Kagame meet obama 08

kagame meet obama 08

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama with President of Rwanda Paul Kagame .. First Lady Michelle Obama Mr Obama, Barack Obama Family, Obama , Malia Obama . The Obama Ladies Rocked Ladylike Perfection to Meet the Pope. Under Kagame -- who was first elected to the presidency in by the Kagame crisscrossed the country on the campaign trail, meeting with. Obama's 5 Most Atrocious Dinner Guests at the US-Africa Leaders Summit Kagame, Rwanda's president, gets a lot of praise for orchestrating the Aziz came to power in (after leading coups in and ) in the.

kagame meet obama 08

He was initially hosted by family members of his former classmates, but upon arrival in Kigali he made contact with members of his own family. On his second visit he entered the country through Zaire rather than Uganda to avoid suspicion. InFred Rwigyema returned to western Uganda and reunited with Kagame.

kagame meet obama 08

Based in Tanzaniait aimed to overthrow the Ugandan government of Idi Amin. Museveni disputed the result, and he and his followers withdrew from the new government in protest.


They also had a long-term goal of returning with other Tutsi refugees to Rwanda; military experience would enable them to fight the Hutu-dominated Rwandan army. Rwigyema was killed on the third day of the attack, [45] throwing the RPF into confusion. France and Zaire deployed forces in support of the Rwandan army, and by the end of October, the RPF had been pushed back into the far north east corner of the country. Benefiting from the element of surprise, the RPF captured the town and held it for a day before retreating back into the forests.

Rwandan genocide On 6 AprilRwandan President Habyarimana's plane was shot down near Kigali Airportkilling both Habyarimana and the President of BurundiCyprien Ntaryamiraas well as their entourage and three French crew members. The interim government was forced to relocate to Gisenyi in the far north west. The new recruits included Tutsi survivors of the genocide and refugees from Burundibut were less well trained and disciplined than the earlier recruits.

Kagame travelled to Nairobi and introduced himself, persuading her to visit him in Uganda. Nyiramongi was familiar with the RPF, and its goal of returning refugees to Rwanda. She held Kagame in high regard. The positions it had been assigned were taken over by the RPF.

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Many buildings were uninhabitable, and the former regime had carried with them all currency and moveable assets when they fled the country. He directed removal of ethnicity from citizens' national identity cards, and the government began a policy of downplaying the distinctions between Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa.

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The plotting of other murders, including attempts on the life of his former chief of staff General Nyamwasa, and of myself, the author of this letter.

It is clear that there are no world events escaping your attention, in particular the strife gripping the Middle East and war in the DRC.

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But it must be pointed out that Mr Kagame invaded Congo inunleashing a war and stoking conflict by supporting militias there ever since. His troops are responsible for the killing of an estimatedRwandan Hutu refugees, including women and children chased and murdered like wild animals in the Congolese forests between and These crimes — systematic and monstrous in nature -- were carried out on the orders of Mr Kagame, a man lauded by your colleagues and now in the prestigious confines of the White House.

Mr Kagame is also responsible for the massacre of an estimated 8, displaced Rwandans — men, women, children and babies -- from a UN monitored camp in Kibeho, in southwestern Rwanda in April The international community remained silent in the face of that gruesome slaughter, exempting Mr Kagame of responsibility, presumably because of the genocide. Yet when more than 6, mostly Muslim civilians were massacred in July in Srebenica, the UN recognized this crime as genocide.

Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic paid the price, facing justice in the Hague. But what about Mr.

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Should crimes in Africa be judged differently than those committed in Europe? Finally, more than five million Congolese have died from violence or illnesses related to a war in the DRC that Mr Kagame unleashed, fed and profited from sinceunder the false pretext of ensuring the security of Tutsis in Rwanda and the DRC. Mr President, I am personally disappointed that a leader accused of crimes of such magnitude is invited to speak at the White House, as though his actions could ever be whitewashed.

Although I appreciate your efforts at the US-Africa summit to tackle tough issues and promote dialogue, your decision to provide a legitimate platform for Mr Kagame is discouraging for Rwandans everywhere, especially our youth who pinned their hopes on you to change US policy in the Great Lakes and on the continent as a whole.

We have not forgotten your words: