If you meet sartana pray for your death 1968 download music

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if you meet sartana pray for your death 1968 download music

If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death 'Se incontri Sartana prega per A really fun spaghetti western B movie with great camera work, music and gun fights. What do you get if you take a little bit of Batman, a little bit of James Bond , a. It is very obvious why Sartana created an avalanche of sequels, only second to Django. Even if it looks like yet another tale about stolen gold, Mexican bandits. Movie rating Pray for Your Death Blu-ray release, see If You Meet Sartana. . of Arrow Video with an AVC encoded p transfer in by the then insanely popular music of Lalo Schifrin for television's Mission.

If You Meet Sartana... Pray for Your Death Blu-ray

TankGuy 31 July Warning: Spoilers The Spaghetti Western was always well known for it's quirky, colourful characters and anti-heroes, they were more than just your average, gruff cowboy seen in the American western.

They often had their own unique characteristics which audiences remembered them for so well, also due to the James Bond craze, they were also given a wide range of weapons and gadgets,Sartana is one such example, a cunning, super fast and super smart gentleman gunslinger who dons a black cape,suit,white shirt and red neck tie, not to mention cowboy boots complete with Spurs.

He uses a six shooter and Winchester rifle but often favours an easily hid Derringer, he is also very shrewd and creative in outsmarting his enemies and in the first of five films he is played by Spaghetti Western veteran Gianni Garko. The plot of this first film in the series "If you meet Sartana, prey for your death" is like this, a stagecoach carrying a gold shipment from the local bank is attacked by Mexican bandits who kill everybody on board,however,just as the bandits are about to make off with the gold, they themselves are attacked and all of them killed by sadistic outlaw Lasky WILLIAM BERGER and his men.

But Lasky in turn kills his own men when they try and steal the gold,however,when he opens the strongbox, he finds it is full of rocks.

if you meet sartana pray for your death 1968 download music

Unknown to Lasky, the real gold has been hidden and he is also in league with the town's two corrupt bankers, Jeff Stewal and Al Holman who want the insurance money from the robbery as well as the gold, on top of this, a gang of ruthless Mexican bandits also want the gold, but things are made worse when mysterious gunslinger Sartana GIANNI GARKO comes on the scene and is also interested in the whereabouts of the gold.

Everyone involved double crosses each other and the body count gets higher and higher, so who will get the gold The film is very similar to SABATA as Sartana dresses in the same way as the character of Sabata and displays the same characteristics and uses the same weapons. The film has a very body count and the action scenes are brilliantly done. The horse chases and shootouts are fantastic and I enjoyed watching all the guys fall through the air and perform hilarious stunts as they are shot.

If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death - Wikipedia

I loved the way Lasky uses a Machine Gun to dispatch his enemies and I loved the first scene when Sartana shoots 4 guys with his Derringer and then finishes off the other 2 with his Winchester, having only to bring the Rifle down from over his shoulder to shoot out the last two guys, really impressive. The stagecoach robbery in which the bandits chase and shoot at the stagecoach and are later all shot dead themselves was also excellently done.

But when Sartana, time and time again, pulls it out of thin air like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat to blow his adversaries away, you can't imagine anyone but him using it.

Although If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death is the first film to feature this memorable and incredibly cool spaghetti western anti-hero, it isn't the best.

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With this many individuals contributing to the film's plot, it's no wonder that it is complex to the point of incomprehension. All I know is that there is some gold and everyone wants it.

By "everyone", I mean a bunch of Mexican bandits led by General Tampico Fernando Sanchoa gang of American outlaws affiliated with a coke-head in a velvet suit named Lasky William Bergera knife thrower named Morgan Klaus Kinski who wears a bell on his boot and is said to be "like a cat", a corrupt politician Sydney Chaplin, son of Charlie who is blackmailed over and over, his candy eating fat friend of a banker Gianni Rizzoa blond woman Heidi Fischer who moves from one man to the next, and, of course Sartana Gianni Garkowho jumps in and out of the conflict between hang-out sessions with a laughing old man Franco Pescean artist turned undertaker.

if you meet sartana pray for your death 1968 download music

I struggled to keep tabs on all these characters, where the gold they were chasing is, the statuses of their always changing allegiances, and who is double crossing who. Pray For Your Death, but after the credits finished rolling, I still wasn't able to piece all the loose ends together.

In fact, the more I think about its plot, the more confusing it gets. Maybe I need to watch the film again, but based off my initial viewing I can say with confidence that it makes absolutely no sense.

The story, however, doesn't have to make sense.

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  • Despite Its Flaws, 'If You Meet Sartana... Pray for Your Death' Stacks Up the Action

Getting introduced to the unforgettable character of Sartana, who Garko seems born to play with his relaxed acting and mysterious aura, made the confusion of the plot insignificant. If you're anything like me, watching If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death will make you hungry for more Sartana in spite of its messy plot. This film, in fact, could be viewed as the perfect warm-up for the four Sartana films that follow it: Sartana Is Coming ; and even Sartana's Here Alongside the introduction of the legendary Sartana character are the relentless and inspired action sequences, which fortunately help distract from the weak plot for two reasons.

First, these action scenes have a hint of the stunt-heavy, acrobatic-like shooting jumps and running tumbles that the director, Parolini, would later put on fully display in his Sabata trilogy