Fantillusion disneyland paris 2015 meet

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fantillusion disneyland paris 2015 meet

According to InsideDLParis on 27th August, Fantillusion may still be running for Christmas - nothing has been officially announced yet. So don't lose hope just. Fantillusion Parade IS NOW sceduled to return for Christmas! . Get answers to your questions about Disneyland Paris Car Park charges in Resort from March ; Travelling by Eurostar to Disneyland. with Characters or Princesses; Meeting Disney Characters and Princesses; Meeting Characters in the Disney hotels. The amazing night time parade. Shot over 4 nights (multiple angles) with full source audio.

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This makes it nearly impossible for vegans to eat something else than salad at counter service restaurants. You have to double check every dish labelled as vegetarian because often it contains seafood.

The choice of vegan plates in table service restaurants is very, very bad. At the Pizzeria Bella Notte Restaurant in Fantasyland, you have the choice between the garlic bread or salad.

What is your favourite ride or attraction at Disneyland Paris? Star Tours was one of my favourites as well. But because of all the details and hidden things around and in Phantom Manor it wins. I am a big fan of the Disneyland Paris hotels!

But I realized that staying at an on-site hotel is a big part of the whole Disneyland experience for me. To pick my favourite hotel is very hard, because all of them have their very own up- and downsides.

After the recent re-theming and refurbishment of the Disney hotels characters have made their way into the hotel rooms. For me the hotels were always something very unique for Disneyland Paris.

They where just great because of their theming. Worst thing about the hotels is the bad quality compared to the very high prices! Most visited and the most memories I definitely have with the Newport Bay Club. I really like the theme, music and atmosphere.

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The size is really impressive and immediately when I see it when going by car I know I have arrived. Now, after the complete refurbishment which was really needed it looks way better. In the aspect of theming and atmosphere the Sequoia Lodge is the winner for me!

fantillusion disneyland paris 2015 meet

All the wood, the gigantic fireplace, the boutique and music is fantastic. I really enjoy to have a walk along the River and through the small forest around the Hotel.

Top 10 things to know before you go

The Disneyland Hotel is of course the very best in quality and well maintained. Also the atmosphere is very special and great. I love to just sit in the lobby listen to the music of Disney movies and smell the Disneyland Hotel scent of course I bought the perfume and my living room is smelling exactly the same. I just can remember one stay at the Disneyland Hotel and it was just great! If money is not a thing I would pick the Disneyland Hotel.

Do you have a favourite hotel restaurant? Even for vegetarians they had some nice things. I also ate several times at the Cheyenne all-you-can-eat which is okay too but more canteen quality. Do you have a blog? Nope, but I think about starting one to collect as much information and tips about vegan and vegetarian food as possible.

fantillusion disneyland paris 2015 meet

Have you visited any other Disney parks around the world and if so do you find they cater better for vegetarians? I think next year I will finally go to another Park. She then explains the importance of the park guide and where to get one. Adrenaline rides at Disneyland Park.

It is time to take the ride of your life on Space Mountain 2! Sophie then briefly introduces the viewers to FastPass. No queues, no worries, no time wasted. Behind the scenes magic at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Animagique — they have given Donald his own show. White Knuckle rides and attractions. Motor Action Stunt Show spectacular — 45 minutes of pure raft up action. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Eat and greet with the Disney characters. Join Suzy and Perla at the Auberge de Cendrillion. To make sure you get a great table at meal times call the Disney Reservation system and book. Restaurants, Dancing, Live Entertainment, Shopping — ooh la la! It is time to take a load off.

Chilling out Disney style. Take a trip to Paris, Day trips ask the concierge to give you a hand. As for now I wish you and your loved ones a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead!