Far cry 3 meet citra crash course

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far cry 3 meet citra crash course

Far Cry 3 Finally made it through and then the game crashed out exactly when I The checkpoint saved is as I meet Citra so I can't craft any syringes. Of course I had another go and made it with only 1 syringe using the tactics here. Wave 3 - Out in the grass area again, start far left and then just strafe. For Far Cry 3 on the PlayStation 3, FAQ/Walkthrough by Edalborez. -Fast travel to Amanaki and meet with Dennis. -Talk to Dennis. -Use the menu . -Explore the island, or talk to Citra when ready for a new objective. There's no .. This is more than enough time even if you happen to crash your vehicle. As we will see, Far Cry 2 and 3 have similar themes with their villains. Once you meet with The Jackal, the player ends up working together with him because Over the course of several missions, during which Jason rescues his remaining Vaas Montenegro, the psychpathic brother of Citra in Far Cry 3.

They won't actually shoot until they see him, but it stretches disbelief a bit. One sidequest has you finding a couple of diamonds kept in briefcases.

Multiplayer character Callum manages to drop a c-bomb a few times during his backstory monologue, despite said monologue being just a few sentences.

Aye, I was the head man 'til I slashed up the wrong cunt. Ignoring the murderous pirates, ruthless mercenaries, all the dangerous wildlife and warrior cultists, the Rook Islands actually wouldn't be too bad a place to live in.

Sums up the ending for Far Cry 3 [Spoiler] : gaming

All the main villains are killed with quick time event knife fights. Press X to Not Die: Failing just one of the QTEs usually features a rather horrid way to die. Invoked on a few occasions so that Vaas is guaranteed the upper hand.

Than Far Cry 2, which itself was darker and edgier than the original. Jason and his friends were about to go home after a vacation throughout Asia when they were convinced by a local DJ to skydive into the uncharted rainforests of the Rook Islands. He sends you out to find an ancient Chinese Knife, guess what you kill him with.

The bad ending, which has Jason being the victim of post-coital stabbing by Citra.

What I Loathe About Far Cry 3

Of the classical action hero. The game takes a good, hard look at how traumatic the transformation from a meek everyman to a gung-ho action hero can be, as well as examining just what state of mind one has to be in to be able to casually slaughter thousands of mooks. Despite appearing on all the commercials and being the more quirky villainnot too long into the plot it's revealed Vaas actually works for someone more terrifying. Hoyt, his boss, gets Vaas to kidnap people so that he can ransom them off, sell them into slavery anyway, and runs a massive drug empire that's also built on the murder of both the indigenous people and anyone who gets in his way.

Depending on the Writer: A rather bizarre case. Jeffrey Yolaham maintained in interviews that the game was a parody of colonialist tropes and the Mighty Whitey idea, that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Other writers, however, talked about the game being a more "Heart of Darkness" experience. This may explain some of the Mood Whiplash. Besides Buck, when Jason infiltrates the pirates several of the soldiers warn him that he's likely to be raped by them. Better pucker that asshole. Folded into the intro in a unique way. The montage of the young adults hanging out with each other and having fun is a collection of videos on a video phone Jason owns, and Vaas is watching it.

Segue into Vaas taunting Jason in a cage with his phone. There's also optional, interactive cutscenes that you can experience after each individual rescue of one of your friends, detailing what Jason and friends were doing at the club the day before they were all kidnapped. The recurve bow can kill most human enemies and herbivores in a single shot, is completely silent, and gets both explosive and fire arrows past an early point in the game, but it has a slow firing rate, limited ammo, and you need to compensate for drop past fifty meters.

It has a short range and if you're not careful you can easily set yourself on fire. But the flames are incredibly deadly, spread over a decent area, and can completely clear out entire outposts and buildings in seconds, and if you craft plenty of fireproof syringes, you don't have to worry about the damage. Killing everyone in an outpost without being seen is tricky to do, especially if you have to deal with dogs and Heavies. It's okay if the enemies know someone's there, just don't let them actually see you before they die.

This still makes dealing with dogs hell without high ground that all of them can be seen and shot from, though.

far cry 3 meet citra crash course

But doing so nets you a huge XP bonus. Vaas's confrontation is built up enough that you'd certainly expect it to be the final battle, what with just how crazy and intense things get beforehand You've got a whole second island to explore after that, with much tougher enemies, a fully-unlocked skill tree and the newly-acquired ability to glide like a flying squirrel, thanks to a wingsuit.

Even ignoring Signature weapons, your starting wallet capacity gives you just enough to buy the. Exploring the northern island and liberating the outposts should give the player enough skill points to unlock most of the second tier of tatau upgrades the moment they become available. Once you master the recurve bow, you can use it to clear all the outposts quietly. As above, it can even kill Heavies in one hit if they are shot at the back of the head.

It is possible to unlock all radio towers and outposts in the first island and craft all items with the exception of those that need to be hunted from Rare Animals in Path of the Hunter before even rescuing your friends. Rape, Female on Male: A woman raping a man after drugging him he is under the influence of hallucinogenics was actually used as a "sexy" promotional image for the game at E3. On the other hand, in-game this is presented as a much less sexy thing, as it's a warning as to how unstable Citra is, however it's never brought up again.

Depending on a choice made by the player at the end of the game. The game sets up Hoyt Volker as this. Everyone speaks of him with fear and awe in their voices. Jason becomes this to the pirates once his reputation begins building among them.

He even earns the nickname " Snow White " from them. Dressing as the Enemy: In the first mission of the South Island, you steal a Privateer recruit uniform and infiltrate their organization. As long as you wear it, Privateers won't attack you on sight, but they'll start shooting if you enter a restricted area or they start seeing dead bodies or hearing gunshots.

Lin Cong, the Ancient Chinese captain whose mystical dagger everyone's after, established several very impressive ones during his reign over Rook Island, complete with subterranean pagoda, Indiana Jones -style puzzle locks, still-functional death traps and whatnot.

The Japanese dug a lot of bunkers deep into the islands during their occupation in WWII, and they're still used to this day by the pirates and privateers. The longer you can stealthy, the more room you'll have to cover for mistakes. Just beyond the waterfall is a pirate, followed by 2 more in the distance. Take their M shotgun and AK Tag enemies from the cliff and proceed below, either jumping down the cliff or taking the low dirt path back to the left. Enemies in this initial area: Between the enemies here, you'll have your choice of additional weapons: Whatever you choose, be sure to fill up on ammo using one of the many ammo crates in this area.

You can go around the back side using the waterway one of the first group of pirates was patrolling. If all else fails, just make a run for the chopper door and you'll be invincible once the next event starts. Once again, you're stripped of all weapons. Strangely you will also be missing the camera this time.

Use takedowns, your knife, and any weapons you find in the nearby huts such as a Flare Gun, C4, and mines. The shack housing your equipment is guarded by a heavy.

Investing in the Expert Archery and Combat Archery skills at this time is recommended. Focus on surviving and dodging attacks. This fight can take a while if you're not used to the bow, but you have infinite arrows. Aim for the head; the best time to do so is after one of his attacks.

Initially he will mainly tilt his head back and attack with a damaging breath; sprint to one side or the other to avoid this. Do enough damage and it will transition to another phase; the Ink Monster will hide while shadowy warriors emerge to attack you. Fight them off with your arrows. Kill enough of them to return to fighting the Ink Monster.

He will now throws blobs from his hands, 4 at a time. As long as you keep moving without aiming down your bow sights you can outrun it easily. Finishing him off is just a matter of time. Time to finish things on the north island. One pirate at the pier, two by a campfire. Beyond that is a larger, more open area: Ignore or deal with them as you see fit, then climb up to and enter the door to the compound. After you emerge from the roof, make your way into the building on the left.

This is probably the best place to defend as you pick off all enemies in the courtyard. There is a caged tiger you can use to your advantage. As you reach the far side of the courtyard, a heavy emerges from the warehouse. After the event, move forward. Once you regain access to a weapon, continue to charge forward and kill or run past each enemy as you see fit. You won't need to use too many bullets on each enemy. Have one last chat with Keith and Oliver before you leave.

This is your last chance to get Relic 1: All main events on the north island are finished; the remainder of the story will be played out on the south island. If you're vigilant about doing everything, here is what you should have after completing all the north island has to offer: This mission has some heavy combat and you can't afford to take your time and be stealthy.

Bring explosives or any other weapons that can kill a lot of pirates quickly. When you're ready, head over to Amanaki Outpost to meet with Willis. Hop on the quad bike nearby and hurry to the location. Once you get within m the time limit will disappear.

This is more than enough time even if you happen to crash your vehicle. Fend off all of the pirates. Willis is harder to defend than previous escorts as he doesn't take cover. It's usually safer for you to take damage and heal it away rather than take the risk of letting Willis die.

A mounted gun is available near the plane, but pirates will start pouring in from angles it can't cover after the first wave. First wave from the south, allowing you to use the mounted gun without fear. The last wave approaches from the south and west, with one heavy included west and two from the north. You now have the wingsuit and parachute. This is essentially like being able to use a glider whenever you want.

