Ham radio swap meet el segundo

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ham radio swap meet el segundo

Feb 17, Get there early, the swap was hopping by 8AM. This is an amateur radio swap meet but there is lots of computer stuff (too much!) and general. The W6TRW Amateur Radio Club has been holding a monthly swap meet featuring the trade and sales of amateur radio and electronic items since as a. RADIO NEWS Ham Nation Webcast with Bob Heil on Leo Laporte's TWIT Network RADIO CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS W6TRW Amateur Radio Swap Meet.

Ah - the lure of the hamfest is, for me, the chance to see so many neat and wierd techie objects in one place, not to mention the pleasure of the unexpected and irresistable impulse buy. I do, too, greatly enjoy seeing old and new friends and talking with the more interesting sellers about their stuff. Of course, we would figure out what the thing was so we could tell people before they scratched a hole in their head I have found real "gold" at swaps - things I never would have thought of on my own, but could definitely use, and I've learned a lot at swaps.

W6TRW Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet

You just can't get that via eBay or any other on-line system. For a lot of reasons, swaps are a lot of fun. Hope to C U at one of them soon. This excerpt says it all Certainly the economy and energy prices as well as the Internet affect any event. We see it in trade shows now. A major book publishing house just pulled out of the industry's two major shows.

ham radio swap meet el segundo

Now they bring their key accounts to a big shindig at their place where they can control how they wow them and have their undivided attention, and save money in the process. The annual radio broadcasters' show now has more exhibitors than attendees and could be on its last legs.

Vendors are better off paying for customers to fly to their factory than sending scores of people and tons of equipment to a convention.

ham radio swap meet el segundo

Having been involved in putting together a Regional hamfest in Ham Radio '95 in Atlanta I can speak first hand that to get major dealers to anything but a National show is very difficult. Travel costs, shipping costs, booth space costs vs sales revenue is much worse now than years ago so it's no wonder that the majors are more interested inviting customers to their place to showcase their wares.

That works well from the "wholesale" side of the equation however, from the "retail" side where you are trying to sell products to the end user hams then the issue becomes much tougher. The magazines and their own websites offer the best venue for showcasing their wares We should all give a large vote of gratitude to the Retailers: HRO, AES and others plus the multitude of local and family-owned stores across the US who still believe that we would rather play with the product before we buy it.

Theirs would become another astonishing tale of survival from the Camp Fire, which continued to grow Tuesday after becoming the deadliest and most destructive inferno in California history.

Hamfest Quality and the Economy

Among those saved was year-old Bruno. In the first hours, the residents of remote places like Concow worked arm in arm to limit their losses, and save as many lives as possible. He loosened the vessels and helped Bruno, his mother, his brother and the family pets board. Everyone but his dad. It was so cold, he said, that at several points he waded back toward the flames to warm up.

Some of their abandoned cars, which included an old Dodge truck, a minivan and a Kia SUV, remained on Hoffman Road on the north side of the reservoir Tuesday.

New Paint Scheme for El Segundo PD Cars

At some point, Michael navigated his crew to an island in the middle of the reservoir. They were safe from the flames, but the frigid water left Bruno drifting in and out of consciousness and suffering severe hypothermia.

Michael proceeded back into the water and then onto shore to find help. Moak said some friends and family threw a canoe into the back of a truck and headed to the lake. They were back in no time, having collected Bruno and the rest of the family.

New Paint Scheme for El Segundo PD Cars | SCMA

He was later driven to a hospital in Chico. His condition Tuesday was not known. Authorities confirmed that several of the others in the reservoir were hospitalized, some with serious burns.

Their status was not clear either. Scott remained in the lake until the fire ran its course. When he finally returned to shore, he was virtually unharmed. Troy Miller, who lives nearby, had heard the stories of neighbor helping neighbor and had, in fact, gotten a hand from some friends after his home was leveled by the fire. At 1 am on November 18,officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of gunfire in a leafy cul-de-sac near Universal Studios.

ham radio swap meet el segundo

They found Jong Kim lying in front of his home and shot at least five times. Kim, a year-old liquor store owner, later died in a hospital without regaining consciousness.

The most promising clues were grainy surveillance images that showed a two-tone Honda Prelude with a sunroof and fancy rims, but no visible license plate. Paperwork revealed a veritable haystack of vehicles—5, Preludes registered in Los Angeles County alone.

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