Hsmai meet 2011 nba

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hsmai meet 2011 nba

– Present 7 yearsEconomic Empowerment The question is whether or not your organization is meeting the leader's hierarchy of needs. Authors. · NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate Announces New Construction Named Among "Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing" by HSMAI. The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) is committed to growing business for hotels and their partners, and is the industry's .

It requires open communication and a willingness to continually listen and push associates to think differently and share their ideas and concerns. In my prior role, I had a very large team in one location. I remember an instance where I startled one of my employees working in her cubicle.

Several people advised me to not over expose myself and limit access intentionally. Personally, I think great leadership is exactly the opposite. An approach like this also really starts to tear down the silos and the walls and gets people to start to share the ideas they have had but never had a forum to exchange.

Without a doubt, I get my energy and motivation from associates and exchanging ideas. Any words of wisdom from your own experience? Make sure to surround yourself with people who are open, honest, and flexible. Strike a good balance on using data but also talking to your employees and customers to make sure you use the information you have in a way that creates value for them.

Be authentic and establish who you are, the culture you want, and then spend the time to ensure people are all driving to the same end game and goals. The same, of course, is true for times of major industry shifts which alter the conditions and the environment businesses operate in. Sadly, it seems, ignorance is wide-spread when it comes to all that is happening in the tech space with few leaders taking decisive steps forward to acknowledge and address the need to rectify the situation.

However, sitting down for a conversation with Klaus Kohlmayr, chief evangelist at IDeaS Revenue Solutionshe confirmed that the sector is playing catch-up. We agreed, gutsy leadership is needed to bring the technology departments at hotel organizations worldwide into the 21st century. More importantly, we agreed that the root of the problem lies in out-of-date software, systems and infrastructure. Too many hotel operators are running on archaic platforms and trying to compete with a horse-drawn carriage in a Formula 1 race.

Dealing with Legacy Systems: Most of us have probably never thought about it, but the fact of the matter is the majority of branded properties run on reservation systems with core architecture that is over half a century old. Old and out-of-date technology platforms hinder and slow down the progress of an organization and can reduce its competitiveness. To get ahead of the game, it is about time that senior company leadership makes some tough decisions.

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Like in many situations, though, it is easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day needs of an operating business. We therefore brainstormed what advice we could give executives who want to drive change and innovation — this boils down to: Avoid complacency at a departmental level, whilst ensuring the right people are put in charge who understand a consumer-centric technology strategy.

Increase awareness at an ownership-level. Mostly, when deciding where to spend the hard-earned capital, technology comes last. It is understandable that the perceived need for a sophisticated system, built on the latest technology architecture and with all the bells and whistles, is low when the system bought many years ago does the trick.

Take advantage of new, modular technology architecture. Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, with their respective clouds, the advent of APIs, which make it easy for systems to communicate with each other, and modular designs around microservices make it increasingly affordable to replace outdated technology.

Yet, by doing so, many are unwillingly stifling innovation. But progress is difficult to stop, and rising customer expectations, fostered by the mobile revolution, together with online travel agencies spending billions on engaging and connecting with consumers, are sure enough exerting extra pressure on the industry to innovate.

On that closing remark, it may be worthwhile to draw the attention to what innovative hotel company Yotel has recently announced. Since new ideas constantly pop-up, across all divisions of a hotel company, Viriot highlighted the benefit of having an external expert telling you what you might not know. It appears that people make first impressions of others within the first 11 seconds, according to a study published by neuroscientists at New York University and Harvard University.

hsmai meet 2011 nba

Executive presence can nevertheless be tricky to define, but people seem to know it when they see it. Alex Stadlin, the international-focused Chief Operating Officer at Playa Hotels and Resorts, pretty much cut to the chase with his definition that he shared with us several years ago — i.

In other words, we propose a C3 model: The best part is that each component in this model can be learned — so get going. Self-confidence can be a friend and foe to emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike.

