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girl in meet joe black

Claire Forlani Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Claire Forlani photo strong work in this capacity in such films as Basquiat and Meet Joe Black. JFK: Reckless Youth () as a young woman who dances her way into. Claire Antonia Forlani (born 17 December ) is an English actress. She became known in the mids for her leading role in the film Mallrats, and in the Jean-Michel Basquiat biopic Basquiat. In , she achieved wide recognition for starring in the fantasy romance film Meet Joe Black. Joe Black / Young Man in Coffee Shop · Anthony Hopkins William Parrish · Claire Forlani Susan Parrish · Jake Weber Drew · Marcia Gay Harden Allison.

Give up what you want for the woman you marry. Yeah, you know what? Say, you and I, if we were married, I would No, for an example, okay? If you and I were married, I would want to give you what you need.

girl in meet joe black

I'm talking about taking care of each other the best you can. What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you. You'll have a hard time finding a woman like that these days. Shoot, you think so? Listen, did I say something wrong? It was so right, it scares me. You know, I was thinking, I don't want you to be my doctor.

I don't want you to examine me and Because I like you so much. And I don't want to examine you. Now I gotta go, so There's something so indescribably sexy about you standing in the middle of a crowd. I could make love to you right here. You're trying to tell me my future, you're looking on the wrong side. There is something I do want to tell you. Just now when you hesitated, I got a chill.

girl in meet joe black

Remember that morning in the coffee shop? When you said, "What's wrong with taking care of a woman? Did I say that? And I said you'd have a hard time finding a woman like that these days. Well, you found one, Joe. That was the place, and you were the guy. And you said that, that you didn't want me to be your doctor because you didn't want me to examine you.

Why, I got to examine you, after all. I could come with you. You want me to wait? May I kiss you? That felt like good-bye. What's going on, Joe? I feel like we're lifting off. Don't you want to ask who? Afraid to find out? It doesn't matter what I am. Death arrives at Bill's home in the uninjured body of the young man, explaining that Bill's impassioned speech has piqued his interest.

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Given Bill's "competence, experience, and wisdom", Death says that for as long as Bill will be his guide on Earth, Bill will not have to die. Making up a name on the spot, Death is introduced to the family as "Joe Black". Bill's best efforts to navigate the next few days, knowing them now to be his last, fail to keep events from going rapidly out of his control.

Drew is secretly conspiring with a man bidding for Parrish Communications. He capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior and unexplained reliance on Joe to convince the board of directors to vote Bill out as Chairman, using information given to him inadvertently by Bill's son-in-law, Quince, to push through approval for the merger which William had decided to oppose. Susan is confused by the appearance of Joe, believing him to be the young man from the coffee shop, but eventually falls deeply in love with him.

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Joe is now under the influence of human desires and becomes attracted to her as well. After they make love, Joe asks Susan, "What do we do now? As his last birthday arrives, Bill appeals to Joe to recognize the meaning of true love and all it encompasses, especially honesty and sacrifice.

Joe comes to understand that he must set aside his own desire and allow Susan to live her life.

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He also helps Bill regain control of his company, exposing Drew's underhanded business dealings to the board by claiming to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service and threatening to put Drew in jail. At the party Bill makes his peace with his daughters. Susan tells Joe that she has loved him ever since that day in the coffee shop.

Meet Joe Black

Joe realises that Susan loves the unknown man, not him, and the realization crushes him slightly.