Forza 4 jdm meet 2013

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forza 4 jdm meet 2013

Jan 4, For Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One, FAQ/Strategy Guide by horror_spooky. Completing the first Car Meet will unlock other Car Meet events for you to .. Acceleration: Launch: Braking: Punto SuperSport () .. Braking: RX-7 () Type: JDM Icons Class: B RWD. JDM Meet/ Honda Run, 2JZ+ Forza 4 MikeQuan Mouzon. JDM Forza 4 JDM spring meet gtboiproductions. JDM Forza 4 Honda Day CamworksG. Dec 16, This expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 features a new location to explore, the new Storm Island Car Meet location), and five online championship event Robby Gordon #7 Speed Energy Drink Stadium Super Truck numbers makes the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 a treasured piece of JDM history.

Drivers grip their steering wheels, ready to tackle the epic challenges ahead. Welcome to a new land of extremes with the Forza Horizon 2: The Forza Horizon 2: Dangerous Beauty This expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 features a new location to explore, the mysterious and foreboding Storm Island. This is a land of gorgeous variety and monumental challenge, with sudden and dramatic terrain changes that push players and their cars to the limit.

Storm Island also features the most severe weather conditions ever seen in a Forza game, including fierce tropical storms and thick fog that will add an entirely new level of challenge. On Storm Island, the weather and the world combine to present players with extreme adventure every time they get behind the wheel. Storm Island has been built with the Forza Horizon 2 engine and infused with brand new technology that showcases the beauty of the world.

New features like swaying trees in extreme windstorms and the rays of the sun cutting through thick fog bring the adventure and splendor of Storm Island to life in ways players have never experienced before. Action-Packed Fun Storm Island brings more intense racing action with an emphasis on all-out, off-road fun. The expansion features 90 new events with five new event types players can test their skills in, and all have been designed to bring the most out of both the driver as well as every vehicle in the game.

These new events include: Rampage — Rampage events are point-to-point off-road sprints, where the driver will contend with obstacles and smashables including the brand new smashable chicanes before crossing the finish line.

Brawl — Grab your favorite four-wheeled weapon and strap in for these off-road circuit races featuring extreme terrain, lots of obstacles to take advantage of, and new smashables to wreck. But how about multiple laps? In Cross Country Circuit events, players will be taking on those same unpredictable challenges in multi-lap races that will test both their stamina and skill. Gauntlet — Gauntlet events have become the stuff of legend on Storm Island.

These point-to-point races are held only at night, and take place during the types of storms that normally have proper names attached to them. These epic races are long and dangerous — with minimal signage to guide players during the race. Just completing a Gauntlet event is challenging enough.

forza 4 jdm meet 2013

Victory will take a special combination of skill, bravery, and luck. In addition to new event types listed above, Storm Island will include new items and locations to explore — including new roads and bonus boards, a brand new Car Meet, new Bucket List challenges, new speed trap and speed zone leaderboards, and additional Rivals events.

Players can head online to discover awesome new content as well, including four new multilplayer Playground arenas, 20 unique online race routes, six Gauntlet events, three new Showdown events accessible from the new Storm Island Car Meet locationand five online championship event types including Brawl, Rampage, Extreme Cross Country, Cross Country Circuit, and Mixed events, each of which contain tons of variety in terms of weather, time of day, etc.

All of this amazing content, plus 23 new Xbox Live achievements adding up to gamerscore points to your total makes the Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island expansion an amazing value for Forza fans. For more on the Forza Horizon 2: Forza Horizon 2 is the first game in the series to be on the Xbox One, but it is also available for Xbox as well. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Introduction and Controls 2.

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Collectibles Barn Finds 5. Introduction and Controls - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forza Horizon 2 is a massive open world racing game that features hundreds of different cars to collect and use in the various events throughout the game world. You can speak with "Anna", the GPS lady in your car, and ask her to do things using your voice so you don't have to manually do it by stopping whatever you're doing and opening up the map.

A pretty nifty feature, if I do say so myself. As you play the game, you will earn both XP and skill points. XP will level you up. Each time you level up, you get a wheel spin. A wheel spin is a spin on a jackpot machine that will get you free cars or bonus CR to spend upgrading your cars or purchasing new ones.

Skill points are earned by doing various things in races and while free-roaming that earn you points and can be boosted with a multiplier that increases the more skills you chain together.

