally different and much more blue-toned and Naughty Nautical and Melody Maker are a deeper shade of green compared to Viva Antigua.

Naughty Nautical's shimmer is hardly noticeable where you definitely see Viva Antigua's. Roarrrrange Sunshine State of Mind stands out in this bunch as the most pinky coral.

essie meet me at sunset scrangie

Roarrrrange is much more orange and looks very different from Sunshine State of Mind in person. Meet Me at Sunset is more red. Yesterday I said I wasn't drawn to oranges all that much but there was something about this one that I really liked.

This comparison is showing me why I like Sunshine State of Mind so much. While it IS an orange, the pink in it makes it more wearable for me. The others I don't wear much because they are too orange, although I just picked up Brazilliant recently and hadn't even worn it yet. I probably will now though! Cute As A Button vs. Sunday Funday looks closer but it's filled with little shimmer and Sunshine State of Mind has more orange. High Class Affair vs. High Class Affair is also very opaque and only needs 2 coats, whereas Got Engaged has a thinner formula that needed 3 coats to be opaque.

essie meet me at sunset scrangie

There's also fine shimmer in there. Topless and Barefoot is quite different. It's lighter with cool grey lavender tones.

Stones 'n' Roses vs. Peach Side Babe Left to Right: Stones 'n' Roses is more dusty while Lounge Lover has a more saturated brightness. Peach Side Babe is much more peach and Knockout Pout is more pink and much lighter. After trying this one again today, I feel like this colour is growing on me! I originally said it was my least favourite but after yesterday's photos and trying it on again for this comparison it's totally winning my affection.

essie meet me at sunset scrangie

It makes me like it even more that I don't have anything that looks like it! The promo shots made it seem like they would look close but as you can see they aren't.

Essie Meet Me at Sunset

That makes me super stoked! Not only is Shade On my favourite from the collection but it's also unique to my collection. Nothing is even close.

essie meet me at sunset scrangie