Iim bangalore alumni meet speech

iim bangalore alumni meet speech

Shah Rukh Khan addresses alumni of IIM-Bangalore; full speech . I meet many successful people in the world of business and I often find that. been formed under the aegis of the IIMB Alumni Association, Bangalore chapter taking up different roles in the meeting or giving a speech. the Sergeant-At-Arms role at IIMB Orators which requires bringing the meeting to .. Orators opened membership to PAN IIM alumni . The SAA's speech tends to set the tone for the meeting. Given that IIMB Orators meets in.

MP Shashi Tharoor came on next, to deliver the keynote address, which was, by his own admission, "anecdotal and cliche-ridden.

  • Shah Rukh Khan addresses alumni of IIM-Bangalore; full speech

In came the liberalisation and although we have had governments of every kind since, none has been able to undo the effects of that decision.

The Indian Sports landscape had tennis ace Vijay Amritraj, Olympian swimmer Nisha Millet and cricketing legend Anil Kumble up on stage immediately after the keynote address. He kept his audience in splits while Kumble and Millet more than held their own as well - a panel on sport seems unlikely at a leadership summit, but they stole the show.

You have no time for friends, you miss your kids' birthday parties, but that's the choice you have to make. He walked on to the pitch at the age of 16 and everybody expected great things from him. I, on the other hand, was dismissed because I didn't turn the ball. He had to prove people right and I had to prove them wrong! To be able to dream unencumbered, to imagine and hang on to a boundless mind filled with ideas so that you never stop renewing yourself and the world around you whether it is your inner world, your consciousness or your outer world that encompasses your profession and your relationships is essential to leadership.

But dreaming is not enough, its also important to be able to dismantle the old, the frameworks that are laid out before you, the ideas that you yourself cling to, the ones that hold you back and prevent you from growing. It is by disassembling your fears of failing, of losing not just things, but people and positionsand most of all- of change that you can be truly creative not just in the things you choose to do, but in the way you view your part in the world you inhabit.

I meet many successful people in the world of business and I often find that while their ideas are very clear, the way they speak of them is oddly dispassionate. The madness and passion are missing. I get the sad impression that business often becomes numerical: I think the emphasis on organizational goals and efficiency has clouded the poetry of creating.

Perhaps because of the artistic basis of the work I do, it is difficult for me to relate to this starkness. I feel it lacks life. To lead means to inspire, and you cannot inspire people mechanically or through numerical with all due respect Inspiration is an emotional construct. To make people believe in anything, whether it is a product, a story, an idea, or you: You can't create within a box with unbending walls.

It is an open process, one that is welcoming and wild. To abandon that inclusive wildness for a narrowly defined goal is illusory. I have never set one- truly. I have never set out to earn a particular amount, to count the crores at the box office or to compare my worth with anyone else's.

IIMB alumni meet: Shashi Tharoor steals the show on Day 2

In fact I would go as far as saying that quantifiable goals are indeed illusions. The only reality is hard work. Diligence is imperative to both creativity and leadership. Making the mistake of thinking that your dreams will take flight without you having to flap madly at those wings to get up into the sky is plain silly. In my experience, its great to delegate, but there's no short cut to working hard. To know and to understand what you are doing, to be open to learning about it and from it, every single moment requires diligence.

If you want to excel at something there shouldn't be a single person around you who can claim to be more familiar with its mechanics than you are.

Its non negotiable to strive and to be familiar with your trade. Life remains ordinary if you are unable to sustain the capacity to work hard on your dreams. If you aren't determined to get there- you won't.

iim bangalore alumni meet speech

And this is a paradoxical thing because I've heard many people say that you need to know where you're going to be determined about reaching there but it hasn't been the case with me.

I never knew my destination, I can't even claim to know it today Now that I am on the cover of Forbes India, is that where I wanted to be as a businessman.

My IPL team has won the championship and its profitable, is that the dream I had for a sporting franchise venture. I have a film running in a cinema hall for the last twenty years No I don't think so. I believe goals actually limit our ambitions and desire. I don't mean that don't have goals, but call them milestones I have never set goals but I have truly never done a single thing that I wasn't determined to do the best.

I had no idea where it would take me for the most part of it, but I had the idea that I would do whatever it was with a determination that would scare everyone else away.

iim bangalore alumni meet speech

No matter how hard we work, however, leadership implies being prepared for disaster. And it will come. If it doesn't hit you like a tsunami washing away your house and home You can cry and wallow. This is version 3. Now we have to move to version 4.

IIMB Alumni Office hosts first Saturday Musings on Jan 21 with a discussion on demonetization.

I would like to invite volunteers and thought leaders from amongst you all and form a team of 7 to 10 alumni who will visualise and formulate a plan for Version 4. We will together create a roadmap of our AA and oversee the execution of the same.

iim bangalore alumni meet speech

If yes, please write to alumnicouncil. We are not restricting this to an essay or a write up though you are welcome to do so.