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A meter at the top of the screen will pop up every time that you gain more skill points. Filling this meter will grant you a skill point that you can spend to level up your abilities and purchase new skills. It is a free roaming, open world game that has a variety of different activities to partake in all across the sprawling, open world map.

The events in question come in a variety of different flavors. Entering an event will trigger a series of events for you to complete subsequently.

You are scored based on how you finish in each event, and then after you have completed all of the events for that particular championship, you will be given a gold, silver, or bronze rating.

After you complete an event, you will be asked if you want to face a "rival" player.

Forza 4 Honda Meet

This can be someone on your friend's list or someone random online that has completed the event. You race against their ghost. You can get bonus CR if you choose to complete these and are successful. You need to collect 15 championship to enter the Forza Horizon finale. The events are comprised of different race types, which themselves are different depending on the type of vehicle you are driving.

Many of the types do overlap, however. Circuit - This kind of race has laps. You have to hit the checkpoints as you move along the track that is on a set area of the open world.

Cross Country - Off road racing, checkpoint-based sprints. Scramble - A combination of the Sprint and Circuit races. Sprint - Sprint is a single lap race. The progress you have on the track is seen in the upper left hand corner of the screen as you are doing the race. Once again, you will need to hit all of the checkpoints on the way to the finish line.

Street Race - A street race is as it sounds. Typical racing rules, but you also have to deal with other traffic on the road. Trail Race - The terrain that you race on will constantly be changing as you move from off road to on road. The game suggests "maintaining your speed" is the key to victory here, but I treat them like any other race and do just fine.

Each region has 28 different trophies that you can earn. The type of car you are driving determines which trophies you can go after. These are the car types available in the game: If you need to purchase a new car to enter a championship, you will be taken to the appropriate menus in order to get that accomplished.

In addition, these are the different regions in the game or "Road Trips": Sometimes you will get told the general area of where a barn is hidden. Find it to get the free car that is inside. Car Meet - Car Meets are special areas that you go to that will allow you to check out the cars of 11 other players.

You can check out their cars in detail here. A showdown race will occur, and at that point, everyone that opts into it by the time runs out will be sent into an impromtu online race from everyone that showed up at the meet.

Completing the first Car Meet will unlock other Car Meet events for you to complete throughout the game world without having to earn more championships. Showcases - Special races against unordinary drivers.

forza 4 jdm meet 2013

For example, there is one showcase where you race against jets. The Forza Hub is accessed by driving the purple Forza Horizon icon on the map. This is the place where you end up when completing the Road Trip to that particular region, by the way.

forza 4 jdm meet 2013

Any championships that are available for you to can be seen at the Forza Hub. However, there are two other very important functions of the Forza Hub: In the Garage, you will find the option to upgrade your car.

When you click on "Upgrade", you can choose to customize the upgrade process, or go with the streamlined route, or the "quick upgrade". The quick upgrade will compile the parts necessary needed to upgrade your car's class, so there is more freedom as to which parts you add to your car if you choose the custom option. The degree to which you can customize your car is exhausting. You can make changes to the engine, improve handling, change the drivetrain, edit the tires and rims, alter the aero and the general appearance of the vehicle, and use conversion upgrades to drastically change the way your car looks and handles.

You can get even MORE detail-oriented if you want. The tiniest details of how your car runs and operates can be edited by "tuning".

To start the tuning process, tap the X button while in the garage.

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You can also access tuning through the tile in the main garage menu. You can save multiple setups for a single car and switch between them. To do this, you first need to save the way you customized the car.

Do this by clicking the View button on the Xbox One controller. Then load it from the main garage menu whenever you want to switch to a different upgrade set. The garage also houses the cars that you own. You can check their stats, search through them, and switch between them at will. The amount of CR that your car is worth is displayed on the left. Designs and Paints is the section where you can go to edit the look of your cars. You can do really comprehensive and insane paint jobs here.

Your designs are all stored and can be shared with others online. Furthermore, you can scroll through the popular designs that other people made and choose to download them for your cars yourself. There are some really wicked designs already that people have created and uploaded to the Forza Horizon 2 servers, so be sure to check them out. Finally, the final function of the garage is to see the secret cars that you found in the barns.

There are barns you can find that are hidden throughout the world. Find the barns and you can snag the car that is inside. More on that in the Collectibles section of this guide. And then there's the Autoshow. The Autoshow is where you can scroll through cars and choose to buy new ones. You should try to get at least one of each different type of car as early on as possible so that you can access all of the different types of championships.

