Joy meet sorrow where

Where joy and sorrow meet

joy meet sorrow where

Filmmaker Yuri Murai, has been documenting Japan's female skaters since and last year released the third video in the series, Joy and. Lyric: There's a place of quiet stillness '˜tween the light and shadows reach. Where the hurting and the hopeless seek everlasting peace. Words of men and. WESTON SKAGGS Joy & Sorrow Meet 13 tracks / 39 minutes Sprig Music. Review by Jason Ramsey. By the time the slow drum bass.

During the next nine months, we cautiously yet with great expectation checked off exciting milestone after milestone while all the scans showed a strong and healthy baby girl was safely developing. The pregnancy culminated in the greatest moment of our lives at It was a scary moment as she was whisked away and took longer than normal to breathe. When through the deep waters I call thee to go The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow For I will be with thee thy trouble to bless And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

We expected he would simply tell us how Dayna was doing and what work had been done on her following her birth. It was the most shocking moment of our lives.

It is impossible put into words the rollercoaster of emotions that come with shedding tears of euphoria and tears of gut-wrenching sorrow within the space of hours.

joy meet sorrow where

During the years of infertility one of the things you dream about is that first meeting of your child; what they will look like, will they have your eyes, nose, mouth, etc — that feeling of their skin on yours for the first time. We are thrilled at the arrival of our healthy baby girl yet look towards the future with trepidation knowing that during her life our daughter will be challenged with disability.

We are grieving for our set of dreams and expectations for her life and it is still an active process. There is no quick fix to this emotional pain, though every word of encouragement we have received has slowly soothed the hurt. Tears have been shed so many times over the past two weeks.

joy meet sorrow where

Tears in coming to grips with a different set of expectations for her life. Tears wondering how this could actually happen to us.

joy meet sorrow where

Tears at having to schedule seemingly endless medical appointments. Even more tears when the Down syndrome diagnosis was confirmed.

Ultimate Tracks: Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

But there have also been tears of joy and so many wonderful moments. Tears seeing her cousins fight over who gets to hold her, be close to her and touch her. Tears in seeing her snuggle up in a perfectly peaceful way with her parents. Tears in seeing each other being able to finally live out the role of mother and father. Tears in knowing that this is the child that so many prayed for so long.

During the past week we have felt our relationship grow even closer through this experience. Who like thyself my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me.

joy meet sorrow where

Lyte Meanwhile Dayna is completely unfazed by any of these developments. She is a happy, content and lovely baby girl who is already exhibiting so many strong characteristics. We are completely in love and recognize her for the absolutely beautiful gift that will bring so much richness to our lives. It is touching to see the love grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends have for her — she will have an amazing support network of family and friends.

She is fortunate to live in a community where there are so many excellent resources for people with disabilities that will give her great opportunities for success and happiness in her life.

The Unexpected Meeting of Joy and Sorrow

I met many girl skaters who were really good but there were no girl skate videos. I thought, if only there was a video that I could use to shout out to the world that there are many good and cool girl skaters in Japan.

So I decided to make it. Mirei Tsuchida What camera do you usually film with? I use a Sony VX camera. I always film skating no photography as I want to show the audience the speed and aggressiveness of the movement.

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Do you film, edit and produce everything yourself? Do you have any support from skate brands? Yes, I film, edit and produce everything on my own. None of the videos were sponsored or supported by skate brands. I personally think skateboarding is nothing but playing around, so when it comes to making videos, I just try to play around as seriously as I can.

Which skate video gets you most hyped to skate? I just watch whatever video that matches my mood at the moment. I recommend anyone reading this to check it! I skate about 3—4 times a week. Has the number of Japanese female skaters increased recently or are they just now starting to travel and compete globally?

joy meet sorrow where

What do you think has changed?