Hamline elite meet 2015 results nascar

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hamline elite meet 2015 results nascar

International Car Race Meeting program (Apr 10, ) Racing. Programs. 42 Programs. 3. Blandford Speed Hill Climb final results - West Hants & Dorset Colorado Grand (the cars of the Colorado Grand). 27th Annual Hamline, MN, Minnesota State Fair Races, September 11, Finn. 5. 6. Elk River's Lucas Trapp out-kicked Farmington's Justin Hyytinen to win the meters at the Hamline Elite Meet on Friday evening. John, 27, came to the Michigan Territory early in , and met Elisha Walker . ; Hamline Rawson came to Snow's Landing with his father in ; Amasah The Hoover Mansion was built at Washtenaw Ave. by Rupert Koch signed a bill legalizing horse racing with gambling in Michigan; as a result, over.

Adizes resides in Santa Barbara, California, with his family. Graduating as an unemployed philosopher from the University of Chicago with a Ph. After undergoing over ten years of psychoanalyses, dynamic psychotherapy, and related training to recover from childhood and adolescent traumas, Lou teaches empathy in the history and systems of psychology at Argosy University.

Resistance, Narrative, and Recovery, forthcoming from Routledge. Lou says that when all the philosophical arguments and psychological labels are over and done, in empathy, a person is quite simply in the presence of another human being.

Join Lou and be present for an empowering conversation in which empathy is made present and makes a difference. Sammie, as her friends call her, has two older sisters Lisa, Sammie, as her friends call her, has two older sisters Lisa, 29 and Maylene, Samantha says that her family enjoys gathering together for dinners, playing board games and going to movies.

When she is alone or with friends, she likes to play the WII or go to the park and, of course, face-time on the phone. Like many kids, her favorite foods are pizza, mac 'n cheese and chicken nuggets. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a favorite movie of hers because it was a true story that she finds quite interesting.

When she grows up, she would like to become a journalist or police officer. She is most proud of the fact that she was asked to write a speech for the opening of her new school. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Fox 5 and NY 1 interviewed her and all her friends and family were able to see her on TV that evening. Film Critic, she looks forward to getting early views of new movies and sharing her opinions with others.

Having maintained her pound weight loss for nearly 30 years, she lives and eats her message: Devin is the author of eight cookbooks. Her dessert line, Devinly Delites tm is heading to mass market soon. More X Melissa Alexander Melissa Alexander is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and the founder of Roots 2 Wings Transformations, where she offers unique tools to bring harmony to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

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Since she was four years old, Melissa had accepted pain and sickness as part of her day to day reality. Now I have a quality of life I never knew existed.

I went from being disempowered to being empowered to make my own choices and take control of my journey. Melissa employs the technique by applying comfortable pressure to your skin to move lymphatic fluid through your valves and into your lymph nodes to stimulate your body's immune system.

That's where I am today, with the health and vitality I desire. As a jnana yogi, he is a student and teacher of a number of disciplines of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge including Judaism, Christianity, Daoism, Buddhism and philosophy. In addition to his spiritual path, Dr. Working with a holistic model in his private practice, and as a teacher, he has changed the lives of thousands of individuals. She is focused, committed and believes in following her dreams no matte She is focused, committed and believes in following her dreams no matter what gets in the way!

As a radio show host, Yvonne has been able to inspire tweens and teens by sharing her life and promoting a good life. Yvonne is also in college and hopes to pursue a future in fashion as a shoe designer. Shoes happen to be one of her biggest obsessions!

She has traveled to three countries to help children in need. I hope to be able to travel to more countries in the future. She has been so successful that she is now performing with her church band. Merritt has leveraged unique stories a Merritt has leveraged unique stories and perspectives to persuade and inform those around her. Merritt grew up in Silver City, New Mexico, where she got her first job in radio at age Merritt is a disabled veteran.

