Induction performance supra meet bay

Tampa Supra Dyno Meet Pics and Vids 1/22/12

induction performance supra meet bay

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Here's a pic of the interior.

Enrique Munoz - PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds

Here is a pic of the engine bay build in process. The car had just gotten off the dyno in Tampa when it was crashed and totaled. The body is ruined, as well as the frame of the car.

We are still unsure as to the condition of the motor, transmission, and rear end. I have detailed pictures of the car crashed, and haven't decided whether or not I will post them here. It's a shame to see the car in the condition it's in, and is still hard to this day for me to see it in person.

It's been crashed for over a week now.

induction performance supra meet bay

Countless dollars, and endless hours of attention to detail were "wasted" on what is now a chunk of scrap metal. The little stuff was performed in Tampa by Alpha and mostly Jose.

induction performance supra meet bay

Many thanks to Jose for his prideful work on this car. His car is amazing, and he does excellent work. I am sure all of you are upset that such a nice piece of work is now worthless. There are a few lessons to be learned by the life and death of this project: Trust nobody with things that are important to YOU 2.

induction performance supra meet bay

Know what you are getting yourself into before buying a Supra dollar amount and time spent on the car 3. Also agree to deadlines. YOU should be able to enjoy it. Question motives of people you involve yourself with, withinin the Supra community. Not everyone wants to be your friend. Please do not PM me and ask me for parts off of this car.

induction performance supra meet bay

GoPro Hero 5 http: Andrew Graaf - Nostalgia Video Link: Check out the video coverage of the event and see you next time. Also upgraded to wilwood superlight brakes courtesy of Andy from Arizona Performance. Ruining the Supra Paint I ended up running into some random issues with the paint, first running the candy, and then getting a whole lot of dirt in the rear bumper and other pieces.

I do a little theory testing on seeing what i can get away with as far as repainting pieces or just being able to polish them. None of these videos are mine. I am simply creating compilations.

All rights go to the original uploaders. If you are an uploader and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

1100whp Supra Dyno - Induction Performance - Ivan's car

It's the most powerful car we've driven so far, and it was quite the experience trying to harness this much power on public roads. Well, it's all right here: If you want Ryan Pure Function P. Check us out on: The Fast Lane Truck http: Well I guess its just another baby step in the long process of bringing this 95 Toyota Mkiv Supra project car back to life!

CLEAN 38k mile Supra Crashed in Tampa (Gucci)

This week I sanded the door jambs, and the engine bay in preparation for the awesome Lexus Infrared Red color that I laid down by the end of this video Snapchat: I came across a great deal on a big brake kit on suprastore. All at a fraction of the price of other BBK! One little hiccup though: I hope to have them by mid-week for the call out! Link below if anyone is interested in the kit. Budget built mk4 Supra. Like my FB fan page and ask any questions about my supra!! Here is some highlights of my testing.

Feel free to leave me comments about the result.

induction performance supra meet bay

Also if someone know why my gopro is filming so bad when its dark? OEM long block aside from Kelford cams.

With a much needed new delivery setup, this 7M-powered beast put down whp and wtq 39psi! Drift, drag, street race. This is the first part, lot more to come.