Fj cruiser meet up

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fj cruiser meet up

A set of Black Rhino wheels made this Toyota FJ cruiser even more virile It's a truck that's up for any offroad challenge, but it's also got classic. Last week the very active Colorado FJ Cruisers group put together an awesome meetup over in Golden, CO at The Rock Rest Lodge. Thousands of photos were . Colorado FJ Cruisers Meet N Greet & RSG Offroad Open House. Come see the guys at RSG Offroad & pick up your Colorado FJ Cruisers Swag, come check out .

Tickets are no longer being sold, but there are a few guys who bought ticket and can no longer attend who are looking to sell them. Look it up on Facebook for more info. Summer is drawing to a close. Always a good time, looking forward to the meet.

See you all there. Maybe meet some folks headed to the Badlands so I can tag along and pop my FJ off-road cherry.

fj cruiser meet up

Hope all is well. We also have folks who have even driven up from KY.

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If you have a group of FJ owners in a certain part of Indiana you should definitely organize even if you don't come our way. New FJ owner, I work for Toyota.

fj cruiser meet up

Hooters was the pick for those who replied. Hopefully I will see some of you there.

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You can copy and paste this URL. There are other Jockamo's but the one in Greenwood has a nice big lot and attracts lots of classic and modified vehicles on weekends. Might be a nice change of pace Bruce does not get many Saturdays off so worse case scenario we start later in the day i.

fj cruiser meet up

As far as spots Hooters works, no place is truly central. What was the name of the Pizza place you mentioned last fall? What is the address? How's everyone else's schedule look? Are we making the usual spot at Hooters or are we going to throw around some other locations? Those are estimated dates. I then heard, "did those wheels come with that? He just looked puzzled and said, "I don't know what that is.

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He just said, "Oh I hope you can make the November get-together at Hooters. This is a great group of people and we have a fun time. I'd be interested in hearing more about those lights. Have a good one in the meantime. Please let me know if there is anything going on for the Month of November!

Should be there the majority of the day if not all day!

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Would love for some fellow FJ Cruiser's to tag along with! Otherwise, let me know when you all will be getting together again please and thanks! Things have just been super busy for myself of late.

This has got to be one of the most scenic trails in the area as water crossings and seemingly endless views provide an unbelievable amount of photo-ops. In the early stages of the trail we ran into Ray and friends from Pure FJ Cruiser, who decided to tag along with us. With a few more vehicles added to our group we headed up towards the top of the mountain.

The temperature dropped as we climbed higher into the mountains and leftover snow from the winter was becoming a more common sight — yes, SNOW in the middle of July! Once our group reached the summit of Imogene pass, we snapped a few photos and took in the sights.

fj cruiser meet up

Heading down the valley towards Telluride there was all kinds of evidence that this used to be a hot spot for the mining industry as there was a good amount of abandoned structures to check out. As the day grew later, we hit the highway and headed to back to Ouray.

With a much larger turnout than we expected, the brewery was a packed house in about twenty minutes!

fj cruiser meet up

After everyone crammed themselves inside the building and had the chance to indulge in the amazing food and drinks that the Ouray Brewery staff provided, it was time to hand out some swag. In between all of our fun out on the trails and in town, we had a wonderful time hanging out at the booth talking to all of you Toyota fans.

The raffle on Saturday night was also awesome, there were a TON of great prizes being given away.