Vox Optima has been listed in the top five PR firms by revenue in the state for the last four years. The Brand Ambassadors Sheila Alley Sheila is an image and magnetism coach who helps her clients discover their gifts and magnetize their presence so they attract more money, b More X Sheila Alley Sheila is an image and magnetism coach who helps her clients discover their gifts and magnetize their presence so they attract more money, better relationships and joy into their lives.

Known for blending personal energy, self-empowerment and wardrobe techniques, Sheila uses simple strategies to inspire her clients to create a magnetic image, while being true to their authentic self so they can walk into any room poised and confident.

The Art of Creating Charisma Dr. Susan Allison has a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. She is also an ord She is also an ordained and licensed interfaith minister, a clinical hypnotherapist, a shamanic practitioner, a healer and healing coach, and practices energy medicine using Reiki and The Reconnection.

She is the author of three books: She has been published dozens of times for her poetry and creative non-fiction, has been honored as a Woman of the Year in California for her counseling work, and currently sees herself as an empowering healing coach.

Her mission is to help the planet heal, by helping its people become more empowered, transformed and fulfilled. Empowered Healer Desiree Allridge Desiree Allridge is a powerful speaker who specializes in helping individuals find, recognize, and honor their inner voice in order to step More X Desiree Allridge Desiree Allridge is a powerful speaker who specializes in helping individuals find, recognize, and honor their inner voice in order to step into more confidence and find greater success in all areas of their life.

She teaches individuals how to trust themselves and release faulty beliefs that no longer serve them. Desiree is a mentor, author, expert belief breakthrough coach, entrepreneur, owner and co- founder of Ignite and Live. Desiree is a wife and mother of four little boys. Through the use of both her traditional education and extrasensory skills, her fundamental work is educating wellness through awareness.

Attaining a BS in Nutrition, MS in Biochemistry and background expertise in quantum physics, childhood development, energetic communications, physiology, epigenetics and healing arts she has built a platform to integrate her extrasensory abilities into modern day practice. As an extrasensory, she is able to view the quantum field, time lines, thought forms, emotional blocks and beliefs allowing her to work as a medical intuitive, quantum healer, quantum hypnotherapist and emotional translator.

These talents enable her to assist the world in its transformation via teaching the awakening and integration of the planet, within workshops and one-on-one life coaching. She learned early on that the truth behind life comes from a place deep within us, buried below the programming of childhood and society. Through meditation she learned to look within, asking questions only to herself and waiting for her own reality to deliver the answer.

She learned to trust the information the Universe brought her, whether in the form of people, places, circumstance, or events and challenged every belief she carried, remembering how to create her own reality and heal her life!

I am of Cherokee and European descent. Later it would be made known to me, that both my Cherokee, Scot-Irish maternal grandmother was a Seer and Healer, and my Cherokee - Irish paternal great grandmother was a Seer. An Arch Angel that protects me appeared at the foot of my bed as a huge male Lion at 7: We stared at each other for about 7 minutes, then he just slowly faded from view.

I do this by teaching healing modalities, and intuitive development through the honoring and awareness of Self. My Spiritual name of Amayah was given to me by Christ on July 12, I serve the Light and the Christ. Aldonna has consulted to over clients in her over 30 years in business and is also a professional keynote speaker.

The Growth Strategist Damien Anderson Damien Anderson is a professional athlete who believes that involvement in his community is the key to inspiring youth to view sports as a t More X Damien Anderson Damien Anderson is a professional athlete who believes that involvement in his community is the key to inspiring youth to view sports as a tool used to attain goals, and further believes a good education is the foundation to attaining those goals.

Timeline of Ann Arbor History and its Tragedies, Crises, Disasters and Shocking News

Damien has used his passion for football and education to create NU Life Foundation and Planetgridiron. Damien Anderson lives in Chandler, Arizona where he spends time with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two children; Drake, 9 and Sophia, 2. Whether coaching his children in youth programs or volunteering with his wife in the community, Damien is making a commitment to stay involved and bring awareness where it matters by representing athletes and students everywhere.

Planet Gridiron Brendan Anderson Brendan Anderson has spent the past 20 years as an investor and manager of businesses ranging from manufacturing to financial services. More X Brendan Anderson Brendan Anderson has spent the past 20 years as an investor and manager of businesses ranging from manufacturing to financial services.

