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joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

Buy NFHS Girls Gymnastics Rules Book and Manual: Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews - Riley McCusker ~ Jeselo Italy Senior AA Gold Medal! Gold on BB & Silver on Bars . AVAILABLE. OPEN GYM TUMBLING CLINICS BIRTHDAY PARTIES. My DD5 just started gymnastics this summer and. What really bothers me is that some of these meets are scheduled on school days and she has taken off school to go to the .. Also at our gym, you have to be a certain age - like 10 to do JOGA. . Forum software by XenForo™ © XenForo Ltd.

It's an "all body" sport that develops muscle memory, strength, flexibility, kinesthetic and haptic awareness, depth perception, socialization, discipline, organization, prioritization, internal motivation, respect and the list goes on. If you are lucky enough to find a coach who is a fantastic role model, your gymnast will also gain wonderful life lessons because coaches become pseudo-parents since they spend a great deal of time with the athletes.

As gymnasts move up into higher levels they spend more and more time in the gym and often times they will spend more time with their coach than they do with their parents. Yes, it can be a scary extension but a necessary incision. Gymnastics is the type of sport that once you commit to it, it's in your blood forever.

joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

There is no "gray area. It instills a sense of purpose and duty because the athlete works for herself and for the team. From an early age kids can learn the value of doing a "job" and a sense of duty. In this day and age parents often dig their heels in to this type of motivation however having a sense of accomplishment is a wonderful thing for a child.

Where to turn to get advice about gymnastics??

All of the toys and candy and "things" you can give a child could never replace or outlast for that kiddo to know how good it feels that she's done something well. Things to Know Before You Select a Gym If you are searching for a competitive gym, look for the following characteristics: Is it brightly colored and kid friendly?

joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

Is the staff at the front desk friendly and helpful? Check out the equipment in the gym - there should be sets of bars, beams, a full 40x40 spring floor and at least one vaulting table. Questions you should ask: Are all of the team coaches USAG certified?

joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

What is the highest level of gymnast they have competing in the gym? How long have their coaches been at their gym and how long have their coaches been coaching gymnastics? Do their coaches receive continued training on a regular basis through regional or national congresses?

Do they have any policies about children missing work-outs? Is your child is required to attend every gymnastics meet?

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Is there a liability release? Is there a tentative meet schedule with estimated prices for each meet for the entire season? Is there a Booster club? Booster clubs are a wonderful thing when they are independent entities from the gym.

Are there specific requirements for how the gymnast must wear her hair during competition? This girl started gymnastics when she was 8.

joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

Her talent just shined through and she was pushed right through the levels - she's a rare gem! As for injury - yes you can get hurt, but any sport that you do at this same level of training you are bound to get hurt.

Meet Schedules – How Meets Are Added

I don't believe that doing gymnastics makes you more susceptible to injury. The girls are actually taught how to fall and to do things properly. Many who get injured get injured outside the gym and it is extremely important when you have an injury to still come to the gym to condition what parts of your body that can be conditioned. It makes returning to compete easier and also it helps to keep the gym mindset.

joga gymnastics meet schedule 2017

If you are a gymnast or a parent of one, you know exactly what I am talking about. As for weight - if a coach ever tells your child that they are overweight, run as fast as you can and don't look back! Who would possibly be overweight if they trained 20 hrs a week and at such an intense level. Every child's body is different and no gymnast should ever be told they are overweight!

As every other PP has said, if finances are an issue, keep her in the sport, but don't go team yet. Once they are on team and are loving it - it's too late to take them out. Another route to consider. They still require training, but not 20 hrs a week, the girls actually get to choose the days they want to train and lastly the cost is lower. Also at our gym, you have to be a certain age - like 10 to do JOGA.

Good luck with you decision!