Insidious 2 parker crane hospital scene from meet

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insidious 2 parker crane hospital scene from meet

Official Discussion - SPOILERSInsidious: Chapter 2 Official Thread .. I think they did an excellent job in editing cause the whole begining scene I kept watching young Elise's lips trying to Pretty sure that the girl in the closet was one of Parker Crane's . I liked the mother's involvement from the hospital. Appearance(s). Insidious Insidious: Chapter 2. Insidious: Chapter 3 in Hollister, California (this is verified by his hospital chart in Insidious Chapter 2). While there however, Josh met Crane once again, however this time, Crane was . to Marion Crane, the woman killed in the infamous shower scene in the same film. Insidious: Chapter 2 is a American supernatural horror film directed by that if Josh's fingerprints match the fingerprints found at the scene, he will be in trouble. named Parker Crane who was admitted to the hospital, in that room, Carl awakes in the spirit realm, where he meets the real Josh, and.

This is where we came in. It might actually be more germane to consider Insidious: Chapter 2 as less of a horror and more of a time travel movie. An adult Josh, dislodged from his body and an occupant of The Further, travels into the prequel-prologue and turns up on VHS footage taken of it. More explicitly, Josh actually travels back into the first film: Fox in Back to the Future Part IIJosh brings a delectable new spin to the first film through restitching its temporal fabric.

Lorraine gets more to do as she is part of the band investigating Crane.

insidious 2 parker crane hospital scene from meet

Specs, Elise and Tucker. We also follow Renai, terrified at the thought and later the confirmation that the spirits still haunt them. We have Dalton afraid of slipping back into the spirit world and unable to get out, as well as seeing ghosts and spirits run about the house. Next up we have Josh in the real world, he is as creepy as ever, holding conversations with an imaginary mother who is obviously pushing him to commit acts that he does not want to.

Creepy Josh is spotted by his son Dalton. Once we're back in the spirit world we meet the real Josh, who has been behind the strange occurrences in Lorraine's house - he's been trying to grab Renai's attention, but has not succeeded. He's trapped, while his body decays with an evil spirit inside him. Elise finds him and they look for Crane's mother.

In the spirit world time is not linear, so Josh's gang become privy to Crane's childhood - a very sad one, with his mother attempting to raise him as a girl and abusing him when he doesn't conform to her wishes. She's insane, simple as that. With so much going on, there's little time to get the scares in, and this film greatly lacks in the scares department.

There were a couple of startling moments, but nothing to keep you up at night. The woman in black in the first film is hardly seen, and that is a great flaw as she was a powerful character and would have been a fabulous source for frights. The lady in white in this film is just barking, she doesn't do anything particularly scary, and she definitely doesn't look scary. Okay, this picture makes her look scarier than in the movie. The story in this film seemed more interested in explaining the characters and developing them than scaring the audience.

Okay, now I'm usually for character development, but with so many tangential storylines, the character development was not as fleshed out as it could have been.

I think my chief issue with the Crane character and his mother was establishing a believable reason behind them serial killing a bunch of girls. And, was it them? Or was it just him? Or was it just her? Anyway, none of it explains why those random girls were killed and their bodies kept in the chapel in the basement.

At some point mother of Crane mentions that for Crane to survive in Josh's body he must kill Josh's family. Okay, maybe in this universe that's how spirits survive. But, then, does it mean that Crane's mother was surviving in Crane's body through the killings?

If so, why specifically kill girls? Then just randomly kill anything that walks? The dead will rise. Also, when first we meet Crane, he's in a hospital bed after having castrated himself.

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) - The Bride in Black (HD)

He attempts to get into Josh's body but fails. Now, we know for a fact near the end of the film that mother Crane was punishing her son by making him change his identity, so why, only when he is an old man does he try to become a woman? Crane would have an opportunity to come back to life when a young Josh Lambert developed his ability to Astral Project. The consequences of Josh' ability became horrifyingly noticeable to Josh' mother Lorrainewho could see Crane appearing in multiple photographs; with Crane getting closer and closer to Josh in each one.

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Beyond terrified, Lorraine sought out psychic Elise Rainier. One night, Elise came to the Lambert home, and quickly discovered Crane's presence. Elise helped Josh to suppress his ability, stopping Crane from possessing him. Crane would remain in the further for a few more decades, up until Josh' son Daltonwho also had the ability to astral project, found himself trapped within the Further by the Lipstick-Face Demon.

Parker Crane

Having no other options, Josh was forced to re-enter the Further and rescue his son. While there however, Josh met Crane once again, however this time, Crane was successful in possessing Josh' body. Outside of the Further, Crane was easily discovered by Elise, who took a photo of Josh, revealing it to be Crane underneath. Angered by this, Crane strangled Elise to death, before Josh re-emerged. Personality Carl being in the torture chamber that belonged to Crane.

insidious 2 parker crane hospital scene from meet

Parker Crane is an old man who was abused by his mother as a child. By forcing him to dress as a girl and assume the name 'Marilyn', he soon begun his descent into madness. Crane later became a mass murderer under the alias "The Bride in Black".

Parker's conflict between the need for love and obsession to live again. It is assumed that his meeting with the young Josh pushed him over the edge - he felt envious of what he perceived as a stable love between Josh and his mother. Parker's desire to live a normal life is what could have caused him to pursue Josh's body, in hopes that he would be able to experience the same affection that a normal person could feel. However, his obsession to live again allowed to be convinced by his mother's memory that he needed to kill Josh's family to save his new body.

The presence of young Parker's spirit in the Further suggests that there was enough good left in him to help free his spirit from his mother's malicious grip. This would destroy the evil in Parker's spirit and allow Josh to retake control of his body. His record also confirmed that he was a Catholic. Parker Crane was a tall, pale and bald man with brown eyes in his late 60's according to his medical record.

As The Bride in Black, he wore a black wedding dress with a veil over his face and black gloves.

Insidious: Chapter 2

Together with facial makeup and a blonde wig, Crane resembled an elderly woman. During his first appearance in Insidious he holds a candle.

While he was a child, Parker had a short blonde wig and wore a white with pink girl dress. Abilities As a former serial killer and a malevolent spirit, Parker Crane was one of the most powerful entities of Insidious series. Despite the fact that he was old when he realized most crimes, he retained enough strength to subdue his victims. Supernatural Prowess Parker discovers that his new body will not last.

As a spirit of The Futher, he retained his physical prowess and gained eternal life.