Fascinated by the capital gap within the small business growth sector, he rapidly came to the conclusion that providing best practices in addition to growth capital could consistently produce great results for the management, employees, communities, and investors. The Second Stage Dr. Rhonda Anderson has a Ph. She has over ten years of experience in human resources and strategic management, with six of those years devoted to higher education administration.

She has expertise in student affairs, program management, forming external partnerships, alumni affairs, retention, marketing, and career services. She has a strong passion for seeing others achieve their career goals and aspirations. She also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Northcentral University in the Higher Education Administration degree program for masters and doctoral level students. After working with hundreds of clients on various mental health issues, Addie recognized that people dealing with grief and loss presented with the most intense pain.

With a strong desire to help, Addie became a certified grief counselor and a Grief Recovery Specialist. She specializes in helping grievers manage difficult emotions and create a different life for themselves after a major loss. In addition to seeing clients, Addie loves connecting with people when she speaks at conferences and organizations.

She also partners with funeral homes to provide grief education to the families they serve. She loves her work and greatly values the opportunities she has each day to help her clients achieve the best life possible.

Jaimee Andreotti Jaimee Andreotti was born on April 27 and is an only child. She enjoys reading, dancing, and, of course, cooking and baking, but detests cle Sorry—with the good comes the bad. A baby picture involving a bowl of cake batter and a chocolaty mess of a face reminds Jaimee of the first time she felt the delight of baking, though it was years later before she was trusted to cook a meal.

Voice America Kids has been a wonderful opportunity—many thanks! James was born in East Orange, New Jersey. He graduated from hi He graduated from high school in Whippany, New Jersey and then attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in International Business and Management Information Systems.

After law school, James moved to the Bay area where he worked with Smith Barney doing investment work with start-up companies. He has since lived and worked in Los Angeles and in the Phoenix area where he has owned and operated companies in the fitness industry, and worked for several years in the mortgage industry.

James is licensed to practice in Arizona and California. James is currently attending Seminary School and will obtain his Masters of Divinity degree in spring Andrews is a fitness buff, football fan and loves his wife and five children above all else. She believes that learning how to consciously She believes that learning how to consciously interact in the realm of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation.

Facilitating this journey is her joy. During her 35 years of teaching, Synthia has been privileged to help thousands awaken their energy senses. Synthia has authored four books on energy, spirituality, healing, and consciousness, and co-authored an additional four. She lectures and teaches internationally. You can see her courses, workshops, and online mentoring at explorationsinenergy.

Join her private, free Facebook group and subscribe to her online chat room. For the past 25 years, Synthia has joined her husband, research author Colin Andrews, in the study of consciousness and paranormal activity.

Colin occasionally joins the program as co-host. Colin is internationally respected for his original research into crop circles, a term he coined in the s, UFO, and consciousness. He is featured in countless TV documentaries, news interviews, and more. Find him on Facebook.

Exploring Beyond the Edge Andy Raised by hippie parents, Andy is a graphic artist and illustrator who used to run a comic book store, after growing up watching 80s and 90s More X Andy Raised by hippie parents, Andy is a graphic artist and illustrator who used to run a comic book store, after growing up watching 80s and 90s action cartoons such as "Transformers," "G. Pamela Antoinette is a college professor and innovative business owner who holds a Ph. Her research focuses on interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, inspiration, resilience, and post-traumatic growth.

She is the founder of Inspiration Ink, an organization that houses Tandem Light Press and The Academy of Creative Coaching for students, aspiring authors, and future professional coaches who wish to empower others through their own unique gifts and talents. Her latest book is Letters to the Brokenhearted: The bulk of Dr. As a student affairs professional, she received training in suicide prevention, motivational interviewing, and substance abuse counseling.

Divas Show Aparna Aparna is a successful executive with twenty years of professional experience working with world leaders, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs a More X Aparna Aparna is a successful executive with twenty years of professional experience working with world leaders, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders from around the world. She is based in Silicon Valley.

