Help meet kjv definition of grace

What is a "help meet?"

help meet kjv definition of grace

She is described as “a help meet for him:” Heb., a help as his front, his reflected That wife, who is of God's making by special grace, and of God's bringing by special . The word “meet” means “suitable,” or “adapted to. .. Genesis KJV. And the KJV says, "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth. It does not strengthen or improve or help. from the what to the why, "for edification to meet a need that it may impart grace to those who hear. H - עֵזֶר ʻêzer, ay'-zer; from ; aid:—help. Dictionary Aids. TWOT Reference: a. Strong's Info. Strong's Definitions. עֵזֶר ʻêzer, ay'-zer; from H;.

Look first at the word 'grace. Its first definition in Strong's Greek Lexicon is "graciousness, The principal manifestation of God's grace has heen in the form of a gift.

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We think the apostle meant that salvation is "the gift of God," or, as emphatically put in the Greek, "of God is it the gift. That truth is made stronger by contrast.

help meet kjv definition of grace

It is 'not of ourselves' and "not of works. Salvation is of divine origin.

help meet kjv definition of grace

But it is not anything that God was bound to arrange by the necessity of His nature. It is the result of His gracious will. Had it not been for His good pleasure, salvation would never have come.

God's grace rather than human merit is the source of the whole arrangement. We are saved gratuitously. Salvation is a gift; it is not earned. Faith But what about faith? We inquire into this because, other than the clearly stated gift of miraculously-conferred faith 1 Cor. It is among blessings which answer to Paul's rhetorical question, "what has thou that thou didst not receive?

They are 'received' through our cooperation amidst God's overruling providences.

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Faith, wherever present, exists in the mind, and it is generated by the holy spirit's influence of light and peace. Faith, in common with every other Christian virtue, exists in the heart that has responded to spiritual influences.

Paul wrote that "all [men] have not faith.

help meet kjv definition of grace

It is one's own mind and being that believes. It is not possible for God to believe for man, and convey that belief as a gift.

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The apostle wrote, rather, that "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. He encouraged believers to increase in faith: We are saved by grace.

help meet kjv definition of grace

The salvation comes through faith in God's revealed purpose in His Son who died for all. Nothing aside from faith would enable our receiving of the gift of salvation.

We of the human family were justly condemned to death for sin and disobedience. Those who break God's righteous law have no standing before Him in their own righteousness. Inasmuch as "there is none righteous, no, not one," all need God's grace and favor. None in the human family has a vantage point or place of approach from which to require or demand God's blessing.

The Holy Bible - 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 (KJV)

God Himself needed to make the first move in the rescue of man. The Divine judgment of which the preceding chapter speaks was expressed at the completion of man's creation; this, while that creation was in progress.

For the new-made man to have been left without a partner would, in the estimation of Jehovah Elohim, have been for him a condition of being which, if not necessarily bad in itself, yet, considering his intellectual and social nature, "would eventually have passed over from the negative not good, or a manifest want, into the positive not good, or a hurtful impropriety"' Lange.

Accordingly, Jehovah Elohim, for whom seeing that his nature is to dispense happiness to his creatures no more than for Adam would it have been good that man, being what he was, should remain alone, said, I will provide a help meet for him; literally, an helper, as over against him, i. The expression indicates that the forthcoming helper was to be of similar nature to the man himself, corresponding by way of supplement to the incompleteness of his lonely being, and in every way adapted to be his co-partner and companion.

All that Adam's nature demanded for its completion, physically, intellectually, socially, was to be included in this altera ego who was soon to stand by his side. Thus in man s need, and woman's power to satisfy that need, is laid the foundation for the Divine institution of marriage, which was afterwards prescribed not for the first pair alone, but for all their posterity.

Of such a help the man stood in need, in order that he might fulfil his calling, not only to perpetuate and multiply his race, but to cultivate and govern the earth. The circumstance that in Genesis 2: The arrangement may be explained on the supposition, that the writer, who was about to describe the relation of man to the beasts, went back to their creation, in the simple method of the early Semitic historians, and placed this first instead of making it subordinate; so that our modern style of expressing the same thought would be simply this: A striking example of this style of narrative we find in 1 Kings 7: First of all, the building and completion of the temple are noticed several times in 1 Kings 6and the last time in connection with the year and month 1 Kings 6: Now, if we were to understand the historical preterite with consec.

