Haraway when species meet review

haraway when species meet review

Jun 4, Throughout her work, Donna Haraway has highlighted the role non-humans The subjects of enquiry in When Species Meet are those non-. Sep 14, Here Juno writes a review of Donna Haraway's When Species Meet. The review was solicited from Savage Minds by University of Minnesota. When Species Meet has ratings and 23 reviews. Karl said: I am not a posthumanist; I am who I become with companion species, who and which make a.

When Species Meet — University of Minnesota Press

But I could tell my owner was as frustrated by this kind of play as he is when I do it. He likes to play boring, repetitive, games like fetch. Haraway, on the other hand, struck him as self-indulgent with its long digressions, reprinting of entire e-mail exchanges, and its stubborn refusal to make any coherent claims which are capable of being wrong. Haraway like to play with her dog.

Donna Haraway on the 'humanimal'

She seems to be in much better shape than my owner and goes running with her dog everyday. They also compete together in the co-species sport known as agility.

I wish my owner was half as fun. He mostly just likes to go for walks or throw a ball while I do the running. That upset her a lot. She wants us to understand the responsibilities provoked by our encounters with other species. When Species Meet, strives to build to attachment sites and tie sticky knots to bind intra-acting critters, including people, together in the kinds of response and regard that change the subject — and the object.

Encounterings do not produce harmonious wholes, and smoothly preconstituted identities do not ever meet in the first place.

haraway when species meet review

Such things cannot touch, much less attach; there is no first place; and species, either singular nor plural, demand another practice of reckoning. In the fashion of turtles with their epibionts on turtles all the way down, meetings make us who and what we are in the avid contact zones that are the world.

When Species Meet

Propelled by the tasty but risky obligation of curiosity among companion species, once we know, we cannot not know. If we know well, searching with fingery eyes, we care. That is how responsibility grows. Her best stories are about scientists who use animals for research purposes. But there's so much left out when we think only in terms of the murderous reaction that forms l'animot.

haraway when species meet review

As DH presents it, Derrida errs by foreclosing the work of ethologists and humanimal mitsein by leaving his cat as a great mystery, virtually a symbol--despite JD's assurances of nonexemplarity--of the nonpower at the heart of power. What would have happened if JD had talked of playing with his cat?

When Species Meet by Donna J. Haraway

A final, necessary point in this disjointed review: She mostly talks about dogs, dismisses middle-class privilege often while still acknowledging these violent power dynamics, and comes dangerously close to a kind of nihilism in some moments. She offers some pretty compelling suggestions for how to be more just as natural cultural subjects, but I just didn't feel she grounded herself in fieldwork enough.

She jumps around a lot and seems to lose focus.

haraway when species meet review

Some of these chapters would have I enjoy Haraway's thinking, but this book was not my favorite. Some of these chapters would have worked better as articles since I really didn't expect it to be so domestic dog heavy based on the titleand for such a unique thinker, I was disappointed in some ways that she spent so much intellectual work on the dog, when I know her for work on primates and technologies.

That's just my bias, though. Her histories and discussions about and with her research participants, impassioned dog lay-scientists and experts, was pretty interesting.