Aparna has cultivated her passion for studying success and what truly drives leaders to thrive and succeed. In addition, Aparna is a proud yogi, who is passionate about personal transformation using yoga and mindfulness to create the life of your dreams.

Success Inside is a show created by Aparna so help share best practices and inspire professionals to live a life of passion and abundance. Gabrielle lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her large family of 7.

At that time, most men lived longer than most women. Clair County was founded Thomas Palmer built the first brick building in Detroit in On August 4,the Saturday Evening Post began publication The Fourth Census of the United States was conducted August 7, ; there were 9, people including 1, slaves The population of Detroit was On August 10,Missouri was admitted as the 24th state as the Missouri Compromise was reached on May 8, Inthere was an estimated 1.

Woodruff was the first settler in Washtenaw County with land purchased in Pittsfield Township; he built a home that he moved into on July 6,and resided their until his death on October 8, at the age of 91 Jason and Daniel Cross settled at Woodruff's Grove in ; they dubbed themselves as "Kings of the River. President Monroe issued the Monroe Doctrine in ; it politically separated the United States from Europe, and prohibited colonialism from European states.

It put the United States into political isolationism William Webb Ellis invented rugby in ; it is the world's most popular sport with over 3.

hamline elite meet 2015 results nascar

He came to Detroit June,founded a school infounded Catholepistemiad inand was elected to the state legislature in Calvin Chipman put up the first log house in Ann Arbor in George Noyes made the first government land purchase at Pittsfield Township in In March,Father Gabriel Richard petitioned Congress to fund a highway between Detroit and Chicago. Ann Allen was born, Ann Isabella Barry, in and her father, Thomas Barry was one of the richest men in Baltimore; Ann's mother died inand her father, Thomas, died in at the age of 33 leaving her an orphan at the age of 3.

hamline elite meet 2015 results nascar

Her father, Thomas, left her 2, pounds to be bequethed when she married or turned the age of 21; she married Dr. William McCue of Virginia on January 20, at the age of She bought a acre farm in Lexington, and also owned slaves. Their son, John, was born inand Thomas in ; however, Dr. McCue contracted typhoid fever and died six months later on November 7, Allen, 19, married Mary Crawford, 17, on November 2, The Allen's had a daughter, Sarah Ann, on May 10, Allen was appointed Postmaster of Ann Arbor on December 30, Allen absconded from Virginia much like Rumsey from New York to leave their creditors behind.

Allen was a slave owner in Virginia, but did not own slaves in Ann Arbor. When Ann left Virginia inshe left her two sons, 6 and 8, behind. The Allen's lived in a small log cabin at the corner of Huron and Second St. John Allen became the first Village President, Harvard graduate, Samuel W. Dexterpurchased several hundred acres in Scio and Webster Townships in which was known as Mill Creek, but later became the Village of Dexter in ; Dexter was appointed Chief Justice of Washtenaw County in and became a University of Michigan Regent in Judge Dexter was the first postmaster on April 24, Dexter owned acres of land in Washtenaw County in Charles Cowden owned the first store at Dexter.

Dexter Township was one of the original three townships in Washtenaw County in along with Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

Tim Sauter

He erected a saw mill at Mill Creek and then a grist mill with Mathews, Bond and Thomas Martin; it burned down in There are lakes at nearby Livingston County which are a part of the Huron River Chain of Lakes miles with Brighton Lake the largest with acres followed by Lake Chemung at acres.

Dexter were attornies that also came to Ann Arbor in There were more families in Ypsilanti in than Ann Arbor; there were families with 1, individuals in Ypsilanti compared to families withh 1, individuals in Ann Arbor Elisha Rumsey and John Allen established the Washtenaw Coffee House in at Huron and First Streets in a log cabin Ezra Maynard cleared the property later to be known as the the Cobblestone Farm at Packard Rd.