But the writer merely expresses in Semitic style the simple thought, that "Hiram, whom Solomon fetched from Tyre, made the vessels," etc. Another instance we find in Judges 2: Moreover, the allusion is not to the creation of all the beasts, but simply to that of the beasts living in the field game and tame cattleand of the fowls of the air-to beasts, therefore, which had been formed like man from the earth, and thus stood in a closer relation to him than water animals or reptiles.

For God brought the animals to Adam, to show him the creatures which were formed to serve him, that He might see what he would call them.


Calling or naming presupposes acquaintance. Adam is to become acquainted with the creatures, to learn their relation to him, and by giving them names to prove himself their lord.

God does not order him to name them; but by bringing the beasts He gives him an opportunity of developing that intellectual capacity which constitutes his superiority to the animal world. Humboldt says, is "the organ of the inner being, or rather the inner being itself as it gradually attains to inward knowledge and expression.

help meet kjv definition of grace

The thoughts of Adam with regard to the animals, to which he gave expression in the names that he gave them, we are not to regard as the mere results of reflection, or of abstraction from merely outward peculiarities which affected the senses; but as a deep and direct mental insight into the nature of the animals, which penetrated far deeper than such knowledge as is the simple result of reflecting and abstracting thought.

The naming of the animals, therefore, led to this result, that there was not found a help meet for man. Before the creation of the woman we must regard the man Adam as being "neither male, in the sense of complete sexual distinction, nor androgynous as though both sexes were combined in the one individual created at the first, but as created in anticipation of the future, with a preponderant tendency, a male in simple potentiality, out of which state he passed, the moment the woman stood by his side, when the mere potentia became an actual antithesis" Ziegler.

Then God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man Genesis 2: Sleep is an essential element in the nature of man as ordained by God, and is quite as necessary for man as the interchange of day and night for all nature besides. But this deep sleep was different from natural sleep, and God caused it to fall upon the man by day, that He might create the woman out of him. The woman was created, not of dust of the earth, but from a rib of Adam, because she was formed for an inseparable unity and fellowship of life with the man, and the mode of her creation was to lay the actual foundation for the moral ordinance of marriage.

As the moral idea of the unity of the human race required that man should not be created as a genus or plurality, Note: Natural science can only demonstrate the unity of the human race, not the descent of all men from one pair, though many naturalists question and deny even the former, but without any warrant from anthropological facts. The temptation was put to them, "You shall be as gods", but in that elevation of themselves above God Himself, they came under the dominion of the god of this world, Satan.

Yahuah wasn't obligated to intervene in any way, but in His great love toward the man He had created, He extended undeserved mercy and favour toward them and brought forth the plan of salvation to redeem them. He could have left them to the results of their rebellion against Him, but He chose to implement the plan which He had ordained before the foundation of the world, to save them and us, their descendants, through the sacrifice of His own Son on our behalf Hebrews 4: By initiating this act of supreme self-sacrificial love, He was providing a practical demonstration of their dependency upon Him and the fallacy of the deception they had embraced, that they could be self-determined and self-sufficient "as god".

It also taught them the extreme cost of their rebellion, that another life had to be used as a substitute, to pay the penalty for their sin. They were given the promise of the Messiah, and animal sacrifices began as an expression of faith in the atonement which He would provide as the Lamb of God, for their sins Genesis 3: For those who lived before His advent, it was a faith exercised in that which was to come, for those who have lived afterward, it is a faith exercised looking back at the records of His life and His works.

The faith itself was an impartation of His grace, His 'charis' - gift to us. It is all of His grace - His enabling power. If it was by any merit on our behalf, then there would be room for self-exaltation, but everyone lacks the moral integrity to stand in His presence, for "there is none righteous, no not one" Romans 3: And so, it is "Not of works, lest anyone should boast" Ephesians 2: He has passed over our sins on the basis of us believing in the One whom He sent to redeem us.

Paul says that through Yeshua, God is reconciling the world to himself not imputing their sins violation of His law to them 2 Corinthians 5: This reconciliation covers all our past sins which we have confessed, repented of and turned away from Psalm The plan of salvation accorded with His own righteousness and holiness, and yet made provision for man to be reconciled and restored to righteousness in His sight.

It is the process by which sinful humans beings are made acceptable to a holy God.