Initial d car meet in orange

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initial d car meet in orange

Akina will meet various challengers on her way to become the Drift Queen, arrive on Japan's Initial D! New characters will use American Muscle cars to . She has orange hair and wears a long red dress, even for racing. another 15 or so years from the events of Initial D (it all takes place in ). stage, contradicting his manga self saying that the car was scrapped. The lightweight RWD AE86 meets the powerful Impreza, which also. Initial D's AE86 Sprinter Trueno may have been a humble tōfu delivery An orange Toyota86 (as it's called in Japan) appeared in this year's.

And, as Toru Suetsugu found out the hard way, doing it without proper knowledge can flip the car. In Final Stage, the rev limiter is taken off of the AE86's engine: Combining this with the "blind attack" is doubly dangerous, as Takumi can't see the tachometer with the headlights off.

Beating the undefeated Ryosuke cemented Takumi's reputation as one of the best drivers in the Gunma Prefecture. When he's driving like he's delivering tofu or racing and he has a passenger, the passenger will almost always have freakouts on how ridiculous his speeds and technique are compared to their own, sometimes even fainting.

However, he is shown to be capable of driving safely outside of racing; Natsuki notes that her parents' driving makes her carsick but Takumi's driving doesn't. He's already an expert behind the wheel when the series begins, as demonstrated when he beats Keisuke twice in a row once in an improptu race, again in a proper organized race. His Character Development comes from him adjusting to a racing environment rather than the tofu delivery runs that Bunta assigns him every day.

Three times in the series - first when he finds out that Natsuki engages in Enjo Kosaisecond when the AE86's engine breaks down in the middle of a race against Kyouichi Sudo and third when Bunta driving an Impreza beats him in an impromptu race. Zigzagged ; Takumi learned to drift by driving deliveries down the same stretch of road repeatedly for years, but it's theorized by his opponents he simply has a "natural talent" for driving.

Following Takumi's win over Shinji, his AE86 goes down as the undefeated vehicle that has an official perfect win ratio.

initial d car meet in orange

In MF GhostTakumi has a reputation much similar to his father, he is legendary among the generation who witnessed Project D's conquest of Saitama, Ibaraki and Kanakawa prefectures, but not all that well known to modern generations due to the Career-Ending Injury that ended his WRC career early on.

A new engine intended for race cars is installed in the AE86 shortly after the original breaks down, which Bunta purposely allows to happen. A small upgrade in the form of a roll cage is also installed after the race against Team in Fifth Stage.

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Takumi seems to have absolutely no sense of pressure or stress before his races, which stuns all the other members of Project D. Players battle him several times in Legend of the Streets mode for Arcade Stage. The increase in difficulty is basically him holding back less and less. Signature Move The gutter drop technique, where Takumi drops the inside tires of the AE86 into the rain gutters to offset the heavy centrifugal force when drifting at tight hairpins on Mount Akina, allowing him to enter corners at higher speeds.

Takumi replaces the above with the blind overtake by shutting off the AE86's headlights.

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This has the effect of making the car more aerodynamic since it has pop-up headlights and confusing his opponents, who are unable to see his car in their rearview mirror. It's explained that Takumi can pull this off only because he memorizes the course on the many, many practice runs Project D performs before every away race. Step into the Blinding Fight: In a mild and rare example of this being used by the protagonist, Takumi during his Project D tenure will occasionally turn off the AE86's headlights to blend in the darkness and pressure his opponent, understandably shocking the majority of them given how dangerous touge passes can be at nighttime.

There's also a practical reason for doing this: Takumi's AE86 Trueno is a car that has pop-up headlights, so by turning off his headlights he is able to reduce the drag on his car, giving it some extra speed. When around his friends Takumi is more open and sometimes even Adorkable. Whenever he's in a race against an opponent he's cold and focused.