Never be afraid of long falls again. Glide to the indicated location. As long as you deploy your parachute before you touch the ground, you'll be fine. Don't worry about needing to slow down or things of that nature. On the beach ahead you can spot 6 pirates and a caged tiger. Easy pickings after having been through the previous missions. Don't worry if you still haven't played poker. You just need to play a hand, you won't need to win. This mission will require stealth and not much else.

It is strongly recommended that you complete this mission before you set out and explore the south island; you will be getting something that will make your travels easier.

You need to stay undetected and you are unable to kill any enemies. The only tools you can rely on are your camera, rocks, and skills.

Use a rock to distract the lazy privateer sitting in a chair, then sneak past him and down the stairs. Once you're all the way down the stairs, you'll be in a U-shaped cave with one privateer patrolling. Wait for him to turn his back and follow him into the next room with another privateer. Hide behind the leftmost boxes until the other privateer leaves the room.

Head right west and drop down to the next level below. Once the moving privateer stops, throw a rock at the other side of the room and sneak by. The next room is empty. Two privateers are outside: Hide behind the leaves in the room and use a rock to distract the first privateer. Walk behind the waterfall to elude the second. Continue down the ramp and back indoors. Proceed into the next room. Tag two privateers on the left, then duck into the marked bushes to tag four more below, including two heavies.

Hug the east wall of the room to get past the first two privateers, then sneak under the ramp to avoid the rest of the room. Dive into the water and start swimming. Climb the ladder up to the boat's deck, then takedown the recruit. You now have the privateer uniform. Privateers will not attack you while wearing this unless you provoke them first, whether by attacking them or being seen attacking another privateer.

Certain locations like outposts are still restricted; privateers will shoot if you are caught in a restricted area. You will also be able to fast travel to several camp locations on the south island.

Take your time and tag every enemy in the area before you start to make this process easier. You can identify VIPs at a glance by their yellow caps and lack of body armor.

There should be 13 privateers in the area to tag: Also a caged komodo dragon. Work on lone enemies first, and no more than 2 at a time if you have Chained Takedown. Heavy combat in this mission with minimal opportunities for stealth. Gear up before you meet with Sam.

Unlike the previous examples, Sam can usually take care of himself and stays indoors while you handle most of the pirates. For the last bomb, you'll have access to a mounted gun. Take advantage of it, especially for the chopper that arrives at the end.

far cry 3 meet citra crash course

Use the zipline atop the ladder to cross the gorge. Repeat on the other side. Resist the temptation to kill these early privateers. When you get to the top of the guard tower, use a takedown on the napping guard. Look to the bridge off in the distance. You'll need to take a picture when prompted. Find an RPG and shoot their 4x4. If you left the sleeping guard alive, all remaining privateers will go hostile and sound the alarm.

In any case, take the zipline and follow the objective marker to a RPG.

far cry 3 meet citra crash course

Use it to destroy the jeep on the bridge. Then get ready to fight your way through to the end of the mission. More privateers will appear as you go. You don't need to rush to the boss; take your time and use cover as you slowly advance.

From the point where you get the RPG, go south across the gorge and make your way to the highest point to the east farthest from the bridgewhere there is a zipline. From the north side, continue to another zipline.

After that it's a straight shot to the bridge. Jump and glide to safety with your wingsuit. Enemies will be packed in tight groups for much of this mission, so explosives are recommended more than ever.

Stealth isn't required for the outdoor section of this missions so whether you go loud or quiet is up to your preference. If you prefer stealth, the north cliff face can get you most of the way in without any guard presence.

Two heavies guard the door into the comm center. If you're sneaking from the north, you can wait until the patrolling heavy turns and walks south, then plant the explosives on the door from behind the stationary heavy. The path inside is mostly straightforward. More enemies spawn as you head further inside.

Hole up in whatever room you're in until all current enemies are dead. While walking across the bridge you will see three visions of you and your friends and their possible, sad, present. At the end of the path, you will find what appears as ancient knife. This is the item Citra is looking for. Top of the hill house entrance. After the hallucinating session you will wake up and realize that Dennis is making you a new tattoo, for the recognition of what you have survived.

far cry 3 meet citra crash course

After you have told Dennis about your dream you are sent to find that ancient knife. Miroslav Popovic aka Lokesh Lokesh still remembers Purra, the cat from Aion, and how finding her and helping other players by spreading the information made him feel proud.

Presenting precise and clear guidelines that readers can easily comprehend is the goal he strives for.