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Littlehampton Easter Open Meet 15th April 3 - Send Online payments to Hailsham Swimming Club - HSBC - - Search Results STA and Leisure Media Sign Partnership to Promote Swimming Teaching across four key areas—swimming teaching, lifesaving, first aid and pool plant. More Young People Learning How to Swim in Walsall . The online system makes it easy to create courses, allocate student places and collect fees. Our Easter Open Meet has been oversubscribed, particularly in the first two swimmers attending through a very long day, which saw some great results.

The attack on Lindisfarne in is generally considered the beginning of the Viking Age.

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According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle they began to settle in Britain in They continued to settle in the British Isles and the continent until around In exchange for his homage and fealtyRollo legally gained the territory he and his Viking allies had previously conquered.

The name "Normandy" reflects Rollo's Viking i. The descendants of Rollo and his followers adopted the local Gallo-Romance language and intermarried with the area's inhabitants and became the Normans — a Norman French -speaking mixture of ScandinaviansHiberno-NorseOrcadiansAnglo-Danishand indigenous Franks and Gauls.

Landing in England scene from the Bayeux Tapestrydepicting ships coming in and horses landing Rollo's descendant William, Duke of Normandy became king of England in in the Norman Conquest beginning with the Battle of Hastingswhile retaining the fiefdom of Normandy for himself and his descendants.

His successors, however, often fought to regain control of mainland Normandy. With the rise of William the Conqueror the North Sea and Channel began to lose some of their importance.

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The new order oriented most of England and Scandinavia's trade south, toward the Mediterranean and the Orient. Although the British surrendered claims to mainland Normandy and other French possessions inthe monarch of the United Kingdom retains the title Duke of Normandy in respect to the Channel Islands.


The British monarch is understood to not be the Duke of Normandy in regards of the French region of Normandy described herein, by virtue of the Treaty of Paris ofthe surrender of French possessions inand the belief that the rights of succession to that title are subject to Salic Law which excludes inheritance through female heirs. French Normandy was occupied by English forces during the Hundred Years' War in — and again in — Naval superpower[ edit ] The Spanish Armada off the English coast in The Battle of Quiberon Bay which ended the French invasion plans in From the reign of Elizabeth IEnglish foreign policy concentrated on preventing invasion across the Channel by ensuring no major European power controlled the potential Dutch and Flemish invasion ports.

Her climb to the pre-eminent sea power of the world began in as the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada was defeated by the combination of outstanding naval tactics by the English and the Dutch under command of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham with Sir Francis Drake second in command, and the following stormy weather.

Over the centuries the Royal Navy slowly grew to be the most powerful in the world. To achieve this France needed to gain control of the Channel for several weeks, but was thwarted following the British naval victory at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in Another significant challenge to British domination of the seas came during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Battle of Trafalgar took place off the coast of Spain against a combined French and Spanish fleet and was won by Admiral Horatio Nelsonending Napoleon 's plans for a cross-Channel invasion and securing British dominance of the seas for over a century. Singapore, the Cape, AlexandriaGibraltar, Dover.

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Because the Kaiserliche Marine surface fleet could not match the British Grand Fleet, the Germans developed submarine warfarewhich was to become a far greater threat to Britain. The Dover Patrol was set up just before the war started to escort cross-Channel troopships and to prevent submarines from sailing in the Channel, obliging them to travel to the Atlantic via the much longer route around Scotland. On land, the German army attempted to capture Channel ports in the Race to the Sea but although the trenches are often said to have stretched "from the frontier of Switzerland to the English Channel", they reached the coast at the North Sea.

Much of the British war effort in Flanders was a bloody but successful strategy to prevent the Germans reaching the Channel coast.

At the outset of the war, an attempt was made to block the path of U-boats through the Dover Strait with naval minefields. After initial success, the Germans learned how to pass through the barrage, aided by the unreliability of British mines. The Battle of Passchendaele in was fought to reduce the threat by capturing the submarine bases on the Belgian coast, though it was the introduction of convoys and not capture of the bases that averted defeat.

Duringthe Dover Barrage was re-sited with improved mines and more effective nets, aided by regular patrols by small warships equipped with powerful searchlights. A German attack on these vessels resulted in the Battle of Dover Strait in During the Battle of France in Maythe German forces succeeded in capturing both Boulogne and Calaisthereby threatening the line of retreat for the British Expeditionary Force.

By a combination of hard fighting and German indecision, the port of Dunkirk was kept open allowingAllied troops to be evacuated in Operation Dynamo. More than 11, were evacuated from Le Havre during Operation Cycle [41] and a furtherwere evacuated from ports further down the coast in Operation Ariel in June Where Do I Start? The ability for STA tutors to deliver the STA pool plant qualifications Familiarising tutors with the STA pool plant qualification course manuals, programmes, and course administration procedures.

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Course Information This course covers: Performing resuscitation on approved manikins following current guidelines Demonstrate the ability to deliver a poolside lesson, theory topic, and teach resuscitation Demonstrate the ability to deliver automated external defibrillation and backboard application Completing the STA… 31st January First Aid Tutor Status This tutor status course includes the STA Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification.

Performing resuscitation on approved manikins following current guidelines Demonstrating the ability to deliver a theory topic, and teach resuscitation Demonstrate the ability to teach automated external defibrillation Demonstrate the ability to teach anaphylaxis. The week-long course includes specific GLL elements so candidates leave the course ready to work.

The team at STA is committed to providing continued value for money and the decision to freeze prices for a third year, thanks to minimal inflation costs over the last 12 months, means we can continue to make our services and products as accessible as possible in After all swimming in a lake is very different to swimming an ice mile!

The new email addresses are: You can read all previous issues of SwimBiz and subscribe to get future issues delivered straight to your inbox here. The aim of this scheme is to make tutor courses even more accessible and affordable. The move will embrace all areas of the scheme, ensuring a standardised programme across sites,… 24th October STA Bolsters Its Membership Package by Partnering with MOR Solutions Both solutions have been specifically designed to help leisure operators and swim schools save time, by reducing administration and by simplifying enrollment and payment collection.

MOR Leisure is one of the most powerful course management systems available. The online system makes it easy to create courses, allocate student places and collect fees either manually or… 28th September STA Launches National First Aid Campaign For Youngsters The campaign which you can register to participate in for free today will involve hundreds of swim schools, schools and youth groups hosting Junior Medic courses across the country.

Topics range from muscle physiology to bones and joints, weight management and principles of fitness — plus lots… 25th August Baby and Pre-School Swimming Teaching Goes to Another Level with STA and Birthlight The Level 3 Diploma will be accessible to all baby and pre-school swimming teachers later this year who want to further their knowledge and take their lessons on to a higher level.

What leisure qualifications do you hold? I also train many swimming teachers and lifeguards, and more recently qualified as an Open Water Swimming Coach. What did you do prior to setting up your own swim school? Click on to STA. Swimming Jim Gordon Jim Gordon has been in the construction industry for his entire career. He spent his early days working as a quantity surveyor, building engineer and electrical and mechanical engineer including working on his first major swimming… 12th August Policies To read our policies related to qualifications and courses, please visit our Safety Training Awards website.