Orrin White and George Rush were the first settlers in the area prior to Geddes arrival. The Geddes house is pictured above, and an pic of John Geddes below. John Geddes was its first postmaster on July 21,and a train depot was built in Lord was the first physician in the county; he arrived August,and became County Clerk, On August 24,August Woodward left Michigan as he was appointed Judge in Florida by President Monroe; Woodward died on July 12, at the age of 52 In September,John Harford opened a store in Ann Arbor On October December 4,John Quincy Adams defeated Andrew Jackson in the Presidential Election after Jackson won the popular vote and a majority of the electoral voted, but the election was decided by the House of Representatives after Henry Clay gave his support to Adams; there wereAmericans who voted, and Jackson won the popular vote by 38, which was Leonard Miller built the first log cabin along the Saline River.

Also inJohn Gilbert purchased a acre farm; that farm was sold to the Tate family inand they sold it to Emanuel Rentschler in The farm became a museum in John and Joseph Dickinson settled in the Northeast area of Washtenaw County in ; Ira Rider was the first postmaster in the area on June 4, and the post office was named Rider. George Renwick became the first supervisor inand when he became postmaster on May 29,the post office was renamed Renwick until January 28, when it was renamed Salem.

Th name briefly change in to Summit, but was renamed Salem in Benjamin Packard noted April, that their were 7 log homes beside the Allen home In the winter ofthe first public ball was held in Ann Arbor in a log tavern near the house of Erastus Root Fort Gratiot Light was the first Lighthouse built in Michigan in near Port Huron; the above pic is fromand Michigan has over Lighthouses which is more than any other state Conrad Bissinger was the first German to settle in Ann Arbor Mallett's Creek Settlement and School in Hamline Rawson came to Snow's Landing with his father in ; Amasah Rawson filed a plat on January 7,and the area became known as Rawsonville Allen Williams built the first log cabin at Lodi Plains in although Hugh Crestie made the first land purchase inbut never resided there.

Orrin Howe became the first postmaster on August 29, ; it existed until February 3, William Lemmon made the first land purchase in Lima Township inbut didn't settle there until ; however, Samuel Clements was the first settler there in Asa Williams was the first postmaster there on February 12, as Mill Creek, and it was renamed Lima on May 2, Jonathan Stratton, a surveyor, named a acre parcel in honor of local landowner, Luke Whitmore in ; it became known as Whitmore Lake 9 miles north of Annarbour.

Whitmore was the first County Treasurer inand George W. Dexter was Whitmore Lake's first postmaster on June 9, The area was first called Northfield, but the name changed to Whitmore Lake on December 27, Lord, Augustus Bird, from Dexter: The Township was organized in ; Moses Kingsley was the first postmaster on May 11, Munnis Kenny suggested the Township be named in honor of Daniel Webster.

InJames Soule purchased a large tract of land he named Soulesville; the two competed until when the area became known as Manchester Village. Elizabeth Thompson, mother of William Thompson, was the first person buried there November, Our First Public Parks: The roots of Freemasonry goes back to the Middle Ages as far back as ; it is the world's oldest fraternal and secret society. Bethuel Farrand was an elder, and held that post for 21 years. Bethuel Farrand was the first Probate Judge.

Elisha Belcher was the first attorney in the county. Mary Aray may have settled their as early as Their son, Asher Aray pictured abovebecame a railroad conductor, and helped 28 runaway slaves to gain freedom in Detroit after hiding them at the Aray farm. Crane entered Washtenaw County; he was an apprentice blacksmith from New York, but began to study law in He was elected constable, then Deputy Sheriff and Collector of Taxes for 10 years; he was appointed Postmaster of Dexter inand later served as Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney,and It became a flouring mills known as "The Eagle Flouring Mills" bybut destroyed by first in Ballard sold his interest to Dr.

hamline elite meet 2015 results nascar

Clarke of Detroit inand he sold to Thomas O. Hill in ; he sold to Mark Norris and B. Follett who sold his interest to his son, Lyman Norris while Follett sold his interest to Chauncey Joslin. Jackson's wife, Rachel Donelsondied on December 22 of a heart attack.

They were married since