Took a Level in Badass: Takumi's driving skills were already impressive at the beginning of First Stage. What made everyone so amazed is the fact that despite having this godlike skill in driving, Takumi didn't really know anything about cars, car mechanics, or the street racing scene in general. His experiences of racing tough opponents as well as joining Project D shaped Takumi into someone who not only drives well, but also understands the inner workings of cars as well as driving techniques.

initial d car meet in orange

Back in First Stage, Takumi didn't even know what his own car was called. Fast forward to episode 7 of Fourth Stage and he can point out the flaws of the newly installed turbo on Itsuki's AE Itsuki, Iketani, and Kenji are all stunned and amazed after hearing such precise statements coming from him.

That is how far he has come. Wax On, Wax Off: All Takumi does or so he thinks is to drive as fast as possible to have time to deliver the tofu, return home and have a little more sleep before school starts. He's taught to believe that drifting is done so as to prevent the tofu from rolling and tumbling around the trunk. Personified, as underestimating Takumi and the outdated Trueno is a quick way to get thrown off-guard when a opponent is racing him. What a Piece of Junk: Averted post- Mid-Season Upgrade.

The majority of Takumi's opponents continue to question and comment on his choice of car throughout the series, and it is often considered a major factor in the obligatory declarations that "this is the toughest opponent yet" which precede each race.

Bunta Fujiwara Voiced by: Unknown to his son, Bunta is actually a street racer and holds the fastest, recorded downhill run on Mount Akina. Though he no longer races, he secretly guides Takumi and molds him into an exceptionally skilled driver. At the same time, he occasionally tweaks the settings of the AE86 to not only suit Takumi's style, but give him an edge against his challengers. After he hands ownership of the Trueno to his son upon joining Project D, Bunta purchases an Impreza for his own use.

Bunta's method of training is surreal: After he buys the Impreza, he has Takumi alternate between the Trueno and his car for deliveries. Doing this will show Takumi the strength of modern vehicles and the advantages of an all-wheel drive AWDanother strategy to improve his skills.

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All There in the Manual: Supplemental manga pages states that he hates Tofu. Which is a subtle Irony in itself since he owns a Tofu shop. Although the manga and anime made no attempt to hide this, the live-action movie flanderized this aspect of Bunta, making him a frequent drunkard.

In Arcade Stage, only after defeating Takumi in the last encounter with him in Legend of the Streets mode will Bunta challenge players.

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It's unlikely players will win, as his Rubber Band A. Regardless of a win or loss, the credits will roll. He's almost in his 50's but still qualifies as one of the best, if not the best driver in the entire series. The fact that his definition of a "practical, easy-to-drive" car is a horsepower, all-wheel-drive, 2-door GC8 Impreza really says something. Not once are Bunta's eyes ever open in the Anime and Manga ; averted in the live-action movie.

I Am Not Left-Handed: This is before deciding to purchase it as his personal vehicle. Arguably the best racer in the franchise, to wit in Arcade Stage, an entire mode called "Bunta Challenge" is dedicated to him. Oddly enough, only those In-Universe from Bunta's generation know of his legendary reputation. Almost always seen with a cigarette in his mouth and in one particular scene, he is seen grabbing and lighting a cigarette while drifting.

Trickster Mentor His idea of secretly training Takumi into becoming a seasoned street racer is to send him on tofu delivery runs up Mount Akina every day, regardless of weather conditions. Which pays off, as Takumi's rain experience allows him to smoke Kenta, the RedSuns' rain specialistas well as Miki during a snowy day.

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  • which initial d car are u going to buy first?

He allows the Trueno's engine to break down on purpose before installing the new engine, in order to get Takumi to appreciate the engine swap - the idea being that if he offered the swap to Takumi while the original engine was still intact, Takumi would protest against it. Furthermore, not telling his son about the engine swap after repairing the car is so Takumi can deduce by himself how powerful the new engine is through trial-and-error runs.

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The explicit goal of Project D is to challenge other racing teams from prefectures outside of Gunma, while setting new records on the opposing team's home course, using the best drivers from Gunma. According to Ryosuke, the expedition will develop their drivers' skills to new and further heights than ever before. Unlike other racing teams largely hobbyist in natureProject D is fundamentally technical: Tropes common to all team members are: In-Universe to the whole of Gunma, being touted as the best non-professional drivers the prefecture has to offer.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: Keisuke is the red, Ryosuke is the blue - the younger Takahashi brother being a hot-headed, impulsive, still-in-training street racer, while the elder is deeply analytical, precise and well-thought. The eldest son of the wealthy Takahashi family, who operate a hospital in the Gunma Prefecture, he is studying to become a doctor, currently enrolled in medicine at university, but considers street racing as his greatest passion.

Having been featured on the cover of racing magazines, Ryosuke is called the "White Comet of Akagi", due to his white FC. Before forming the RedSuns, he was also dubbed the "Lone White Comet", as he refused to join local racing teams. After being defeated in a race against Takumi, Ryosuke considers retirement from the street racing scene and estimates he has about a year left before starting his vocation as a doctor full-time.

Instead, he forms Project D, coaching and leading the team during their journey to defeat new opponents outside of Gunma. Like a professional racer, Ryosuke considers technical data as important as practical information, and is one of the few drivers with equally matching skills to that of a mechanic. For example, he can deduce the kind of modifications made to a car simply by hearing its performance on the road.

Always calm and composed, Ryosuke never breaks into anger, with his deductions and strategies against competing drivers being the most insightful and well-sought by his peers. He holds street racing in the highest regard, claiming it has its merits, like its professional circuit counterpart, something his rival Kyouichi Sudo is against.

The animators can't seem to decide what hair color they want Ryosuke to have - he has black hair during First Stage, becomes a redhead during Second Stage, given light brown during Third Stage, dark blue for Fourth Stage and back to black for Fifth Stage and Final Stage. While it's possible Ryosuke simply colored his hair from time-to-time, this is directly contradicted by the fact his hair color stays the same during flashbacks to previous seasons where it was a different color.

A Day in the Limelight: Ryosuke gets an arc dedicated to him in Fifth Stage when he secretly goes off by himself to confront " Shinigami " Rin Hojo.

For the RedSuns and Project D. Matsuke likes his father's RX-7, no doubt, and kept its performance for Uphills and Downhills. Matsuke is blonde like his father, he also wears a black shirt and yellow shorts, he also uses white fingerless gloves and black and yellow sneakers. He has jet black hair and dresses in casual clothes: A red shirt and jeans shorts with sneakers and glasses because of bad vision.

initial d car meet in orange

He is the Red Suns' 5 driver. Kyoto is Nakazato's student and one of the Night Kids' best driver. She wears mostly black and gray, on her Tank top and shorts, but she has white fingerless gloves and yellow sneakers to go with. She is the Night Kids' 2 driver.

initial d car meet in orange

Now somehow the Civic got replaced Shinji prefers to drive Honda's S car line than the famous Civic one, since he likes to drift instead of Gripping the corners. He has a natural colored hair and uses a blue shirt with yellow shorts and white sneakers. He is the Night Kids' 1 driver.

initial d car meet in orange

It's just their Rookie He is Kyoto's childhood friend and likes to drift with her in tandem. He uses an ivory polo shirt and brown pants with black shoes and fingerless gloves.

He is the Night Kids' 10 driver, since he's a Rookie. Michael wants to show the Japanese touge racers that the Americans are also capable of drifting; so he brought his stock Camaro Z28 to Japan to show them how good his crew is.

He dresses mostly in Blue, red and White, the colors of his nation, and has biker gloves. Looks like this Cobra likes to drift a lot, huh? Jimmy likes his Shelby Cobra exactly because of its instability, which makes him drift easier. Gwen disagrees, and she brought her Ford Focus RS to prove it! Gwen comes from the Mountain States and is an eccentric Rally driver from there.