How to meet jewish women

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how to meet jewish women

Jewish dating is worse, and a Jewish woman in her mids looking for and would find it easier to meet a nice Jew to date and settle down. Search for Local Single Jewish Women. Search pictures and profiles of Jewish Singles near you right now. Discover how Meet Jewish Singles in Your State. Meet Jewish singles in your area for dating and romance @ - the most Discover why millions of Jewish men & Jewish women have joined Jdate to.

Often the classes are geared for certain age groups. Find out which classes the singles and young marrieds go to and join.

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Aish HaTorah branches around the world are an ideal place to meet lots of eligible singles, and learn some amazing Torah along the way. One Aish branch I know has thousands of Jewish singles come to its events every year.

Make Jewish Friends It is a wonderful thing to have friends from all kinds of backgrounds.

how to meet jewish women

Take a quick count, though: Go out of your way to make Jewish friends. Get Set Up The old fashioned way: Don't dismiss a system that works -- in every major city today there are personalized dating services that service Jews from all backgrounds. You get to find out a lot about the person before choosing to go out with them, thus saving emotions, time, and cash!

Where to Meet Jewish Singles

Furthermore, ask your friends and family to be on the lookout for you. Put the word out that you are looking and open to being set-up -- people will often be hesitant to 'mix in' unless you specifically ask them to. Go To Singles' Events Don't like singles' events?

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Don't worry -- many people there feel the same way you do. The point is to meet people. Or, to get to know people who may later make that connection for you.

Where to Meet Jewish Singles

These events actually work. If you want to organize something more 'interesting,' get on the organizing committee perhaps your soul mate will be on the committee too!

how to meet jewish women

Try singles' trips to Israel as well. Browse in the Jewish bookstore. Dating, like anything else, is a market. The more options guys have, the pickier they become.

Basically, with the Jewish guy as a rare commodity, a guy who is a 5 can date a woman who is a 6 -- or even a 7 or 8. So a totally fine and smart Jewish woman may stay on the market a very long time, unless she's willing to 'settle' for a guy of 'lesser' dating value.

how to meet jewish women

So what can be done about this? Well, a few things. You're setting religion as a deal breaker -- even though you aren't religious. For people who are very religious, I totally understand that Judaism is a deal breaker. But for those who are secular AND who must marry someone Jewish, my suggestion is to change this deal breaker. Be open to both Jewish men, and to men who don't identify with any religion. If your main reason for wanting to date someone Jewish is so that you can raise Jewish children, you're in luck!

According to the Torah, only the mother has to be Jewish. And there are tons of guys who will be fine with raising their kids Jewish; don't write them all off at the beginning of the process. If you have been single for years and haven't had luck, try out a city where you'll have better odds as a single, Jewish woman.

In our San Francisco database, the ratio is 1: In LA, it's 3 men: You have too many deal breakers, period. Be open to guys who are a few years younger, or 10 - 15 years older.

Be open to guys with a few extra pounds. Be open to geeky guys, or guys with boring jobs. Be open to men who are divorced, or who have kids.

Remember before, when I said to be open? I'm making a separate point for this one, because I see it all of the time. For the love of G-d, don't have Judaism and height as deal breakers. Wanting to date a guy an inch or two taller is fine, but wanting a nice Jewish husband who towers over you when you wear heels is not.

how to meet jewish women

In a dating market already this tough, you're telling me that a few pairs of 4" heels are more important to you than your future husband?