Hi nice to meet you was it me too

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hi nice to meet you was it me too

Thai language: basic of basics, Polite Word, Nice to meet you, Hello, Bye-bye, ไม่เป็นไร ครับ/ค่ะ. Now, learn how to say "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me."as well. Hi, teachers: My understanding is, people say "nice to meet you" when they just This 'Nice to have met you' for saying goodbye is new to me. “It's been nice for me talking to you.” “Me too.” That works, but nobody I know would . My friend might say similar things: It's so nice to see you again/I have so .

- Внезапно Беккер понял, что говорит чересчур громко.

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Люди на соседних койках приподнялись и внимательно наблюдали за происходящим. В дальнем конце палаты появилась медсестра и быстро направилась к .

hi nice to meet you was it me too