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In many cases, leaders must think and act against popular wisdom, and thus must exhibit confidence and grit in the face of severe—and even very public—opposition. Of course, self-confidence can also lead one down a very dark path of narcissism, nepotism and grandiosity if untampered, much less uncontrolled.

A healthy ego comprised of a sense of self-competence and self-esteem is important, but it is invariably dangerous if it lacks a corresponding sense of introspection.

Ego is a natural, necessary and constructive part of leadership, but it must be balanced with humility and realism to be focused on bringing positive impacts. Fortunately, it can be fostered via three simple tactics: The human brain is hardwired with a bias to act impulsively and reactively in favor of self-interests in a given moment.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to combat internal biases for self-gain is to ask oneself this simple question before taking important business actions: This impartiality enables leaders to gain completely candid, honest and balanced feedback that transcends the inherent biases, limited life experience and specific skill sets of individual leaders.

Leadership is a process of symbiotic success, i. Contrary to the stereotypical image of the big-ego CEO portrayed in the media, the best leaders simultaneously exhibit a marked degree of achievement-orientation on one hand, and empathy and humility on the other. Self-confidence is a foe when it serves only you; it is a friend when it fuels service to others.

Over the course of his career, Shane has held leading operational positions at some of the most luxurious hotels and hotel companies around the world. Recently, he has re-focused his efforts with his training solutions company, SGEi. As a new generation of employees is promoted to their first supervisory or management role, organizations continue to fail to set them up for leadership success. As a result, a lack of leadership abilities and understanding causes poor performance, increased turnover, and an inability to deliver excellent customer service.

The root of the problem stems from first-time supervisors and managers not being instructed which customer they need to focus on.

One of the first lessons Shane learned as a new supervisor at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company was that the guests were no longer his most important priority—it was now the employees or his internal customers.

Unfortunately, many new supervisors or managers do not know how to prioritize or take care of their employees. When new supervisors or managers are more focused on their operation or external customers over their internal customers, employees feel neglected, and their performance suffers.

To develop great leaders, the senior leaders need to prioritize their development a lot sooner in their career. They must prepare future leaders for their internal customer responsibilities from the time they graduate their onboarding process and start mastering their daily routines. So, how can they be preparing them or what can they be equipping them with? Begin with the Administrative Tasks: Even though many of these tasks may not seem very leadership-oriented, there is one task that is extremely important—to ensure your employees are paid correctly.

Also, employees want to get the schedule they want and the breaks they need on time. Get high-performing staff involved in completing these mundane yet essential tasks early so that they understand how to keep these basics from being an excuse for lack of performance. Provide training on policies regarding payroll, vacations, and breaks so that all future leaders are confident on how to complete these critical issues easily.

Make Safety a Priority: Every supervisor needs to ensure that the safety of their team is a top priority, so teach them proper safety procedures early on. No one comes to work to get injured, yet nothing weighs more on the mindset of an employee if they think they may be in danger. Employees should be aware of common safety concerns and be trained early on how to correct potential issues. Partner with Risk Management to provide relevant trainings on workplace safety.

Your best employees, those who deliver ideal results and adhere to the values of the organization, should be the mentors and trainers for all new staff. Teach future leaders about adult learning theories, effective communication techniques, and how to give consistent feedback. Teaching these skills will establish a foundation of essential leadership habits around communication and coaching.

hsmai meet 2011 nba

Unfortunately, supervisors lack many of these necessary habits today. By teaching high-performing employees these skills and then providing them opportunities to practice in a safe environment, you will quickly know if those employees have the right disposition to be your next generation of leaders.

Developing your team members to train, communicate, and give feedback effectively are essential leadership building blocks. Ensure They Are Inclusive: It is critical that future leaders are introduced to diversity training and can identify issues within a group of people before they get a title. When Shane first became a supervisor and started to consider whether all members of his team really had a sense of belonging, he was surprised at the duress some of his team came under from their peers.

Potential leaders need to be taught how to have conversations with staff who need to feel more a part of the team while also having the tough conversations with those who make others feel left out. Too often, companies take respect for granted, yet based on the number of issues on harassment and inappropriate conduct coming to light, this topic is essential for new leaders to understand.

