How to meet people while traveling

3 Amazing Ways To Meet People While Travelling Solo

how to meet people while traveling

The people you meet during your travels have the potential to change your life. Sounds dramatic, but you'd be surprised how fast you can. 9 best apps to meet people while traveling. Meet other fellow travelers and locals in a new country. Best application on your phone. Here are the 20 best non-awkward ways I've discovered to meet new people while traveling solo, whether internationally or in your own country.

how to meet people while traveling

There is also a messaging feature that allows you to contact with other members of the group. FlipTheTrip This great app runs in over cities and connects 19 locals and travelers.

3 Amazing Ways To Meet People While Travelling Solo

The main idea of this platform is to find fellow travelers or locals, who are currently at the same place as you. There is also an option to connect and chat with future travel partners before your holiday.

how to meet people while traveling

Join Facebook travel groups If you love traveling and meeting new people around the World, I recommend to join awesome travel groups on Facebook. There are thousands of members, who share the same interest, help each other and connect also in real-life.

It is a great opportunity to find a perfect companion to travel with or meet locals wherever you are. For example, you post a short message that you are currently in Barcelona and you want to meet with some like-minded people, have a drink or dinner.

Believe me, there are hundreds of travelers, like you. Nearify The platform helps you to discover all upcoming events in your city from more than 20 million events worldwide.

how to meet people while traveling

It is a great way to know what is happening around you and to attend the best entertainment, like live music shows, classes, networking events, festivals, workshops or any other trending shows.

You can even invite your friends, share events with your groups or search for events according to your interest.

It gives you an opportunity to discover new places and improve your skills at the same time. You can use your experience and education to help out hosts in over countries all over the World. In addition, the WorldPackers global community is a great source of tips and recommendation for your next trip.

Join overWorldPackers community and meet awesome people today! Showaround gives you a chance to not only meet locals but also have a personal guide to show you around.

how to meet people while traveling

You can select your travel guide, specifying your expectations and destinations. Plan a perfect time for yourself!

Pub crawls usually have a minimum of 3—5 attendees, with a typical group size of 10— Take part in tours and excursions Many cities offer free tours. While no payment is required for these tours, tips are encouraged if you enjoy the experience.

18 Ways To Meet People When Traveling Solo | Travel + Leisure

Tallinn Traveller Tours Make contact with friends or friends of friends who live at your destination You probably have at least friends surely even more and each of these friends has their share of at least friends — this makes 90, people. At least one of these connections must live at your destination and be willing to spend some time with you! If you like dancing Google local dance schools. You might find a cool event nearby where you can meet like-minded people. Take a class or course on anything from Tibetan massage to cooking.

Find a travel mate If you still consider travelling alone to be a nightmare then you should find a travel mate. Otherwise head to a travel forum such as Travelbuddy.

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