You need 15 championships in order to unlock the Horizon Finale. After that, you can still free roam and collect many more championships. Road trips are casual affairs. They aren't races, but there will be other cars on the road going to the same place as you. Complete this first road trip and then you will be asked to pick your first car out of three possibilities. The car you choose and use to drive with will determine the times of cars you will race against in the single player events.

With your car handy, drive to the first event. This first event is a sprint race. Complete it and then you will be asked to complete another road trip.

This road trip will take you to Castelletto, the next major region in the game. This is where Forza Horizon 2 really opens up and you have some choice as to how to proceed. After you have completed the events, you will be asked to participate in the Showcase. It's a fairly simple sprint race, all in all. Pretty much every time you hit a check point, you will be jumped ahead to the first position anyway.

Completing the showcase will allow get you the Ferrari that you used during the Showcase. Upon arrival here, you will once again be thrust into various events. Completing four events here will get you a championship, but you won't unlock a showcase. Instead, you will be directed to a Car Meet. Go to the Car Meet. You don't have to actually participate in it if you don't want to, but you are supposed to go there so that you can be made aware of the Car Meets in the game.

When you're done with that, go back to the Forza Hub in Nice. Enter it and you will be asked to start a road trip to the next destination, which is the quaint place of Sisteron.

Before that, however, you have to choose which championship you should go after once you arrive there. You may have to purchase a new car depending on the decision you've made. Doing this will allow you to access more features in the garage. Complete the road trip to Sisteron. However, the first Barn Find is pointed out to you.

I recommend that you go snag the collectible car waiting inside for you. Scroll down to the Collectibles section of the guide for more information on how to find that particular barn. Otherwise, start completing the events. There are four here for you to complete before you can go for the championship. Yes, you literally race against a train. Just like the first showcase, it seems a lot more difficult than it actually is.

For the vast majority of this race, you are probably going to be behind the train. This is due to the tough corners that you come across.

forza 4 jdm meet 2013

Rewind a bit if you need to in order to get the turns right. The race really gets important at the very final stretch. As long as you keep RT held in and push the left stick forward, you should be able to JUST beat the train to the finish line.

Your next road trip is back to the festival. This marks the end of the your first day in Forza Horizon. At the start of the next day, you will be asked to join or create a club. Clubs are like clans in Forza Horizon 2.

There are bonus rewards for doing this. You can choose to sign up for one now, later, or you can also choose to just never both with it as well. You are asked to try out a new car so that you can do different championships. I recommend doing this as it will make the game more interesting as you go for your fourth championship title. Ben gives you a new objective to go after once you arrive. He asks you to snap pictures of 20 different cars that are present at the festival.

Each picture you take will net you some cash. The first picture you take is of the car you currently are driving. To take the picture, enter "picture mode". Do this by holding the "up" button on the d-pad. Then adjust any of the settings you'd like and snap the picture.

The quality of the picture doesn't matter to Ben, just that a new car is in the picture. Technically, you can just go through all your cars and keep snapping pictures of them, though faster ways to get the 20 pictures is by starting the events you need for the next championship and then taking photos of the cars in bulk.

forza 4 jdm meet 2013

You may need to switch to a different car type in the meantime as you will pretty much only see cars in your class in races and out on the open world, with some exceptions. When you hit 20, you will get bonus CR, and then you will be challenged to photograph 40 cars. Anyway, you once again have to complete four events. Do so and you win the championship and can start your next road trip! Once you arrive, you will immediately start your next leg of championship events. The second Barn Find will pop up during this, and you should continue snapping photos as well.

Otherwise just complete the four events and win your next championship! Drive back to the festival hub to begin the next day. Choose what kind of car you want to use for the next championship, and then complete the trip back to Castelletto to start doing the events.

Win another championship to unlock the next road trip, which will see you going back to Montellino. Completing this championship will unlock the "general area" of where the third Barn Find is.

First complete the four events and get your championship. But in the meantime, there is the third showcase to attend to, and this time you are racing a hot air balloon! The balloons move prettys low, so even though you have to overtake 37 of them, you can do so pretty easily.

It may be tempting to go through the field and ignore the track as the checkpoints as they are spread fairly far apart, but doing this will result in you being forced to your last checkpoint. Don't get worried if you get to the finish line and it looks like the balloons might take the finish, as they do move very slowly and you probably still have plenty of time to take first and go to your next road trip.