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lets not meet stalker tv

From stalkers, to creepy strangers, and even scary work colleagues, the stories on Let's Not Meet will have you thinking carefully about every. Read My Best Friends Rapist Brother from the story Let's Not Meet Again by CareFreeHugz with reads. letsnotmeetagain, creepy-encounter, creep. Briana Aceti in Let's Not Meet () Breanna Engle in Let's Not Meet () Carmine Giordano .. Production values overall are closer to a tv show or syfy flick.

lets not meet stalker tv

The show's host reads creepy, horrifying, and unbelievable stories of bizarre occurrences that will make you think your life is actually pretty normal. From stalkers, to creepy strangers, and even scary work colleagues, the stories on Let's Not Meet will have you thinking carefully about every interaction you have from now on.

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While Lore focuses on a couple of different tales each episode, Unobscured is diving deep into a specific subject each season.

In its first season, Unobscured explores the story behind the Salem Witch Trials. Anyone interested in this particularly dark and strange part of history is sure to love this detailed slow burner. It strips back some of the trappings of other overly produced true crime podcasts and focuses on simply telling a story.

lets not meet stalker tv

True crime anthology Picture: The anthology fiction series features original works acted and performed by incredibly talented voices that will convince you that there is actually a film in your head. Fans of slow burn storytelling will enjoy the building sense of horror in each episode as he lays out unsettling descriptions meant to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

It might be wise to listen to this one with the lights on. Welcome to Night Vale has been around since and has created a strange world of characters, what might be considered "inside jokes", and other bizarre doctrines.

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Listening to Welcome to Night Vale does have the interesting effect of making you feel as though you are a resident of this odd little town. Limetown explores the fictional drama of a journalist trying to get to the bottom of a deeply unsettling mystery. For fans of audio and radio dramas. People who love hearing about strange theories, unsolved mysteries and horrifying historical events will love Bedtime Stories.

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The episodes are short and digestible but will definitely leave you wanting more. It was around just after sunset and my aunt dropped me off at the rink when and my ex-boyfriend we had just broken up the week before and he had already agreed to bring me home was already there waiting for me. I was walking up Ohio states ice rink is set back in between two buildings and a stairwell that goes down to a door into the building I felt like I was being watched but figured I was being paranoid mistake 1 and kept walking.

I went in and sat down and figured I'd run to the bathroom before I went out to skate. I was deciding if I wanted to put on my skates before I made the trip down to the bathroom or after. I decided after mistake 2. The best way to describe the bathroom was more like a basement locker room.

You had to go down a large staircase and the women's was straight ahead, and if you went to the left and around the staircase is the men's and further down was the door to that stair case.

lets not meet stalker tv

There were a lot of people there that day and the feeling of being watched went away until I walked down the staircase into the bathroom. It was one of those bathrooms that it's not a straight shot, it is one that you walk in and have to turn. I walked into the bathroom and felt the feeling of being watched again and went in to the 2nd stall, which was the middle mistake 3 and there was one to either side and the bathroom was vacant. I walk in and start to undress I was wearing a skate dress that is almost like a leatard that was long sleeved also wearing tights so it was a task to get off I have the dress and tights down and set both my money and phone on the floor and sit down to do my business.

I hear someone walk in and knock on the door and I respond "someone's in here" it was odd because both stalls were empty and why would someone knock on the door I was in.

lets not meet stalker tv

The person walks over and flicks the light switch off and runs into the stall to my left. In my head my first thought is someone is fucking with me. The person gets onto their hands and knees and starts reaching under the stall.


It is very dark in this bathroom with only a little light from the door way, just enough to light see but still very dark. I see a very large hand slide under the door and start feeling around, I freeze.

lets not meet stalker tv

At this point I was still wondering if it was my ex fucking with me while we were on good terms it was a recent break up and I knew he was upset trying to get a little payback. The hand feels my phone, and cash on the floor.

I am frozen and don't know what to do. I have never been paralyzed with fear before in my life.

13 creepy podcasts guaranteed to give you goosebumps

The hand touches my foot and I still can't move, until it grabs my ankle my skate dress and tights are down around my ankles and I am barefoot and grabs hard and tries to jerk it under the stall. My fear breaks and I just get pissed.

I scream "bitch get off me" and try kick the hand away.