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Gettin' our kitten on. Daily Cute Cat GIFs to make you happy. schmuccubus. GIF. Lil lineless-style rig test of Kijiji the casino kitty~ (made in Toon Boom Harmony!) violet-tears. GIF GIF. Flirting with the crush like. Gif source: Castiel BITCH I DIDNT COME OUT HERE TODAY TO CRY WHAT IS WITH THE ANGST YOUR .. You were even feeling bold enough to flirt back.

Your mind wanders along with your eyes, down the neck of the angel, observing the stubble that trailed there. He looked the same as always, in his trench and suit, though you find yourself wishing he were wearing a few less layers at the moment. Your tongue darts out to wet your suddenly dry lips, swallowing calmly as you think further on the fantasy, which suddenly takes a turn towards you riding his thigh in the very seat he was sat in now.

You would grip at his shoulders as he steadied you, rocking yourself in a desperate pursuit for the friction that would sufficiently sate your craving for him. You shift in your seat, crossing your legs in an attempt to deny the stirring of lust in your core, but your mind still betrayed you. Would he make you beg, you wondered? Meekly, you offer Castiel a smile. Shaking off the slight worry that his gaze was a bit too knowing, you look back down to your book with a soft sigh that goes unnoticed by the Winchesters.

You needed to get back to work, and the idea of Cas bending you across the table was stalling your every thought. You shift, feeling a slight tickle at your thigh, reaching down to rub the area in the assumption that it was a simple itch.

The feeling only continues, warming slowly, a humming, vibration that slips between your thighs, causing you to stiffen as you begin to realize just what it was. Instead of cursing all couples and throwing yourself a pity party, make the day about celebrating you. Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry, a new wardrobe or some discounted chocolate.

Though you may want to curse all the couples, you have them and consumerism to thank for all the wicked sales that land on February 14th! Meanwhile, you dread this question.

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What a silly question! I was single two weeks ago. But for now, just do us both a favor and stop asking. But all it takes is group dates, couple events and the holidays to remind you just how alone you are.

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Sure, you have the freedom to choose what Netflix show to watch next Some places even offer couples discounts to pairs of people. But, we should get some kind of special treatment, too! If anything, discounts on ice cream should be arranged so we can eat our feelings. When it comes to conversation with your crush, you do one or two things: In fact, that kind of response to them will most likely have the opposite effect.

But, if you want a real chance with your crush… you have to earn their affections fair and square.

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So, work your magic! At the end of the day, you always come to the conclusion that you have mixed feelings towards the single life. Though you may not know how you feel one day versus another.