How sonic meet tails fanfiction

Sonic meets tails Chapter 1, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

The story of how Tails the fox met and became friends with Sonic the Hedgehog I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog, he belongs to SEGA. HOW SONIC MET TAILS. Sonic, Amy, Cream and Big were in their classroom that morning. The teacher came in and said that there was a new. Disclaimer: SEGA owns everything but Carson. I own him. P.S.:the Sonic and Tails from this fanfic is from the Sonic movie but younger.

Eventually, Sonic had been able to recover the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik could, and Sonic had saved the day. He had then put the Chaos Emeralds in a safe place.

When Tails met Sonic, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

Now, Sonic was just chilling, relaxing his own way by running. Sonic loved to run. He'd loved to run his entire life. Eventually, he reached the end of the forest, and he noticed a city.

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

The city was huge. There were skyscrapers everywhere At first, Sonic thought this might have been a human city. But he then noticed that the city was populated entirely by foxes. Then he looked up. Well, who was he to judge? He walked into the city, figuring that he might as well see the sights.

He then spotted a video arcade, and was just about to head inside. However, some fox kids inside spotted him, and they seemed to recognize him, rushing out of the arcade.

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

The fox kids nodded. Then, they chorused, "May we have your autograph?!

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

Sonic had no idea he was famous. However, he was a nice guy, so he gave the kids the autographs that they asked for. They quickly rushed off to wherever their homes were. Sonic was about to head elsewhere when another fox kid's head peeks out cautiously from the arcade. This kid has multiple bruises on his face. Please tell me they're gone," the kid pleaded. Cautiously, the kid came out of the arcade How'd you grow an extra tail?

Sonic x Tails innocence Gee reads fanfics ep1

I always hide from them. No offense, but your face looks like you picked a fight with a gorilla and lost," Sonic cracked. He changed the subject again. Sonic didn't think this was so impressive, but he quickly changed his mind when Tails used his tails like a helicopter and actually flew into the air!

Tails landed, taking a bow. Then Tails thought for a second. He could then see Tails's eyes light up. I don't have a pencil or pen, or even paper," Tails muttered. Tails flinched, as if he'd been hit with a baseball bat.

Something strange is going on, Sonic thought. He shrugged it off and said, "I'll be staying in the city tonight. We'll talk again tomorrow, okay, buddy? Then he looked at his watch. I've gotta get home! Sonic kind of liked the little guy. Somewhere out in the forest there lived a 2 tailed yellow fox named Miles Prower, but everyone he knew called him Tails.

Tails was an outcast to the other animals, a freak, all because he was born with 2 tails. To Tails, they were special, he could use them to fly like a helicopter, but to others they made him a freak, a loser, an outcast. Because of this the poor fox didn't have any friends, nobody to talk to or hang out with, nobody to watch tv or do anything with, he was sad and alone. He was constantly bullied by most animals he met, so he didn't leave his house too often.

Tails was a genius, he could create and build anything, he spent a lot of time working on inventions.

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

This gave him something to do during the day, trying to find new things to make and out of what. One day however would change his life, the fox had run out of food, he'd have to get more, he had to leave his house and gather food, but risk getting beaten up.

It was a risk he had to take, so he rushed out to get food and ran home as quick as he could, but didn't make it home fast enough, he was ambushed by a group of animals, a bear, wolf, pig, duck and falcon.

Getting fresh air, going to see your favorite chick flick? You gonna cry like a baby, boo hoo hoo hoo" said the duck mockingly The animals mocked Tails and began beating him up.

The bear kept pushing him to the ground "Aw did you fall down here let me help you up" said the wolf before punching him in the face "Haha, you suck, you suck" shouted the falcon as he kicked him "Ow, quit it, please, what did i do wrong? And what're you gonna do about it? All he could do was hear punches and kicks being thrown. When he could finally see, the animals were running away beaten and scared.

His savior, a blue hedgehog, extended his arm and helped him up "You're safe now kid" said the hedgehog Tails smiled but couldn't say anything before the hedgehog ran off faster than a race car. No one ever helped him with anything before, he had to know who this guy was and why he helped him, he decided to follow him. An hour passed and he had no luck, the hedgehog had outrun him. He decided to give up and head home when he stumbled across a beach, lying on the beach was a red biplane, a wonderful piece of machinery to the fox, and working on it was the hedgehog "Stupid piece of junk, why won't you start?

Maybe a nice run can ease my mind up" said the hedgehog before running off Tails, being curious as he was young, went up to the plane and looked at it.

how sonic meet tails fanfiction

It was a fine plane, but it needed work on its engine if it were to fly. Tails could get it working, but he also had ideas of his own that would make the plane better.