Make Them Responsible for Improvement: Potential leaders need to take ownership for improving the business and achieving goals. Once an employee understands goals and measurements, they should be given the responsibility to achieve a department goal or improve an element of the operation.

It is essential to see these employees apply business sense, methodologies, and resources in such a way that yields improvement. The challenge for many first-time supervisors or managers is that they have to focus so much on their development once they get a title while simultaneously managing their operation that they are unable and unprepared to focus on the success of their team.

While new leaders need to master many other priorities, the ones suggested above can be developed before any title is given, which ensures the foundation of leadership is set. And only if we achieved both of those goals would we be able to provide long-term value to shareholders. In this context, there are critical differences among being accessible, approachable or relatable.

Accessible is nice, but this often boils down merely to being tactically available to a team, i.


Teams may not automatically feel comfortable going to an accessible leader, but they are comfortable engaging with an approachable one. And, so enters the concept of being relatable. Unlike the other two attitudes, this particular quality reflects a striving to proactively connect with and support others. Guess which of these three attitudes power-brokers most value when assessing candidates for mission-critical roles?

Click here to access the full article on Hotels Magazine. Published as part of the Forbes Human Resources Council Thought Leadership Series All companies have pain points during growth or stabilization phases, so leaders face two critical questions: Where are they, and how can we ease them? There is now an evidence-based model to help business leaders confront these issues more efficiently and effectively.

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Brendon Granger reviews the transition of technology in guestrooms and the influence it could have in the hotel-guest relationship. Budgeting for Success in Posted: While the process and timeline varies from company to company, every hotel ultimately has to answer the same question: David Kepron of Marriott International digs into how collaborations between teams can enhance the customer experience at your hotel.

Repair vs Replace a Workplace Computer Posted: Many hotel companies have adopted a policy that a broken PC is not worth repairing and should be immediately replaced, and the old computers erased and donated to students or senior citizens. Other companies evaluate the condition of the malfunctioning PC to determine if it can be reasonably repaired. Geoff Griswold evaluates the best course of action for repairing vs.

Takeaways for Hospitality Companies Posted: A systemic loss, like one that impacts the power grid or halts the financial sector from trading for a few days, would be an entirely different and scary story. Mary Guzman talks about the scary after-effects of the Equifax breach for hopitality companies.

Overcoming Content Challenges Posted: The airport handled over 45 million passengers incompared to the 31 million rounded in In response to the growing passenger traffic, the airport is undergoing a series of renovations and expansions, including opening a new International Arrivals Facility, installing a new baggage system, and renovating the airport's year-old North Satellite concourse.

In addition, the new, ,square-foot Federal Aviation Administration's FAA regional headquarters office is under construction and scheduled for completion in Many visitors come to the area to take an Alaskan cruise during the summer months.

Invessel calls originated from Seattle's cruise terminals, carryingpassengers rounded. The passenger count is forecast to surpass one million in On the collegiate level, the University of Washington draws a significant number of visitors during the football season. Challenges While Seattle is on the growth trajectory, the city has its own challenges. Seattle has some of the toughest labor laws, which affects the hospitality industry.

In SeptemberSeattle passed a law that requires a day window for setting the employee work schedule. Additionally, employers are required to offer more hours to existing employees before hiring new workers.

hsmai meet 2011 nba

Furthermore, the skyrocketing home prices and the increasing homeless population are also part of the growing pain. This upscale suburb offers a growing downtown area that houses large corporate offices for companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia, Walgreens, and Verizon. InAmazon announced its plan to occupy the new Centre building in Downtown Bellevue, and inSalesforce. Bellevue continues to provide an attractive business environment for the innovative industries.

InRecreational Equipment, Inc. The Spring District is a new, block, mixed-use project in Bellevue that is also a part of the Mountains to Sound Greenway. In addition to these projects, 20 additional development projects in Bellevue are in various stages of planning or permitting.